6 Best Paintball Pistols 2021: Top-notch and Accurate Powerful Sidearm

To have fun with your friends or kids in the backyard, a paintball pistol can be one of the best entertaining elements. 

Basically, there are two types of pistol tournament friendly safe paintball pistols and high-performance paintball features that give rapid action by providing many shots in a second. According to the experts a sidearm increases the winning chance of the games.

There are varieties of paintball pistols in the market that provide a different feature. Among the variety, you can pick your desired pistol. You can get the best paintball pistol by following the article. You can get a high-performance pistol and a safe, user-friendly pistol in your budget.

6 Most Powerful Best Paintball Pistols 2021: Best Rated

1. Tippmann TiPX Mag Fed Paintball Pistol

Tippmann TiPX Mag Fed - Paintball Pistol

There is nobody but people who want a compact paintball pistol. Tippmann TiPX Mag holds the greatest compact paintball pistol frame of all time.

This is a military-style pistol that gives you an excellent feel in an exaggerated compact design.

The most unique feature of this pistol is its lightweight characteristic. This has been acquired by special engineering. Thus, this paintball gun has ended up weighing only 1 pound 11 ounces.

The Tippmann TiPX series has incurred a low tension spring system. There are 2 tru-feed straight magazines alongside the spring system. These make the pistol easy to maintain and outstanding in design.

Shooting velocity has a great impact on a paintball gun. So external velocity must be in limit. Keeping that in mind, they incorporated a velocity adjuster with an 8 bps feed rate. The spool valve system of the gun efficiently maximizes air efficiency at the same time it minimizes kick.

12 gram under the barrel of the gun works with a co2 air system. As the co2 is easy to load, it will not be a daunting task for the user.

Economically texture designed non slip handle grip is affordable in action or any wet condition.


  • Low tension spring system.
  • Velocity adjuster.
  • Maintenance kit.
  • Light in weight Compact design.
  • Military-style gun.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.
  • Quick-release magazine feed system.


  • Nothing mentioned about hitting range.

2. JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit

JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit - Paintball Pistol

JT ER2 Pump pistol is perfect for the beginners. If anyone in need of a gun to practice in the backyard to develop his target skill, This paintball pistol is the appropriate choice for that person.

The gun is composite in construction. This helps the gun to become lightweight and the composite construction made its outlook different from others. This gun is translucent which is not much common in paintball pistols. You can mark your opponent with this if you are willing to play one to one battle in the backyard.

The reloading system of the gun is pumped up actioned. This is a basic melodic system that can be used by any aged person. There are two CO2 cylinders in this paint gun. The 12 g cartridge can be changed whenever you need it.

You can use this gun as a real paintball. It will work as the best substitute in case of a real paintball gun. The firing pump handle is also very smooth. This can help the user to play with it for a long time.

There are some extra kits available with this cheap paintball pistol. Pump marker, paintball pods, paintball and airs come in this paintball gun package. The exciting accessory and low selling price make the pistol more attractive to the buyer.


  • 0.68 Cal paintball gun.
  • Any paintball under the limit can be used in this barrel.
  • CO2 cartridge.
  • Pump up an action paintball gun.
  • A perfect gun for the beginners.
  • Appropriate for practice targets in the backyard.


  • The cartridge is none fillable.
  • Damage the co2 if it is loaded for a long time.

3. Umarex T4E Walther PPQ Training Pistol

Umarex T4E Walther PPQ Training Pistol

No other paintball pistol gun is as realistic as Uramex T4E Walter PPQ.

This metal made paintball handgun has the top-notch characteristics of a real gun. It is quite hard to understand whether it’s real or not. There is a metal barrel and metal side catch included. Side catch holds the back when you are trying to empty it.

The shape of this paintball is exquisitely realistic in size. It looks that much real, you can give trouble to your neighbors barking dog.

The weight of this gun is also a bit heavy but let out the realistic feel when you hold it. The controlling system is also very opportune.

Let omit the front side, quite impossible to move this fixed side. Better not to try this abortive attempt. As a blessing the fixed front helps to hold it steadfast. This helps the gun to be accurate in the target. The rear side of the gun is adjustable and the duty holster fits in superbly.

Picatinny accessory rail allows this co2 paintball pistol to mount light or laser on the top without any complication. It’s a perfect 0.43 caliber training paintball gun. You can master yourself in target with a cost of less than 9 cents per round.


  • Metal body.
  • Realistic size, weight, and shape.
  • Fixed front and adjustable rear sight.
  • Powered by co2.
  • Economical paintball.
  • Realistic magazine.
  • It can shoot paintball, rubber ball or powder balls of up to 355 fps.


  • Polymer frame.
  • A bit heavy in weight.

4. JT Splatmaster z100 Dual Kit

JT Splatmaster z100 - Paintball Pistol

Are you looking for a PB gun which doesn’t hurt at all? If yes, then JT Splatmaster z100 is the solid pick for you because it doesn’t even feel any sting.

This paintball pistols gun is spring-loaded. Thus, there is no need for any threaded co2 cartridge. Spring-loaded guns have a peculiar mechanism so that you can get unscathed when you are hit by a paintball. This paintball handgun is so mild that it doesn’t even sting. So, if you are planning to get a gun to play with your kids then it is the best option.

JT Splatmaster is the producer of good paintball pistols among other brands because you can use any type of paintball at 0.50 cal. If you just buy this gun you are good to go for a paintball fight because they will provide some free paintball along with the gun. Its 10 feet shooting range shockingly fills up your kids hearts joyfully.

The loading feature of this paintball gun is very convenient. With a reciprocating motion, you are able to load the gun. Pull the blue section backward and forward and you are ready to fire.

Another user-friendly feature of this paintball is the low sound. It won’t hurt your ear when you fire a round unless you test it firing in your ear. If you are worried about sound, then why not pick this. Many of the users seek extra clips option in the gun to load it rapidly. You can use an extra clip in this gun to load it rapidly.


  • Light-weight plastic made gun.
  • Low sound feature.
  • Doesn’t sting when hit.
  • Appropriate for the kids.
  • Rapid loading option.
  • Easy loading method.


  • The target range is only 10 feet.

5. Tippmann TPX Semi-Automatic Pistol Starter Kit 

Tippmann TPX Starter Kit

A semi-automatic gun at a convenient price can be the best option for you. Likely, Tippmann released this superior pistol. This paintball gun is semi-automatic where the power of the gun comes from a co2 non threaded cartridge.

There is a 12g cylinder to load the gun and it can provide up to 8 shots. You can use all kinds of balls in this paintball as long as the firing round fits in 0.68 Cal. A leg holster that comes along with this gun. You can use it according to your needs either left or right leg because this holster is reversible.

The outlook of the gun is simply breathtaking. You may feel it is the prototype of a real gun but it certainly is not. However, the gun is a real prototype or not. It works fine and it gives you an actual feeling in action.

One of the exotic features of this gun is the ability to fire a riot ball. Yes, you have seen it right. Unless the balls are 0.68 you can use this gun.

Again you can use this gun as a replacement for a salt pepper gun. It fills up all the conformity of a salt pepper gun.


  • Fantastic feature with Tippmann Brand value.
  • 0.68 Cal gun.
  • It can fire paintballs, a rubber ball, and riot ball.
  • CO2 powered mag.
  • Up to 300 fps can be increased.
  • Easy to punch out little plastic from the gun.


  • It comes with only 3 megs.

6. T4E Walther PPQ M2 (GEN2) Pistol

T4E Walther PPQ M2 GEN2 - Paintball Pistol

For training purposes military and for the marking system of law enforcement agency T4E Walther has left its impact with its supremacy. High-end training of the latest generation is done by this bad boy in training institutions.

This is a 0.43 cal pistol gun where paintball and rubber ball can shoot without any hesitation. An 11.1 mm paintball and rubber used in this pistol.

If you like a semi-automatic gun, this is the exact option for you. Accidentally, this is an apposite paintball pistol for self-defense. You can mark your opponent and hit your targets.

The system of this paintball pistol is powered with a CO2 cylinder housed magazine. The 12g magazine can fire up to 24 shots and every cylinder can be loaded up to 3 times. Each magazine has the ability to provide 8 shots which is similar to the real gun and it needs 4-5/joules energy to shoot around. That’s why it will be a bit stingy when it strikes.

This 7 inches/ 180 mm paintball pistol can perfectly grab with your arm because of its exotic shape. The gun has a metal slide option and a barrel can be incorporated in the paintball to accelerate the performance.


  • Used as military training equipment.
  • Convenient size.
  • CO2 powered magazine.
  • 8 shots per magazine.
  • 0.43 Cal pistol.


  • A bit heavier than usual lightweight pistols.

Different Types of Paintball Pistols


Different actions need different features. As an off paintball pistol, it follows the same rule. Sorting by the action there are different mechanisms for pistols. Consumers pick them according to their needs.


Pump guns are the most common and conventional type of paintball pistol. It is a manual pistol. Users load it by hand and they need to push and pull the pump every time when a shot has been fired.

This is one of the best paintball pistols for the beginners and also for the kids to play in the backyard. Again you can have fun with your kids in your leisure time using this type of pump pistols.

This paintball pistol is very reliable because using these guns lessens the possibility of getting hurt. So you can trust them.


This is the most advanced type of paintball pistol. If someone is looking for the best paintball pistol with advanced quality, they should consider buying a fully automatic paintball pistol.

Fully automatic pistols are so advanced that you don’t need to pull the trigger several times. If you pull it once and hold it, it will continue firing unless you let go of the trigger. If you jam it then you have to push it and then you have to fire it again.

A fully automatic paintball pistol is not allowed in the games. But you can use it in your private games. But one thing should keep in mind that it stings a lot when somebody is hit by it. So, plz keep in mind the danger before buying it.


This is the widely used paintball gun and you can see it everywhere. This is also a basic type of paintball pistol. This system is commonly used and all the entry-level games are played with semi-automatic paintball pistols.

Using the method of this gun is very easy. To make a shot you have to pull the trigger. One press will provide one shot. So there is no chance of losing the paintball in vain. You can use your paintball bullet with proper counting.

These paintballs are manual and electro-pneumatic. This can get in the market easily.

Three-Shot Burst

Three shot burst is also known as the ee-round burst. The specialty of this gun is, it can fire three rounds when just pulling the trigger one time. This is a special mode that can be used in the game in times of need.

This is more advanced than pump action paintball. Generally, three-shot pistols are electro-pneumatic because this technology is enabled with multi firing mode. That’s why they can shoot 3 rounds at the same time.

Using this gun is a bit hectic. In this gun, the firing mode can be changed. Here is a semi-automatic mode and 3 burst mode. If you are a pro then you can maintain the firing mode between these two. On the other hand, beginners may suffer changing the model in the field which can be costly at the end.


For fast firing, a ramping paintball pistol is the best. You can use it to fire rapidly in the paintball field. Rapid firing may help to hit your target when they are on the move.

To fire consistently, you need to pull the trigger simultaneously. There is a circuit board placed in the ramping gun. This board helps to increase the firing speed gradually.

Suppose you are pulling the trigger 5 times in a second. Then the gun will shoot 5 rounds in a second. When you continuously pull the trigger 5 times in a second consecutively for several seconds then it will increase the firing rate and it may shoot 20 rounds in a second.

This type of pistol is not allowed in the tournament because it may harm your competitor. We know the rapid firing of the gun gradually increases and when it reaches 20 shots it may cause injury to your opponent or team member.

Machine Gun Controversy

Machine gun is referred to as a fire couple of shots rapidly in a second. The term machine gun means a powerful pistol that is advanced than others and able to provide 3 or 4 rounds in a minute.

Basically, there is no such pistol in real life. Most of the people use this term without having any real knowledge about it. Machine gun pistol is the idea of firing rapidly. You can use a Ramping or automatic gun in case of a machine gun. These two will work the same as a powerful gun.

Though these types of guns are prohibited to use in the game because they can be fatal sometimes. You can use this gun in your private party or in a corporate game. But be careful while using these guns. You have to take care so that no one gets hurt.

Buying Guide

It is a good idea to consider some points before buying a gun, otherwise the gun you will buy may not be able to fulfill your conformity. So, consider these points so that you can get a better service.

Mechanical vs. Electronic

The mechanical marker is slow and loud. On another hand, the electronic marker is fast and produces low sound.

The mechanical marker is slower than an electronic marker. So if you want a marker that will eat another marker by speed then you should go for the electronic marker.

In the case of sound, electronic markers beat mechanical markers as well. But electronic markers are not as reliable as mechanical markers. The mechanical marker doesn’t cause any harm to the opponent. There is no chance of any fatal accident.

However, you have to pick up one according to your use and one thing should keep in mind that electronic markers cause harm most to the kids. So, you have to take it under consideration before buying it.

Ease of Use

The paintball you are using in your game must be user-friendly. A user-friendly gun will increase the possibility of winning in the game. Pum guns and semi-automatic guns are conventional and they are very simple in their mechanism. Beginners or experts can use this gun.

Again there are some other guns that are very rapid and fast in use You don’t have to take the pressure of loading every time.

If you are playing with adults and you are sure that you can be aware of the fact of hurting others then you can pick the fastest type of technology. Otherwise conventional is the best.

So think about your action plan before buying a paintball gun for yourself.


Weight is a great factor because you have to carry the gun for a long time. Sometimes people don’t feel pain while they are in the game. A few hours later of the game, they tend to have a heavy hand. They don’t feel their fingers because of the fatigue they are having for holding a heavy gun for a long time.

There are some lightweight and ultra-lightweight guns. They are specially designed to lessen the weight of the paintball pistol so that users can get the release of hand fatigue.


Reliable and strong material is always trusted by the user. The manufacturing companies are following the trend of making the product with durable, robust and lightweight materials.

So always look for the material by which the gun is made. In this way, you can get the most powerful paintball pistol. Again Paintball sidearm another useful component that tends to break. So try to buy a hard and robust material made paintball pistol.


You can get the best paintball pistol with its performance. With useful accessories, the performance of the pistol rises to a greater extent.

Take a close look, if the gun needs any upgrade or not. If yes, do the accessories come with it or you have to buy the accessories separately from the market.

Again think, the up-gradation will make you happy or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a paintball pistol work?

The working king mechanism of the paintball pistol is simple. You have to insert the magazine with paintball first. Then you need to load it so that the paintball can be in the firing place. Afterward, you need to pull the trigger. The trigger will help to hit the paintball and the shot has been fired from the barrel of the pistol.

2. Paintball pistol vs rifle – Which is best?

Rifle and pistol that have their definite work. If you are using the paintball to play with your kids to have fun or you are intended to use it in light work then a paintball pistol is the best because it is safe and there is no fear of any harm.

On the other hand, the rifle is used in heavy practice. These types of gunfire rapidly and it can also be used for military training.

So if you need it for light work paintball is the best or if you need it for the participation in a heavy-duty then a rifle will do the work for you.

3. How to load a paintball pistol?

To load a paintball pistol you have to insert the magazine in the post then you have to push and pull the pump. Then you are set to go.

Final Thoughts

The best paintball pistol at your disposal is not a bad idea at all. You can turn your leisure or a boring day into an exciting day using these paintball guns very easily.

An exciting feature of these paintballs will accelerate the possibility of hitting the target at the same time they make the pistol extremely user-friendly.

Either you are trying to improve your target accuracy or looking for a gun to play in your private parties, these paintball pistols are there two fulfill your conformity.

Inside this list which are most forwarded, still there are lot of things to consider but i try to narrow it down for your convenient. 

When there is nothing to do to have fun with friends or family, a paintball fight will be one of the exciting options. If you have tried it, we highly recommend you try it for one time. Then you may invite your friends or family frequently to have fun by playing this game.

There is no reason to worry if you feel for this gun because they come at a very convenient price.

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