9 Best Paintball Guns Under 300 in 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Past recent years paintball is the most enjoyable and adventurous gaming trend. This game gives you the real feeling of an action battle. You can spend a good time with your friends, family, and colleagues even on weekends playing this fun-loving sport. It will travel your mood into the real battleground to sense the adventure and excitement of military fire rounds, sniper shots and more. Play such safari games all that you need a trustworthy paintball marker. As well as, it is essential that your gun will be unbreakable, water and mud resistance. Fortunately, there are many brands. But look for the great with excellent features, high performance and quality are often challenging. Beginner or even the pro whoever you are, buy the one which is obtainable and accurate in the battle. Don’t waste your time anymore, travel our best paintball guns under 300 and give a break to your journey.

9 Best Paintball Guns Under 300 In 2021

1. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker


  1. Pressure controlled poppet engine.
  2. Break-beam anti-chop eyes.
  3. Rubber fore grip for protection.
  4. ON/OFF ASA regulator.
  5. Clamping Feedneck.
Empire Paintball Mini GS - Black - Paintball Gun

Empire Mini GS is called the next generation legendary gun. Unbelievable features make this gun different from other brands. There are ample advantages of buying Mini GS paintball guns. Such a great gun with a high level of accuracy to target the oppositions, with high-performance features makes it most picked by pro gamers. The defined design, with durable structure, and advanced mechanism increases the product popularity. 

In-built rubber foregrip makes it easy to grip and handle in the middle of the game. This battle proven paintball gun is easy to access and can protect its engine. This will increase your confidence and strength in the paintball field. 

This one has built-in ordinary design, in fact you can detach the hopper, tank and other parts without hassle-free and can clean them at a glance. The Empire Mini GS offers durable materials, multiple firing modes and firm structure under a pocket-friendly budget. Installation of the battery makes it more unique. In addition, it has a 12’’ long ported barrel for collision with your opponents. 

The ASA-controller (On/Off Mode) and fore grip attachment level up the strength and supreme performance. It has a cool clamping feed neck which makes it compact and comfortable to carry. Furthermore, The marker is light in weight (less than 2lb) so easy to carry and target with accuracy.


  • Excellent in accuracy and fast speed.
  • User-efficient and pocket-efficient.
  • Compact and light-weight design.
  • Great for small hands.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Suitable for both beginners and pro players.


  • Still need a battery.
  • Leaked HPA out of the box.

2. Azodin KP3.5


  1. 14” Two-Piece Barrel.
  2. Delrin Pump Handle.
  3. Dual Pump Rods.
  4. Acoustic Bolt.
  5. Clamping Feedneck.
  6. Single Trigger Frame.
  7. 230 psi Operating Pressure.
Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker

This Azodin KP3.5 is also a useful gun under convenient rates. This impressive pump style sniper has great optimum velocity, a lot of unique features and high in performance.

I’m impressed with its pumping styles and speeds. It makes the gaming experience easier and smoother with the dual pump or cocking rods.

Such rods are useful to make a smooth and secure feel. This marker is designed in such a way to reveal its level of performance and refinement. This simple pump marker is new to the pump players. But this user friendly marker precision and performance are much expected by the pump players.

The excellent design enables its easy accessibility and performance. Precisely, this marker is available with different unique colors. They let you pick the best one based on your taste. Overall, this ergonomics designed paintball is named for the highest qualities and makes it easy to carry and handle on the field.

ZERO acoustic bolt, ensure low operating pressure while firing with quietness. The efficiency of targeting with accuracy makes it a 3rd generation KP line paintball gun.


  • Easy and speedy pumping action.
  • Provide great firing accuracy.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Quite, speedy and high in velocity.


  • Twice pumping can break paintball balls or pump feeding.

3. Tippmann TMC MAGFED


  1. Dual Feed: MagFed or Hopper.
  2. Semi-Automatic.
  3. Tippmann’s DEDICATED Cerfified.
  4. Durable aluminum receiver.
  5. Adjustable sights.
  6. 12″ barrel.
  7. Rubber grip.
Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

I want to introduce you to another top class battle winner. Surely, this Tippmann TMC is my top recommended gun. This Authentic mag fed gun is a milsim style marker. The TMC is fully accessorised and easily customizable with different paintball parts.

Most mag style guns don’t offer loaded magazines in their tag line. But this fully pneumatic marker leaves it all behind, they add two 20 rounded loaded magazine feeds. It also displays the strength and functionality and has become the market best gun under 300. I truly fall in by its versatile performance.

The in-line bolt system is totally fascinating with proven high performance games. This versatile marker has dual feed technology, either you can use the magazine system or replace it through a hopper. Installing systems are as much as easier and better like cutting an apple.

It’s lightweight as expected with an extremely authentic military look. This top notch quality marker has a rubber molded easy pull trigger option with attached 12’’ high performance barrel. I hope we will enjoy shooting your distance target.

This complete pneumatic marker is attached with a durable aluminum receiver and stainless steel gas line. Which makes this gun everyone’s favorite. Don’t forget to attach the adjustable sight to find and target your hiding enemy. End of the game I’m sure you will love its accompany.


  • Sturdy but smooth in feel.
  • Replaceable magazine to hopper.
  • Lightweight and easy pull trigger.
  • Customizable with a 16” sniper barrel.


  • Integration of height adjustment lacks.

4. Azodin Blitz 3


  1. Screw-lock feedneck.
  2. Autococker Thread Barrel.
  3. Rubber grip.
  4. Low Pressure Inline Regulator.
  5. Standard ASA Thread.
  6. Dovetail Mount.

I want to solicit you to inspect the Azodin Blitz 3 electronic marker. This is the lightest, remarkable and best performing under 300. Though the price suited everyone’s budget but you will be astronized to survey the durability, quality and performance. I’m sure this gun will take your mind off and you will not go back to invest in this exceptional low budget paintball gun

One of the best lightweight and designed markers among predecessors in the paintball industry. The lightness of this gun makes it easy to go on the ground. The convenient handling promotes ease to move around in battlefields freely. Its clean line system gives players to focus and hit right on the targets. Honestly, The sleek design helps to grip the gun comfortably in long game scenarios and makes points like flick hand dirt.   

Moreover, this gun is beneficial for beginners but a pro like me loves to strike with this gun. I’m delighted to see this Azodin Blitz 3 is well equipped with the tool kit you need. Those tools are easier to setup for everyone. With other equipment it included a top class mask as that is fog resistance well as 140 round pods.

The low-profile lock feed neck of the Blitz 3 marker is really an advantage. In fact, the features a compressed tank, that offers accuracy and ease to trigger. Also, The streamlined structure enables the gun’s user-friendly nature. You will get a user manual so no worries to setup for beginners.


  • Easy enough to clean.
  • Never chopped a ball.
  • Nice preset regulator.
  • Usable for woodsball.
  • Lightweight and super easy maintenance.
  • Reliable with accurate shoots.


  • Quick clamp feed neck is missing.
  • It is quite loud.

5. Tippmann 98 Custom


  1. Semi-automatic marker.
  2. Split receiver design.
  3. Anti-Chop Technology.
  4. Inline bolt system.
  5. CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen ready.
Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun

The Tippmann-98 Custom Platinum Series is one of my top recommended ideal adventurous gun. The Tippmann 98 Take away gamer mind with its reliable features and excellent performance.

The semi-automatic paintball marker is a winner, which is easy to access and use because of its simple design. Even this  is highly productive in performance and has no complexity. It inherits all necessary to advanced features that make it accessible by many pro players of paintball games. This serious gun has a friendly upgrade option with an easier installation process through a split receiver,  you can add as much as equipment to your taste.

The quick attachable and detachable feeder elbow makes easy cleaning and maintaining. In fact, the hassle-free upgrade adds more authentic functionality. The easy to carry handling because of its lightweight ability offers ergonomic grip.

For getting consistent performance this gun unlocks the inline bolt system and power tube. Isn’t your smile will be up to the ears? if you have that opportunity to maintain the velocity of the shoot after shoot without any breakage. Yes, its anti chop system gives you that golden opportunity.

Considering all, this best paintball gun under 300 won’t disappoint you with the consistency and accuracy. After all, This specific pocket-friendly gun is ideally in the budget for pro and beginners players.


  • Customizable and upgradable to your taste.
  • Trustworthy design and User-friendly.
  • Ease to operate and integrate.
  • Affordable and highly accurate.
  • Easily cleaning and maintaining.


  • Heavier than others on the list.

6. Tippmann US Army Project Salvo


  1. Aluminum receiver.
  2. Inline bolt system.
  3. Four Picatinny rails.
  4. 11″ thread barrel.
  5. Feeder Elbow.
Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball

Are you a fan of the US Army, and the high-tech snipers or military simulations?  This Tippmann Paintball Marker is going to fulfill your needs. The efficiency and optimum potential make this more reliable and accessible.

The fantastic design and durable structure with inbuilt advanced features will enhance its power and performance. The impressive light-weight reliable structure gives paintball players easy to carry and target opponent players.

The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball somehow resembles the AR-14, with 6-foldable different positions. It gives players a comfortable grip and convenient handling over the shoulder with firing accuracy.

It provides high-velocity shooting capability with the absolute level of quietness. Targeting distance covered more than 50-feet range. The gun is versatile and it’s offering woodsball tactics as well.

Overall, I’m sure your eyes will stack after seeing its looks and styles. Remember, this gun has the same level of speed and accuracy at the same price others offer. So, If you want to taste the army styles and other undefined experience, this gun will surely cut the stain on your heart.


  • Ideally military designed paintball gun.
  • Excellent level of accuracy in shooting.
  • Come with a lot of extras.
  • Great beginner gun for all ages.
  • Accurate and authentic marker.


  • The drawback is to upgrade.

7. Tippmann A-5


  1. Semi-automatic firing marker.
  2. 200-round hopper.
  3. 15 BPS feed rate.
  4. 8 BPS firing rate.
  5. 8.5-inch barrel.
  6. Air-assisted response trigger.
  7. 150-foot effective range.
Tippmann A-5 Response Basic Marker - Paintball Gun

The next level Tippmann is A-5 Response, which is perfect for picking by many paintball players. The installation of upgraded modes and features makes it an excellent paintball gaming console. One thing is truly delightful: the gun is made with aluminum and finished in full black with good looking.

Though Tippmann is a highly reputed company, it has many customizable options. This gun is easy to install with supportive parts.  All in it is an affordable and versatile gun picked by most gamers.

The Tippmann A5 inherits an air-powered and a low profile hopper system. The manufacturer installed the Cyclone Feed System, fast feed, and fire mode for making this gun more actionable. The material used is highly durable in quality and light in weight to carry and play.

Another great feature is the gun firing speed rates, it can fire up to 15 balls per second. Even it doesn’t need any batteries. You will love its smart and smooth firing velocity.

The Tippmann A-5 is accessible and customized with 200 full round hoppers. It is perfectly compatible with CO2, Compressed Air Nitrogen, with one-year manufacturer warranty. It is user-friendly and consists of all advanced features and mechanisms at affordable rates.


  • It is easy to assemble, and detach.
  • User efficient experience.
  • Easy to integrate and customize.
  • Ideal for woodsball play.
  • Unbelievable shooting accuracy.


  • Response trigger is vanished.
  • Comes without batteries.

8. Dye DSR Marker


  1. Quick Release Bolt Assembly.
  2. 14’’ two-piece barrel.
  3. DSR smooth.
  4. UL Frame hourglass design.
  5. 115 psi operating pressure.
  6. OLED display.
Dye Precision Proto Rize Marker Paintball Gun

In the queue of under 300 gun, Dye DSR Marker is a significant choice. This specific professional marker is impressive because of its features, mechanism, and more other crucial parameters. When it comes to the performance and functionality, Dye DSR is active with different firing modes. 

This particular gun is Electro Paintball gaming gear, that is quiet, smooth, and easy to use. This paintball gun is a next-level marker for beginners and hobbyists. It enables high performance with accuracy in shoots with optimum velocity.

The quality of material used in the paintball marker offers the equipment enough of durability, design, and sturdiness in structure. In fact, the versatility with features and fantastic appearances make it a totally ergonomic. Moreover, its all new ARC smoother bolt system and ultra-low 115 psi delivers more rightful performance.

This lightweight (2 pounds) gun offers easy to carry and proper grip functionality while moving into the paintball ground. The gun inherits a UL Frame hourglass design with full wrap grip. Its unbeatable speed is possible for roller bearing Trigger. However, the true Bore Proto single piece barrel, Hyper-3 controller, and RAMP solenoid makes it more impressive. Even the Anti-choppy eye, M2 eye pipe, Dual Density Grip gives players high performance.

Luckily, It has an comfortable air flow Hyper 6 regulator. That ensure a trusted durable breathable line. The drawback it hacks is pricey but worth enough. 


  • User-efficient and Pocket-friendly.
  • Long battery life.
  • Durable in design and light in structure.
  • Easy to clean with ergonomic grip while targeting.
  • Shoot with accuracy.


  • The plastic used in the feed neck is less durable.

9. D3FY Paintball CONQU3ST Gun


  1. Semi auto marker.
  2. Co2 or compressed air operators.
  3. Metal body design.
  4. Clamping feedneck
  5. Self-lubricating bolt.
  6. Wraparound ergonomic grip.
D3FY Conquest Semi-Auto Paintball Marker Gun

If you are looking for the extensive high-quality under 300, D3FY is a reliable choice. The design of the paintball marker is simple yet installed with advanced mechanisms and features. It is a user-friendly and pocket-friendly sporty gun that gives players a maximum enjoyable experience.The material used is high-quality plastic and aluminum makes paintball markers lightweight and durable to carry in games. The D3FY is the ideal electronic paintball marker. It offers players 11 unique firing modes to support and target fellow players with accuracy. The D3FY comes with a ronin board that notices the battery life changes. The ports in this marker lower air pressure that gives high velocity while firing the balls. The installation of the adjustable trigger offers players a massive choice to shoot more smoothly. This specific Laser System with Red-Optic mode provides optimum accuracy.


  • Not complicated to use for beginners.
  • Built with quality material.
  • Very lightweight, and durable.
  • Different firing modes.


  • Comes with an uncomfortable trigger.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Paintball Guns Under 300

The list of endless Paintball brands makes players confused to get bellow 300 dollar paintball gun. However, varied choices are there but still before making a wise decision, get over with little search about paintball markers.

Apart from online reach for buying, timely research over the internet about them helps in buying the right product. I am highlighting some crucial points to inform buyers about below 300 paintball guns with up-to-date instruments.

Materials and Structure

High quality materials offer high durability, safety, and functionality. Confirm the budget you are going to spend can bring you the quality. Most of the gun prime construction materials are plastic, which is a quality standard and not so much of a bother. Check the gun strength, usability and quality of the gun prior to buy. To ensure the maximum of security and protection while playing paintball games, the reliability of the gun’s structure plays a critical role.Also, ensure the gun is enough lightweight for you to handle. This will help you to block your enemy attacks on the battlegrounds. Of course, be alert to buy the maximum high quality and solid material providing a gun on your budget.

Style and Types

Both the beginner or professional paintball gamer should know the techniques, shapes, and types of paintball marker. You need to understand your capability then the features and other materials.

Advanced mechanism paintball guns with a simple design will enhance the popularity among the gamer. Remember, the more simple the style is, the more hassle-free operation it will be.

For playing in a speedball or an organization field or the woods these types of guns are very demanding. Woodsball guns earned their popularity for accuracy and long time uses.

Or you can use the speedball gun. Generally, this type of gun gains gamers’ hearts for high-speed paintball. They are so fast that they can shoot several shots within a few moments. As the suggested paintball guns are specially work for speedball players.

The well-organized components and efficiency in design and type of paintball marker will offer more accuracy and performance. Secure handling and comfortable grip with suitable shape, style, and size will provide optimum functionality.

Shooting Power and Performance

Paintball games are highly adventurous and exciting as players have to shoot and fire. But important is to know the shooting power and performance of the paintball gun.

To figure out with such accuracy and powerful performance, always check the gun specification before buying. You will get a clear idea how fast and distance shooting range to your gun.

Pick one which has great features and accurate power performance. knowing the capacity of the paintball marker you will get high and next-level gaming experience.


There is no use to buy and carry a heavy paintball gun, as it lowers the user-efficiency. The bulkiness of the marker affects the functionality and overall performance.

Players need a lightweight gun to move, carry, and target the opposition comfortably in the battlefields.

The estimated weight needed should be around 3 lbs only for secure and convenient handling during use. Overall, you should know your capacity of caring.

Easy To Customize

Well, most of the paintball professionals love to buy the marker, which is easy to personalize or customized. However, it is just a personal choice of preference. But the customized capability of the paintball marker offers more adjustable and flexible functionality with excellent.


The sense of functionality and features makes any paintball marker the great and popular choice among players. In fact, the real look, sense of aesthetics appearance with tactical features surely works better in paintball battlegrounds. The kind of real sniper feel or any war weapon at an affordable rate is crucial indeed.

Classic Fire and Shot Rounds

Before making any decision for picking the gun under 300, think twice about the firing rounds as well. The high-performance capacity to fire per minute with perfectly shaped paintball will make an easy and wise pick. Precisely, a paintball gun with a minimum of 12 rounds every minute is effective and efficient.

The Comfort and Convenience

The convenient grip and secure handling make it ergonomic gear in battlefields. The comfortable grip in hands and carry efficiency on the shoulder will give ease to play with a better experience. The well-designed structure, position will provide the maximum of comfort and offer accuracy while targeting.

Easy To Clean and Maintain

Paintball guns need cleaning and maintaining as well. After playing the significant cleaning process will increase the life of the marker. The easy attachable and detachable ability of paintball guns components will make it smoother cleaning. So, choose one which has an easy cleaning process.

Warranty, Repair, and Replace Policy

Whatever brand or type of paintball gun you buy, the manufacturer warranty plays a crucial role. It ensures the guarantee over components, the damage repair, and refundable policies makes paintball gears more useful and accessible. Take a look at their warranty and replacement policy prior to buy.

Significant Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of guns are used in a paintball tournament?

As a beginner hobbyist, you want to be part of such leagues, buy the prefer gun prior is to check your capability to enter paintball tournaments and then program yourself with the type of paintball gun. In fact, you also need many other essential accessories to join as a pro paintball player, like goggles, masks, helmets, etc.

2. What does the paintball gun come with?

This totally depends on the brand, type, and specific package you purchased. Most of the guns come with new package deals and accessories such as tanks, masks, goggles, etc.

3. Which one is a good paintball marker?

When you are in the mood of choosing the paintballs under 300 then select any woodsball or speedball marker. Prior is to ensure the type of game you are in and what kind of paintball will suit you best. If you are into the woodsball gaming, then obviously woodsball gear is right. And if you are planning for speedball gaming then buy speedball oriented markers.

4. What to check before buying any marker under 300?

Check the features, functions, and performance of the marker, if you need the quality gun. Moreover, do follow the reviewing and feedback of the customers and survey offline as well to get a reliable marker.

Final Thoughts

Buying among the series of different guns, speedballs and woodsball guns under 300 is tricky. But still, before making a decision check out the advanced features, reliable modes, performance, and top-notch specifications. I hope my detailed previewing will help you to some context in getting information. Even more, the highlighted buyer’s guide would also enable you with little help to know about crucial points.So, why are you getting late? I already cover every detail about the best paintball guns under 300 for your convenience. Don’t panic, just carefully go over them and select your most suitable gun.

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