Best Paintball Sniper Rifles 2021: Top Picks

Back on old school life for fun. Ah! No not really necessary, if you are a young or old that’s not the theme for fun or enjoy life. That’s it! No, yeah you guess right, I am talking about paintball gamers like you. If you are having on start or already a gamer like me, then you must know a perfect paintball gun can bring you the victory.

Victory! That’s satisfying didn’t you agree? Oh! I know you are.

For that, a highest caliber gun with lots of skill, accuracy and stealth needs to take down your opponents. Not all guns have it, but a long distance gun will be perfect. Yeah! Now you can shoot with more accuracy from 50% further with the Best Paintball Sniper Rifles.

Those days are gone long and you need a good sniper rifle. If you are a beginner and enjoy the game, you should purchase one on your budget and test it before entering the fun. Those luxurious products are expensive but gamers really find it worth in price.

Let’s see the paintball enthusiasts recommended top sniper rifles on the market. This will give you a clear vision to pick the best cheap paintball sniper.

Best Paintball Sniper Rifles: Reviews and Buying Guide

1. Action Village Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Foxtrot Paintball Gun

Action Village Tippmann US Army Paintball Rifle

Alpha Elite Foxtrot is my favorite and one of the best paintball rifles on my showcase. If you’re looking for a combo rifle as well as a pocket range paintball gun, then I will dig down his everything.

Tippmann releases higher products the whole time, this gun is also in the box. The marker is very durable and lightweight, alongside you will get an easy picking carry handle.

Red dot sight perfect aiming can double your ultimate winning chance. This accurate and quality red dot sight help you to pinpoint your target from long distance.

Its refillable 20 Oz. CO2 gas tank can create much pressure to shoot paintball before your opponents fill the loader. The loader itself capable of firing 200 balls at a time. This is exactly why they added 4 paintball pods and each one of them contains 140 rounds in smoke. To hold the tank and pods on the ground, you will get a super 4+1 black harness.

When you are on firing ground, you have to take the protection of your soft parts. Many terrible things happened before. I hope you don’t want to hit on your face, especially on your eyes. That’s why they come with the face protector GXG XVSN Paintball mask so that things like that don’t happen again.

2. Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball Gun

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Paintball Rifle - Player Package

When I look inside everyone looking for high performance and an accurate paintball gun. But I really believe that the good thing price is higher. If you want the best performance, I’m sure you won’t lose it.

This Aluminum die cast receiver sniper paintball has an unbelievable 11’’ quick thread barrel. Where you will get a great taste of four built in AR-15 style Picatinny rails. You will not disappoint after getting a magazine that doubles the tools storage.

The most important part is this marker is easily upgradable and customizable any time. You will get 3 upgradable options an E-Trigger Kit, Response Trigger and the Cyclone Feed System. Besides, its anti fog mask gives you a clear eye vision. Where the sun resistant visor protects you from unwanted reflection. That’s really cool!

However, it has a 6 and 1 harness system. Where you can put 140 round heavy duty 6 paintball pods. This reliable feature not found most of the paintball guns. Its 20 ounce CO2 gas tank creates the perfect pressure when shooting the target. The top class gravity feed black hoppers are capable of loaded 200 round every time you finished. So that, after your opponent getting empty you can continuously attack them. This makes your wining chance triples.

This sniper paintball is really an adjustable gun and can be your most favorite. In a word, this sniper can be a good pick for a professional. If you really looking for a customizable paintball gun with all maintaining peak, it will be a top class paintball gun on your basket.

3. US Army Alpha Black Tactical Paintball Marker Gun Sniper Set

US Army Alpha Black Tactical Paintball Rifle - Player Package

As a paintball player, I saw gamers want some durable and good reliability guns. That’s a nice decision when you buy something, especially for paintball games. On my personal field experience, US Army Alpha Black is good enough at an affordable price. Its several incorporate poplar features and upgradable options make your eyes fascinated.

You can feel real military staff with this sniper set. Its high performance 11’’ barrel helps you to shoot long distance opponents. This Sniper rifle integrated with carrying handle and a removable magazine, which makes this rifle more convenient and doubles as a tool kit.

Its inline bolt system design makes the sniper easy to maintain. Also, just for its aluminum die-cast receiver this gun offers lighter weight and makes the weapon easier to handle.

You will get an awesome 20 Oz. refillable Aluminum stainless steel CO2 gas tank. Notice carefully because this CO2 expends into gaseous quickly and creates more pressure to fire your opponents. So, you have to use this gas tank wisely on the game. Alongside, you will get a quick release feeder elbow to attach the loader. Don’t forget the harness, you can carry 6 heavy duty 140rd paintball tubes and the tank in middle. You can load the 1 Oz. Premium oil black 200rd hopper with those paintball tubes.

It has included GXG XVSN Mask with Anti Fog Lens and visor. That will protect your eyes and heads from undefined shoots. What if they don’t include any anti fog paintball mask with their package, you must buy it separately. Otherwise, it’s possible to lose your eyes in the game.

Imagine your opponent are well equipped but you don’t. Do you know what happened in the end? You will lose the game without any fight? I hope you don’t except that. Here is why, this sniper rifle comes along with marker, CO2 tank, 11’’ barrel, harness, hopper, special goggles and many more things.

4. First Strike T15 Paintball Rifle

First Strike T15 Paintball Rifle

An aggressive player won’t look down back after seeing this high voltage gun. A strong paintball rifle like this can be the perfect choice for you. It offers premium quality, low profile and realistic design on its era. By the way, while maintaining this gun it is capable to shoot full size .68 caliber paintballs.

Long range enemies can easily eliminate with this fast and strong T15. This sniper paintball gun included 20 round magazine feed, which means you can fire 20 round without remove or flip the mag.

This sensible rifle is well-known for its durability and lightweight aluminum body. Its fully regulated 3000 psi air tank can create consistent air pressure to hit right on your opponent bases.

T15 sniper rifle is ideal for only serious players, who try to set your game on the next level or newcomers to start the mag fed paintball guns.

Final Verdict 

Well, here I mention all the great and unique long range best paintball sniper rifles. Those are very user friendly and trustable brands I have used so far. You have to make a smart decision based on your playstyle and comfort.

After my first few battles, I realized one rifle shooter need to add on our team to fire our enemy from long distance. From real ground experience, I added them on the above but still I recommended the Action Village Tippmann and US Army Alpha Black.

Don’t buy some bullshit gun, which is very weighty and you can’t grip well. Take some time to decide which paintball sniper rifle is for you, then go forward and enjoy the game on your style.

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