4 Best Paintball Barrels 2021 – Choose The Best One That Fits For You

As you are looking for the best paintball barrel, you are taking interest in paintball gaming.

Among the outdoor games, woodsball gaming is extremely enjoyable in camp or on a picnic in the woods. Marking a friend with a paintball is extremely enjoyable and remarkably interesting.

A barrel will help you to enjoy the game to a great extent because it will increase the possibility of winning with its attractive feature and super accurate targeting accuracy.

So, a barrel for woodsball at your disposal is a great choice to enjoy the in a go whenever you want.

Barrels for woodsball and barrels for speedball is very handy for those who want to have a good time with their children because kids like this game extremely.

This package of fun is not costly at all. It comes with a convenient price so that everybody can afford it without any budget complication.

Best Paintball Barrel

1. Tippmann Sniper Barrel

Tippmann Sniper Barrel - Paintball Barrel

Very few barrels are as efficient as Tippmann Sniper Barrel. Because this barrel will provide its user with the best user satisfaction with its feature and mechanism.

Cleaning is one of the unique features of this barrel. It is specially designed to clean the barrel quickly and efficiently. Any kind of broken components in the barrel can be pool out by this barrel. So, you don’t need to worry if you break any part from its back.

A paintball is useless if it doesn’t have accuracy. In that case, this is one of the best paintball barrels for accuracy because it has enhanced 14 inches snippet barrel which is specifically designed to make the barrel accurate to the target. This barrel is micro honed and well-polished. This is the primary feature that enables the barrel to be a precise inaccuracy.

Again, the barrel will relieve you from the distress of distance. If you cannot hit the target from a greater distance then your opponent, you may lose. Keeping that in mind, it stands alone in hitting the target from a long distance.

This paintball barrel fits with two Tippmann markers. Tippmann custom 98 and Tippmann custom pro are the best two models that fit this barrel.

Sometimes country of origin plays a vital role in durability. This bad boy is made in the USA. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product.


  • Standard barrel with supreme accuracy.
  • Great durability.
  • Attracting length and Innovative design.
  • Silky smooth polish to achieve accuracy.
  • Cutting edge technology.
  • Higher shooting distance.
  • Precision in target accuracy.


  • Doesn’t fit with all module gas gun.
  • Competitively higher in weight.

2. Deadlywind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Autocker Threaded Paintball Barrels

Deadlywind Fibur-X - Paintball Barrel

Carbonfiber paintball barrel can be one of the best barrel in these criteria and thus Deadlywind Fibur-x can be one of the best choices of all.

This barrel is made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is well known for its durability, strength and anti-abrasion quality. So, this is the best material to make a barrel. These features will increase the ability of the barrel to hit the target from a distant place.

At the outer part of this barrel, there is 2×2 satin twill. This holds the structure of the barrel. Then the unidirectional fiber is laid on the multi-vector pattern. Lastly, silk fiber is used to make the surface silky so that it can be easily swabbed away.

The best Autococker barrels because of its lightweight. It is two to four times lighter than other auto cocker barrel. It weighs only 66 grams which very impressive. Carbon fiber is extremely light in weight. Using this advantage, you can carry it for a long time without having any trouble or fatigue.

It can be used as the most accurate paintball barrel because carbon fiber is abrasion resistant and the surface of the barrel remains silky smooth all the time. So, missing your target is quite impossible if you use this barrel.

If you are having trouble with the noise of the barrel then you might be looking for a quite barrel. To eliminate your problem deadly wind is by your side because this carbon fiber material gives you a quiet paintball barrel.

It has a unique feature. You can utilize one barrel and a few inserts at the same time. By this, you will be able to use various threads.


  • Carbon fiber barrel.
  • Durable, reliable and strong.
  • Quite a barrel.
  • 3 layer structure ensures quality.
  • Accurate in the target.
  • Ability to swap different threads.
  • Ultra-lightweight.


  • It will not fit in Tippmann 98 markers.

3. DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber one Piece Paintball Gun Barrel

DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber - Paintball Barrel
DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber - Paintball Gun with Barrel

If you are looking for a straight bore carbon fiber barrel, this is the perfect option for you. It is another series of deadly wind nulls barrel.

This paintball barrel is made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber has special user-friendly characteristics and all the benefits of carbon fiber are available in this barrel.

Ultra-lightweight feature of carbon fiber is one of the prime reasons for using this material in the barrel. Users can carry it for a long time without any hand fatigue. This barrel weighs only 50 gms which is extremely light in weight and user-friendly. The length of this barrel is very attractive and it comes in two sizes. One of them is 14 inches and another one is 12 inches. You can pick one according to your desire.

In the case of accuracy, carbon plays a vital role because it is rust free. At the same time, it is corrosion-resistant. Thus, paintball can hit its target because of the smoothness of the surface. This is one of the quietest paintball barrels. So, you can be almost invisible when you shoot because your competitors will not be able to hear from you.

This straight bore designed barrel has 0.688 inches inside the bore. This allows passing the paintball easily through the bore. The structure of his barrel is constructed in 3 layers like other Tippmann series barrels. It is their signature style to make the barrel different from the others.

At the outer layer, there is 2×2 satin twill and in the second layer there is multiplex pattern fiber and at the inside layer, it has been made with silk fiber.

This unique barrel comes in two different colors and it is very diligently tested by the quality controllers to pass it on in the user’s hand.


  • Carbon fiber material.
  • The lightweight material is used.
  • Highest accuracy in targeting.
  • Quite a barrel.
  • Straight bore.
  • Two convenient lengths of material.
  • No inserts required.


  • No inserts can be used.

4. DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel

DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel - Paintball Barrel

This DYE Precision barrel is made of glass fiber. The Constitution technology of this paintball barrel kit is made of taking consideration of the CF technology but they use glass fiber instead of carbon fiber.

Glass fiber has good dimensional stability and highest durability. That assures your highest support because it will not disappoint you in terms of durability and strength.

This paintball barrel length is 15 inches where the bore is 0.684 and 0.688. You can pick your convenient sized bore.

Top graded material is used in this barrel. Here 303 stainless steel insert has been used so that it can give the best performance. Stainless Steel is rust and corrosion-free. This enables the barrel to give the user a silky smooth performance.

The silky smooth surface helps reduce the sound. With the help of this surface smoothness, this barrel has become low sound.

Again stainless steel is scratch resistant. Thus it stays new for a long time. The port design is one of the key features of this paintball barrel. It has a steady port pressure that allows the user to achieve unparalleled accuracy.


  • Steady port pressure.
  • Glass fiber technology.
  • 303 stainless steel insert.
  • Corrosion and scratch-resistant.
  • Supreme accuracy.
  • Low sound.
  • Lightweight barrel.
  • Produced in cocker marker thread.


  • Not the quietest in case of sound.

What to look for before buying

If you want to get an effective barrel, you have to look for some specific features. These features will help your barrel to work effectively. So, look for these points before buying a barrel.


A barrel length is one of the prime criteria that you have to consider before buying one. The longest paintball barrel is 20 inches but it will not provide you the best support. Again there 12 inches barrel which is not the best either. Through my research, I have found that 14 inches barrel gives the best performance. They are superior in accuracy and quiet in nature. So you can hit the target without making any noise. By this your opponents will not be able to understand your whereabouts.


If you want a barrel that can ensure silent shots then vents are the prime feature you might want in your barrel. Vents release the extra pressure as well as sound. Thus, the barrel becomes quiet in nature. It might slow the speed of the paintball because higher speed needs higher pressure.

Size of bore

Generally, 0.684 to 0.688 inches bores are the best in size. Because of bore size paintball target accuracy is hampered if there is any mismatch between bore and paintball. If the bore size is closer to the paintball then it delivers the best target accuracy. So the bore size and paintball size must be closer to each other.


Material is the prime criteria which should be taken under special consideration before buying a barrel. Because of material user gets some special feature.

Carbon fiber barrel or glass fiber barrel will be the most lightweight barrel. A lightweight barrel will help to carry it for a long time without getting any hand fatigue.

Again carbon fiber or glass fiber materials are extremely durable and strong. This material will last for ages without any rust or scratch on the body.

Barrels made of stainless steel are also great in nature. Stainless steel barrels don’t fall victim to rust and corrosion. It has excellent durability and strength. Though you won’t get the best lightweight barrel, it will work fine for your interest. Stainless steel inserts are the best in this specific feature.

To achieve target accuracy, the bore should be silky smooth. To make it slippery, silk fiber is the best material. Silk fiber passes the paintball without any surface corrosion to the bore. So, consider this point before selecting one barrel.


This is the only thing that is attached to the body of the barrel. As it is attached to the body, the thread must be compatible with the barrel. Generally, threads are screwed or attached to the body. So the thread should be matched perfectly with guns or markers. Without perfect matching, you can’t consider a user-friendly barrel. Thread of the barrel is attached to the gun or marker so it is essential to get it in an appropriate size.

Generally, the thread is attached to the gun. So it needs decent care. If there is any fault regarding this then you may miss the target no matter how accurate you are in your target.


Barrel insert is the prime kit you should look for when you are choosing a paintball barrel. Stainless steel inserts are the best one in the paintball barrel. It will last longer than any other material. So, taking a stainless steel insert in your barrel is one of the best features you are getting in your barrel. It won’t be a matter, if you don’t get any swab or Squeegees. You can find some in the online.

Interior finish

A super-smooth finish barrel is also an important feature to get the best performance from a paintball barrel. Smooth surface increases the barrel performance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a good paintball barrel?

To find out a good paintball barrel, you have to take a close look at some points. Among them, lightweight material, 12 -16 inches barrel length, user-friendly bore size, and super silky bore surface is necessary to make a good paintball barrel.

Stainless steel insert allows the paintball barrel a multi-dimensional firing kit. By changing the insert you can take multiple shots simultaneously.

Experience always adds value to the product. So, getting a product from an experienced manufacturing company is a safe choice.

2. What is the ideal length of the barrel?

There are various sized paintball barrel is available in the market. The ideal length of the barrel is 12-16 inches because of its extreme agility it is chosen by the users. You can move with this barrel easily when you are in action. If you go for the highest length barrel, you may fall into a problem when you try to move. Because your barrel will be obstructed by the obstacle.

3. How to clean a barrel properly?

Nowadays cleaning a barrel is super easy. If there is any debris or material residue inside the bore. You can push the martial out of the bore or you can pull this debris through the bore to finish the cleaning process. Again there is a cloth bow tie which is very essential for the safekeeping of the barrel. It helps to reduce the humidity in the barrel and let it be dry at faster.

4. What paintball gun is more accurate?

Accuracy of paintball spends on some features. To make the paintball accurate, the surface of the bore should be easily smooth. If the surface of the bore is made of silk fiber or stainless steel then it will fulfill the confirming of the accuracy. Again accuracy depends on the length of the barrel as well. Generally, 12-16 inches barrel provide higher target accuracy than any other barrel. Barrel with abrasion resistance can be a good option to achieve target accuracy.

Final Verdict

If you like outdoor gaming or want to give time to something silly than pain all gaming is the best idea and a best paintball barrel can be your partner for this mischief.

Well, we may get old but there is a child sits in our heart which reminds us of our childhood. So to do something childish is not a bad choice at all.

A paintball barrel has outstanding features which eases the game. Features with outstanding materials like carbon fiber or glass fiber make the barrel ultra-light at the same time extremely durable, reliable and strong.

These barrels also help you to hit the target without making any sound which is surely a plus point for your survival in the game.

All these outstanding features come ats a pocket price for grabbing those who need this.

So, having an ultra-light barrel is not a bad idea to make fun with your kids.

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