5 Best Paintball Tanks Reviews 2021: Top-Notch Paintball Tanks for Players

The life of a paintballer is manifested with all heterogeneous excitements. This game is something to enjoy the resemblance of military-style. If you are currently inside of it or wish to start, then all the necessary gears and accessories of this game need to be on your hand right now. With the right skill, these will let you reign on the field. Such an important accessory is the best paintball tanks, I admit you can shoot your gun faster in the target. In this case, do not forget to invest in paintball tanks. 

Without a tank, you won’t do much on the limited playing time. Accordingly, it is vital to invest in good paintball tanks. Do not forget about it if you are going to enter the paintball world. Undoubtedly, you will get an uninterruptible fun on the field. 

Professionals always have their choice. Probably, the first-timers got confused about making the decision. But I’m not letting you fail from the beginning. The paintball tanks I’m going to review are shorted form real game experience and hundreds of options, these are beneficial for both beginners and professionals.

Top 5 Best Paintball Tanks 2021

1. Tippmann CO2 Tank

Tippmann CO2 Paintball Tank

Luckily, you no longer need to search for a CO2 paintball tank since there are countless paintball tanks that are ready to serve you these days. Just like this aluminum CO2 tank, which comes from a renowned company Tippmann. This is an excellent tank that exceeds every aspect of the industry standard to make the game safe and reliable.  

This CO2 tank is perfect for every level of play. All you need is a paintball tank that is durable and reliable, this is why the Tippmann CO2 system arrives to serve you best and is ready to be filled strongly. 

Also, it comes with different sizes to choose the right size and rely on your markers. This tank is currently available with three different sizes of 9-oz., 12-oz., and 20-oz. So, do not forget to pick yours based on your needs.  

Take into consideration that the Tippmann CO2 tanks are equipped with industries’ most robust repeater pin valves. This valve is easy to connect and very convenient fitting to your marker. Alongside this, an industry-standard safety purge valve has been installed from the factory. 

Many customers opt for this product because of its durable bass construction, proper hydro-tested every 5 years, and resisting high pressure. Such robust, constructed products will bring your game experience to the next level.


  • Safe to use in competitions after out of the box.
  • Three different sizes are available.
  • Build with extremely durable aluminum material.
  • Included built-in pin lock and adaptor.
  • Hydro-tested is available every 5 years.
  • Lightweight and durable tank.


  • The tank does not come with a fill.

2. Ninja Paintball Compressed HPA Air Tank

Ninja Paintball Compressed HPA Air Tank

If you are looking for a safe and solid HPA air tank, this Ninja paintball tank is the brand for you! When using this product, ensure that it is a perfect fit with your marker. This Ninja air tank comes with a great size of 68/4500, which is popular in the majority of users. Its popularity ensures how impressive and superb this tank is in the field. 

I notice that the tank is built with high-end durable carbon fiber, which makes this usable for a long time. This bigger HPA tank lets you fill more gas with a little cost. Though it is the biggest paintball tank but lightweight to use, I’m sure you will enjoy it during the game. I can assure you that you do not pass any hard time carrying it in the field. Also, its lightness never slows down your movements. 

Anyhow, the tank is very easy to carry and manage. In that case, you will never be going to face any difficulties storing it once you do not use it. The real fact is, it provides its users best to shoot accurately, which is a bigger issue in the paintball game. 

Fortunately, it can hold a good amount of air to help users to shoot extra two or three rounds before the refills. But the thing I’m feeling bad about is the air tank, it can dent from outside anytime in heavy use and abuse. 


  • Lightweight and easy to manage.
  • Made with sturdy carbon fiber material.
  • Bigger in size and supplies enough air.
  • Easy to carry and shorting.
  • Can hold enough air to shoot an extra two to three rounds.
  • Ensure users accurately shoot with easy movements.


  • Heavy uses can cause dents.

3. Maddog Aluminum Paintball Tank

Maddog Aluminum Paintball Tank

Do you want to invest in a premium quality paintball tank? The Maddog is a highly trusted professional paintball tank brand that you can rely on. When using this ideal CO2 tank product, you will never regret investing money. I highly recommended this best CO2 tank if you are aiming for fast results with your markers. Without any shadow of a doubt, these paintball tank manufacturers use high-quality aluminum material for construction. 

Please be guided that this is a light paintball tank when ensuring the highest sturdiness. This lightweight aluminum tank helps to shoot closely 800-1000 paintballs in per fill. That is pretty enough for entry-level to tournament pro players to hang around in the middle of the game. Additioally, it also has 20 Oz Capacity.

One thing that captured my attention is this excellent source of CO2 gas tank comes at an inexpensive price. Most importantly, the brand supplies best paintball tanks including 5 years of hydro-tested and beats all industry-standard safety requirements. 

This product is operated in a great way as you won’t receive any outdated tank—more than that, it has a safety burst disc that is capable of holding the pressure. Over and above, the product has a great repeater pin valve but it can leak in heavy and consistent uses. 


  • Perfect for every level of players.
  • Provide 800-1000 shoots in per fill.
  • Constructed with lightweight aluminum materials.
  • Low-cost paintball tank.
  • 20 Oz Capacity CO2 Tank.
  • Providing fresh tanks every time.


  • Pin valves can leak at consistent use.
  • Need to refill before use.

4. HK Army HPA Tank

HK Army Aluminum HPA Tank

Would you like to seriously own a low-budget HPA tank in terms of a costly paintball tank? Why not try this best small-capacity tank instead of wasting your money and time on the wrong products? Who knows this could be the best HPA tank you are dreaming. This top performer tank with great features is the perfect option for any players who love to play stock class, pump, or mag-fed.

In general, this HPA tank size is smaller than most brands, but I was glad to see the tank is lightweight and comes with a high-quality aluminum body. Indeed, you can easily carry and maintain it without slowing down in the field. The tank is available for shorting anywhere after the game. 

Luckily, the product comes with a foster fitting and a captive rubber dust cap. The tank has 3000 PSI capacity with 800 output pressure. At this rate, you are capable of shooting 250 rounds in one fill. Which is ideal for the beginner players. I can assure you that the pressure you will get is very consistent, reliable, and accurate in shoots. Overall, this will be your mini HPA tank. 


  • Inexpensive HPA tank.
  • Ideal for entry-level players.
  • Consistent pressure and accurate shoot.
  • Highly durable materials build.
  • Easy to carry and maintain.
  • DOT rated.
  • 250 rounds shoot in every fill.


  • HPA output is not adjustable.

5. Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K

Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball Tank

Are you being tired of checking which best entry-level paintball tank is the reliable choice for you? Then, most likely, Tippmann Empire Basics will be the best match on your preference. This product is specially designed for limited budget players. You can use this tank with any markers which operate compressed air, even you do not need to buy a carbon fiber tank.

Unlike other Tippmann paintball tanks, this one is also constructed with sturdy aluminum. I noticed, it is affordable and incredibly lightweight, but it has few limitations. While the overall performance and features are the industrial standard.

Furthermore, it has a capacity of 3000 PSI fill, which is capable of shooting nearly 500 shots. This depends on the gun you use and serves well at this range. Also, there is a readily fitted regulator in the tank, offering 800 PSI output pressure with a user-replaceable bonnet. 

Nevertheless, the quality it provides is undoubtedly equally built like high-end products. Though this product is lightweight, enough weight to wear in a longer game. But still easy to maintain, use and store. 


  • An affordable novice paintball tank.
  • 3000 PSI fill HPA tank.
  • Constructed aluminum body.
  • 800 PSI output air pressure.
  • Replaceable user bonnet.
  • You will get 500 shots per fill.


  • A bit heavier for the longer games.

What to Look When Buying Best Paintball Tanks

Purchasing a good paintball tank depends on considering qualities and important factors. Not only that, before choosing one, you need to understand that meets all your needs. If you are really for the best paintball tanks, follow those crucial factors I explained thoroughly.

Custom Paintball Tank Design


What types of paintball tanks exist? At first impression, you need precise identifications of the types of paintball tanks. Basically, you will find two different types of tanks. The most popular one is the CO2 paintball tank, which is widely used by players. The main advantage of the CO2 tanks is that it is affordable and easy to refill. 

However, the CO2 paintball tanks are used by many as it is cost-effective comparing the compressed tank. Though it is accessible anywhere, it has a downside that needs to be handled carefully. The fact is CO2 is very weather sensitive. It has a disposition of freezing up in the cold condition, which might also freeze the regulators. That can even happen in the hot weather. In this case, you will not be able to fire the gun accurately. So, better to keep them safe from cold and hot weather. 

Another impressive paintball tank used in the paintball game is the compressed air tank. Which is also known as a high-pressure air tank or HPA. It is not a popular one but most of the time used by regular players or in competitions. 

Though it is less popular than CO2 tanks, these best HPA tanks are a real-money savior. Special, you can refill your air tank without cost from the provider. As well as those high-pressure air tanks can withstand any weather conditions. The main drawback you will face is you need to use a special kind of regulator to boost your compressed air tank. This may cost a little bit extra for you. Again choosing the best tanks depends on your needs.  

Air Pressure Rating

Paintball tanks are filled with high-pressure air and all types of paintball guns that can handle high pressure. But some electric markers can handle only 450 PSI or less pressure. 

That’s where a regulator plays a vital role. With moving the regulator, you can easily regulate the air pressure inside the tank. If you think it is a bit confusing, then choose accordingly your marker’s pressure capacity. Therefore, if your paintball gun already has an internal regulator, you can easily control the pressure. Try to stick around 300 to 500 PSI to avoid unnecessary obstacles and down shooting. If it does not contain any, then anything over can be handled by the operating pressure. 

Most of the quality paintball tanks come along with a strong pressure control regulator. A high-pressure tank can survive for a long go until it has an adjustable regulator. 

The Tank Size

Next, I’m tanking about the tank size. It is one of the most crucial features you need to concern. That’s why read your paintball gun manual to see which tank size is adjustable with your gun. 

The most popular and used best paintball tank size is 68-4500, which is lightweight and holding enough gas. Users do not face any difficult time carrying it with them. The identification number seems a little confusing at the beginning – the 68 number indicates that it is total cubic inches with space inside the tank. That means it can hold up to 68 cubic inches of gas. Alongside, the 4500 indicates the tank can store and produce 4500-pound per square inch of pressure. Those sizes are acceptable in most of the fields. 

Tank Material

Tippmann Paintball Tanks

A poor material gear does not bring a good result for any game. So, before purchasing, you need to identify the material your gears are used. Basically, the paintball tanks use steel as a material to construct. As a result, the materials are sturdy and withstand harsh situations. The materials it is used are far cheaper than others. But being steel, it is a little bit harder to manage during the war.   

If you are preferred the lightest paintball tank, it’ll be good to choose a tank constructed with aluminum. Aluminum is much lighter than steel, and it is much easier to carry in the field. The main drawback is that it is not as durable as steel. That means, if you do not take good care of it, it can dent from outside. Another issue you will notice that it cost higher comparing other material. Taking good care of it players found the money is worth enough to go. 

Let me talk about the last one, which really regulates the paintball tank industry that is the carbon fiber material. Those professional paintball tanks are extremely durable while still remaining easy to carry. Comparing the price, the carbon fiber paintball tanks cost more than the other two. Most importantly, they can withstand the same in any rough conditions without causing single damage. However, they are easy to maintain and carry, which is really worth money. 


This is another feature you need to ensure before making the final decision. You must ensure that the paintball tank you choose is robust and durable to withstand at any pressure in the fields. 

You can admit the best paintball air tanks if they can stay still after enduring lots of attacks and damages. Do not forget that you will play paintball games in different locations. That means you will face various tough surfaces like sands and water. If your tanks can observe the conditions and remain the same, you can confess it as a premium quality paintball tank.

So, looking for a long term usable tank, you might choose one which can tackle harsh and unbelievable forces. 


Do not be overthinking about it if you are going to participate in the competitions. Remember to feel comfortable on the battlefield, you must need the lightweight paintball tanks. Always avoid the heavy-weight tanks, which can stand obstacles in the war. Besides choosing one that is easy to handle and manageable. 

Built-in Features

You need to check what built-in features have come with your chosen paintball tank. Because not all of them have exactly the same features. The features I’m talking about are changed depending on brands, materials, pressure rating, and sizes. So, it will be an intelligent decision to spend some time prior to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do paintball tanks need to be Hydrotested?

As the manufacturer never forgets to label a valid date in the paintball tanks. The date actually indicates that when you need to do the hydro-test. That’s the fact you should not avoid prior to buying. Typically a paintball tank needs to be hydro-tested after every 3-5 years. You can count the mark of the manufacturer date and do the re-hydro test when your tank expires. 

In hydro-testing, your tank has been pressurized more than the level it can handle. If it can withstand that pressure and pass the test, then it will be valid to use for the next 3 or 5 years more. Whatever failing the test means you have to buy a new tank. 

However, the passed tank has been tagged a new month or year by the validation company, which is covered beneath a layer of epoxy. That confirmed the tank had successfully passed the test. The new date will act as the reference that the tank needs to test again after 3 or 5 years of expiring. Remember, it is an illegal act to fill the tank, which is already out of hydro-date or failed in the hydro-test.

2. Does the paintball tank come with a gauge?

The paintball tanks already come with a built-in gauge. But it is easy to replace the existing attached one with a new one. If you feel you need a better gauge, then you can replace it without facing any trouble. 

You can also buy a spare gauge if the existing one fails to do its duty. 

3. What kind of regulator does a paintball tank have?

Fortunately, the HPA paintball tanks already have a built-in regulator. It is very important that the paintball tanks require the regulator. The existing regulator is already as standard as it needs to be that it works with the majority of paintball tanks. That’s the reason, you do not need to purchase the regulator separately until in special cases. 

Why is a regulator so crucial for a tank? Note that, with the regulator, you can operate the air pressure inside your paintball marker. You can also operate the amount of air your gun releases after every shoot. For getting consistent accuracy and velocity you need to fire rapidly.

4. What size of paintball tank should I get?

In the majority case, the size of a paintball tank is an important issue. It is very crucial to choose an ideal size for starting your game. To own an ideal paintball tank, ensure that the tank you choose is easily adjustable and can hold with your marker. 

Before you confuse too much, you can check the size of the paintball tank online to gather more information. If you are an average height person, the size you need to pick is usually the 48/3000 or the 68/4500. Else, for a tall person, it is ideal to choose the size on the 90/4500 or the 100/4500.

5. Which is a better air tank or co2 tank?

In paintball games, CO2 and compressed air paintball tanks are the most commonly used paintball tanks in the field. These two are definitely working for different purposes. Like carbon dioxide comes in a liquid form, when creating pressure inside the tank, it expands and turns into a gas.

The pressure is the same as you firing a paintball through your marker. You can fill up to 850 PSI gas into your CO2 tank. This can change depending on the temperature. But the good thing about this you never need to be re-tested or re-certified. Though this confirms that it is a low-maintenance tank. This compact tank can shoot more comparing compressed air. Also, you can refill it at a low cost. 

There are a few drawbacks, one is the liquid can expand, and another one is it can cool or burst inside on temperature changes. If this happens, you will get an inconsistent shooting in the fields. 

Besides, the compressed air tank can take more pressure up to 3,000 or 4,500 psi. Most importantly, it comes with a regulator, which will help you to regulate the pressure at an optimal level. This way, you will get consistent air pressure with great accuracy and firing rate. And also it is capable of withstanding all kinds of weather.  

In general, the compressed tanks are expensive and bigger than the CO2 tank. Moreover, it would be best if you did a hydro-tested every 3 or 5 years. Actually, the two we are talking about are used depending on your playing styles, field rules, and the marker you are using. 

6. Can I fill a paintball CO2 tank with compressed air?

Note that you can fill compressed air in your paintball CO2 tank. But the issue is it is not much safe to fill more than 900 PSI, which is actually not much air. If you are thinking about filling it, you will be losing your firing rate and stalled it completely. So, It will be smart not to put compressed air inside your CO2 tank.

7. How do I pick a high-pressure paintball air tank?

Picking up a high-pressure air tank depends on what sort of use you have planned. In the market, you will get a heavier tank with great capacity and accuracy, which is good for woodsball or scenario games. As well as the smaller one is available, which is compact, lighter, and great for speedball games. Finally, I like to say tank size and weight also affect the game. That’s why it is better to focus on the 68 cubic inches or 4500 psi tank.

8. Why would my paintball air tank be leaking?

This may happen if you are using a CO2 gas tank. Because CO2 creates great pressure when you allow a high-speed firing. If any situation the gas leak that can cause from broken gas insert seal or ASA is not screwed correctly. Most of the time, a bad O-ring is the main issue for the gas leak. You can quickly fix it by changing it with an intake O-ring. If you do not know how to install it, then contact your local shop or in the field, they will fix it for you. 

Final Thoughts

Right to it, owning the best paintball tanks will make your game more excited and enjoyable. Remember, it is not a hobby, so you need to take proper care of your paintball tank. 

As well as you do not need to be a pro to keep your tank safe. With the aforementioned product review guides, I provided all well-information and guides for choosing the best tanks, which is not only lightweight and manageable but also affordable for every level of player. 

Review the features and factions of the products and also ensure the budget that fits you, so that you can easily purchase on your needs.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball Tank- New 2019 Upgraded Version - Globally...
  • Lightweight Aluminum DOT and TC certified cylinders "Made in the USA"
  • 3000 PSI fill capacity with an 800 PSI output pressure
  • User replaceable Bonnet
Bestseller No. 2
Empire Paintball Basics 48ci 4500psi Air Tank
  • Proven regulator performance using Pure Energy Technology
  • 48 Cubic Inch at 4500 psi
  • Standard 800 psi output pressure
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HK Army Aerolite Carbon Fiber HPA Paintball Tank Air System - 68ci / 4500psi (Clear...
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HK Army Aerolite Carbon Fiber HPA Paintball Tank Air System - 68ci / 4500psi (Clear...
  • 68 Cubic Inch Lightweight Bottle w/ 4500 psi Capacity
  • Reliable Aircraft Grade Aluminum Regulator
  • Five-Year Hydro Cycle
SaleBestseller No. 4
Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank
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Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank
  • Lightweight DOT and TC certified aluminum 20oz CO2 cylinder Made in the USA
  • Five year retest cycle
  • exceed all industry standards
Bestseller No. 5
HK Army Aluminum HPA Tank - 48/3000
  • Black HK Army 48ci / 3000psi HPA Compressed Air Tank
  • Durable Aluminum Tank Bottle
  • 800 psi Output Pressure
Bestseller No. 6
HK Army Aluminum HPA Tank W/Regulator - 48/3000 - Olive
  • Olive HK Army 48ci / 3000psi HPA Compressed Air Tank
  • Durable Aluminum Tank Bottle
  • 800 psi Output Pressure
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Action Village 20oz CO2 Paintball Tank - Black Aluminum (1 20oz CO2 Tank)
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Action Village 20oz CO2 Paintball Tank - Black Aluminum (1 20oz CO2 Tank)
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  • Manufactured at one of the world leading tank vendors.
  • Get Roughly 1000+ shots of most paintball guns on the market.
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IORMAN Paintball Air Tank & Cylinder Carrier Bag Pouch Backpack (6.8L)
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IORMAN Paintball Air Tank & Cylinder Carrier Bag Pouch Backpack (6.8L)
  • Made of Neoprene, Non-woven ,Canvas, Cotton. Lining : Polyester.
  • Carrying Bag size: Diameter-7 inch, Height-26 inch, Thickness-0.2 inch, fits 6.8L air cylinders.
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You Say Trash, I Say Tank
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You Say Trash, I Say Tank
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