Airsoft vs Paintball Which is more fun? (Difference and Comparison)

The airsoft vs paintball game which is better and more fun? This kind of contradiction has been going on for a long time among gaming enthusiasts. This controversy comes on open field science peoples are starting to play them on the ground. 

Still, this is unsolved because of gamers choosing the position from their own predilection.  

Airsoft and Paintball are almost similar games. Airsoft is the most popular lookalike real firearm gun, and players can eliminate each other by hitting with gun pellets. As opposed, paintball contenders hit their opponents by shooting paintballs from markers or guns. In a quick examination, airsoft lets you test real warfare in every second, where Paintball has enormous popularity among peoples. 

Newbies are falling into this ambivalence of choosing airsoft or Paintball. From my real-life experience of playing those two games at an advanced level, I put everything in-depth, which one is more fun, and why?

Airsoft vs Paintball Equipment

Paintball and airsoft players have a different destination. But there is a common way to eliminate the opponents. That means when you are hit through opponent gun shoots, you will be out of the game.

However, they have different playing rules, weapons, and other gears that are used to be different in designs and costs. 


In the controversy of gun choice airsoft is ahead of a step than Paintball. Airsoft guns and its other equipment are made to test imitation warfare. The gun is designed wisely following the real weapon. Its rounded plastic pellets known as bullets are loaded in the magazine like a real gun. You will love its different levels of shooting power, accuracy, and features. 

Furthermore, the external and internal parts are made lookalike to the real gun to impress the newbies and who wants to be similar to real-life shooters. 

Paintball guns have much more different looks than airsoft guns. Paintball guns are also called a marker. Those guns has classic design with different shapes.

The majority of paintball markers are used hoppers to load the paintballs. But the main difference while it comes to the shooting range and ammunition they used. Moreover, the paintball players love the different colored and designed paintball markers, and the shooting power, accuracy, and features are almost the same as airsoft rather you can get better performance.


In the case of ammunition paintball is a winner. The airsoft used the regular magazine to fit the pellets. Based on the airsoft gun, the highest load capacity of BBs is 100-120 rounds. With ten bucks you can get 4000 of airsoft BBs, and they are straightforward to load. 

For Paintball, you will find out 500 paintballs at the same price and much bigger than the BBs. To hold the paintballs it used a hopper, which can hold 180-220 paintballs at a time to shoot. 

Airsoft gun small ammunition can easily manipulate the game because it’s tough to find out the hit you did for your opponent. Where Paintball has big ammunition, and it spreads paints after it hits the opponents. So, it’s very easy to cheat on the airsoft games rather than paintball games. 

Goggles and Masks

Both the goggles and mask are tremendously cool in design. You will see different colors of goggles and masks one the market. Most of them are thermal and fog protected. To protect your face, you need this safety equipment on the game. 

If you play airsoft games, you will use the goggles. Besides, you need a full face mask to avoid injury while playing the paintball games. But you can use any of them while playing airsoft or Paintball. The main aspect is you need to protect your face from significant injuries. 

Cost of the equipment

Comparing the cost of equipment between airsoft and paintball games is not much different. The ammunition is more costly for Paintball than airsoft. For creating pressure to shoot ammunition paintballers used CO2 refillable tanks, that means you can refill the tank with a little cost after it is empty. Where airsoft guns have rechargeable batteries that means no extra costs in recharge. Airsoft offers a well equipped tactical vest then paintball at less price. Masks and goggles have also not much difference in price. 

Gaming Differences of Airsoft vs Paintball 

Player Roles 

Airsoft games are a little bit dangerous, so every player needs to follow the rules strictly. Actually, the rules change depends on the nature of weaponry. That’s why paintball players don’t need to follow many additional rules. 

For executing long-distance enemies you need sniper rifles, Assault troops use grenades and rifles, close corners and breach doors use shotguns. Heavy weapon specialists use the auto corners. The game takes hours to finish, so the team needs necessary medics for treatment of the injuries in those long scenario games. 

For a paintball game, you won’t get too many rules. It depends on the players’ experience and the place they are playing. Paintball players use the same types of weapons as airsoft games (faster sniper rifles, close combat pistols, etc.). If you want to avoid the injuries, you need to wear different equipment. But the injuries that happened in the paintball game are not many serious issues.

Paintball gamers actually follow the military forces’ technology as they love to track all kinds of military training and rules. If you like to test the military enforcements paintball game is perfect. 

Quality and Accuracy 

For both games, accuracy is very vital to eliminate the opponents. It totally depends on the quality and skill of shooting the targets. In airsoft and paintball game players used different sizes of pellets. Airsoft pellets are small in size and are called BBs, where paintball pellets are much bigger. 

In that case, airsoft a step ahead then paintball. Because airsoft small BBs can create strong power and differentiate surfaces without any friction. So the accuracy will be the same even if it is windy. But for Paintball, you get a disadvantage in accuracy. 

When you buy the pellets for airsoft or Paintball take a close at the bullets. Because if you found any cracked balls you need to disqualify those low-quality balls. In reality, they won’t help you.

Though both have the same accuracy, airsoft has much better accuracy than Paintball. 


This discussion is hilarious because both paintball and airsoft players take refuge from cheating on the ground. But in a paintball game, it’s very hard to cheat. Due to their big sizes and colors, paintballs are much visible when they hit opponents. So, there is very less possibility to cheat. On the other hand, airsoft BBs are small in size, which is sometimes very hard to find when hit. For that reason, it’s much easier to cheat in airsoft games. But the funniest part is that cheating can be easily detected. 


Cost takes vital parts of the game. Most players switch paintball games to airsoft because of cost. Airsoft gears and guns are comparatively low in cost then Paintball and cost low to play. 

Airsoft vs Paintball: Which Hurts More?

Both sports cause different levels of injuries under the circumstance. How much will you be injured? It depends on a few situations, as to where and from what distance have you been shot. Also, the protection you take to observe the hit. How hard you hurt during the game depends on those things. 

As we know, airsoft BBs are small in size when Paintball is much bigger than that. High speed BBs can generate 400 FPS power to hit the target. Which causes more damages. When you hit from close combat, the pressure will release.  

Besides, Paintball pellets have 300 FPS speeds, and this larger pellet can create tremendous force and have a greater impact than the airsoft BBs. 

Being hit by a BBs or paintballs can hurt badly. But it depends on how far from you are being hit and where. As well as a player with well-protected gears can avoid those injuries easily. 

Which One’s Best: Airsoft or Paintball?

Airsoft vs Paintball which one’s best? This fact relies on the player’s personal preference. But both of them are amazing as a game. 

The Airsoft game is more realistic. If you like the real fight and enjoy the military styles airsoft will be perfect for you. The modern airsoft technology is so upgraded that’s why you can’t resist using one of them. They have incredible modern design exterior and materials such as metal, wood, or durable ABS, and also the interior is more durable and well designed. Those great features make airsoft more realistic. 

If you love teams play, non-threatening, and want to be a real sportsman, then Paintball is more appreciated. Paintball guns have a variety of designs and shapes, and even you can upgrade them as you want. Also, As a paintballer, you have opportunities to participate in paintball tournaments. 

Furthermore, both sports are outstanding to improve accuracy, teamwork, focus, and leadership skills. If you love outdoor games, You can enjoy a productive time in nature with your friends and family members.

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