Best Paintballs Ammo for Woodsball & Speedball 2021: Cheap Paint For Paintballers

We all want to feel comfortable until the end of the paintball game. A top-grade paintball will make your game easy and enjoyable. How good will be the paintballs? If you have a great experience using them, soon you will reign in the field. Thinking beginners to the pro paintball gaming enthusiasts, I enriched the best paintballs list with top-rated paintball models.

It’s necessary you need to ensure in-depth market research prior to buying the best one. Several reasons can turn your decision to pick the right paintballs. Be emphasis on the qualities, not the money.

For getting the ideal paintballs for woodsball and speedball, try to ensure that your chosen one has been constructed with a thick shell and don’t break before hitting targets with accuracy. In this way, you quickly separated the good and poor ones.

However, here is the best thing I have done for you. Till now, I used many brands, models, and last I did complete research to figure out the negative and positive sides before shorting the whole list. Take a look at the guide to ease your way to get your winning balls.

A Quick Comparison Table:

10 Best Paintballs For Your Marker In 2021

1. Valken Infinity – Best Paintballs for Woodsball

Valken Infinity Paintballs

Top-quality players always watch for reliable tournaments winning paintballs, no doubt that Valken Infinity paintballs are winners’ top preference. Absolutely, a top-notch best paintballs for the money. This Valken version is excellent to know as woodsball paintballs.

Its thick shell forced me to notice long ago for the first time. The shell is pretty hard, and when you hit by one it hurts like heck. Being a thick shell, it doesn’t break easily that guarantees it’s highly robust and good in shape to fly straight to the targets.

These paintballs are especially made for the entry-level markers. But as a professional player, it’s a mighty paintball for me. So, pro or novice will love its greater consistency once they use it. I like the price Valken Infinity offers considering the price these paintballs got high worth, which is a totally affordable and great winning situation for the markers.

Likely, these paintballs from Valken never missed you to paint once it hit your targets. It has an impressive design and straight-shooting with great accuracy. That means your opponents don’t escape long from your shoot. I’m stunned after I saw its greatest consistency in the shooting of battlegrounds.

This versatile paintball is very durable. I ordered them many times every time they come up in perfect, no broken or dimpled paintballs. They are great for hopper fed and mag fed markers and can handle the roughness of paintballs comfortably.

In the package, you will get up to 2,000 paintballs, a great number to start the play. The main drawback is its poor packaging, which is considerable for its top qualities.


  • High-efficiency Virgin Ribbon ball.
  • Different color variations.
  • Mag-fed and hopper fed paintballs.
  • Can shoot straight and break on target.
  • It comes with a robust and thick shell.
  • Perfect for first-time players.


  • Poor packaging stuff.

2. Valken Graffiti- Great for both Woodsball & Speedball

Valken Graffiti Paintballs

Another impressive paintballs Valken manufactured is Graffiti paintballs. This best woodsball or speedball paintballs has excellent accuracy and is known as a top-shelf paintball. Its superior accuracy and tremendous making attributes have made the Graffiti most widespread among the markers.

One of the things I liked most is its perfect braking ability on a more reliable and satisfactory target. Without any misgiving, this is surprisingly the popular one in the paintballs industry. It’s expressly designed for the home users to play on wooded or speedball fields.

The hit I tasted is up to 50 feet with the highest accuracy, making a clearly visible bright watery orange spot on targets. The shell is hard but broken on target marks well. I can pledge users that it always comes with great freshness. After ordering, you will get it quickly in nice and rounded packaging with no dimples.

Its thick shell is durable and won’t cause any break dropping on a hard surface. They also ensure they can fly straight to the target without having any trouble with shuddering.

For recreational play, I would suggest this pretty darned good paintballs. So much so, they are also used for the tournament play. All those based, these paintballs are fantastic for users. But the problem is those are a little bit expensive compared to others.


  • Weather resistance shell.
  • Superior accuracy and superb making attribute.
  • Straight shooting and breaks on target perfectly.
  • Ideal for recreational play on different paintball fields.
  • Thick and sturdy interior & exterior.
  • Good packaging outlift ensures no breaks.


  • Expensive paintballs.

3. White Fill Infinity

White Fill Infinity Paintballs

Not many paintballs have white paints, but Valken always loves to produce what users want. Yes! At this point, I’m covering the amazing white fill infinity paintballs. I don’t see many people using white paintballs, for me I don’t want to miss it. I like to ensure the user’s white paintballs are easy enough to track the targets on the fields.

Like other Valken, it has a thick and sturdy shell. The exterior shell is so hard that it can’t break fall on tough grounds. The paintball has a good circle shape. When you shoot, it keeps straight and hits the target like hell.

Another impressive fact the paints are durable and designed especially for the beginner markers. I am pleased to see the price, as they offer the top paintballs to use at affordable prices. The quality they provide has great value for the money if you decided to buy one package.

With its accurate shooting manner, you will never miss the opportunity to beat your opponents on the fields. These paintballs have an excellent power play on woodsball fields and impressively known as the best paintballs for magfed.

Overall, this is a good paint for the money, which flies straight thoroughly and bursts perfectly.


  • Come with the Virgin Ribbon ball.
  • Straight shooting with great accuracy.
  • Perfect for magfed and woodsball guns.
  • Great thicker exterior.
  • Suitable for the different level players.


  • Poor packaging.

4. May Vary Paintball Pellets

May Vary Paintball Pellets

If you are searching for the best paintball paint at an affordable price, May Vary offers you the top quality paintball pellets considering your pocket. Known as the best field grade paintballs pellets, their quality and performance on the field are excellent. However, they are suitable for the newcomers, even you can use these paintballs with the slingshot.

May Very has different color paintballs, and it allows me to pick the right color for me. They are very rigid and sturdy, and I didn’t get any damaged paintballs in the package. After all, they didn’t break until they hit on the targets that are the sign of best field paintballs.

This brand doesn’t compromise on quality in the field. The price they put on the neck is very less compared to the other brands. Perhaps the cost is less, but their quality remains exactly the same as the top brands, which is a golden opportunity for the budget players.

Alongside offering the best price, they can do hundreds of hits adjusting the right caliber perfectly.

Players said this is perfect paintball pellets for great recreations, and I found that right. One more thing I found impressive is that the paints are so easy to clean. That means once you hit paint on your cloth, washing it off pretty easily.

Moreover, players are looking for superb packaging, which is pretty tough at this price. Though it’s not a significant concern for me that May Very provides subpar and poor packaging.


  • Top-quality performance in the field.
  • Different shorts of colors can choose.
  • Definitely a sturdy one, that doesn’t break easily.
  • Comparatively low price from other brands.
  • Provide hundreds of hits with accuracy.


  • Made subpar and poor packaging.
  • A little bit oily.

5. GI Sportz XBALL

GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs

I want to reveal another impressive paintball review, which is suitable for both regular and occasional paintball players. These highly reliable XBALL Certified Midnight paintballs are manufactured by the trustable brand GI Sportz. While examining the issue, I detected that they designed it as recreational paintball and still enough dependency.

That means you can depend on them while playing on the paintball field. These paintballs manufactured in a great way that the paintball doesn’t break up on your markers. Those are some of the most robust and thickest shells I’ve ever used. They also have pride with 2 shade blue shell colors and aqua fill.

Before you use this midnight paintball, you don’t figure out how versatile these paintballs are. They are almost fit for any kind of paintball markers. I was wondering when it was tremendously doing well with my Tippmann 98. Without any objection, GI Sportz XBALL surely is the best paintballs for tippmann. I notice they are used in different playing versions such as general play, scenario games, even by the tournament players.

It should be noted that the fill these paintballs are used easily washed off. That tells when the paintball gears are blended with paint, you can easily wash them off. The shell these paintballs got is highly durable and impressively reduces the breaking risk on the paintball gun.


  • Designed for recreational and scenario games.
  • Unbroken thick and sturdy shell.
  • Accurate shooting and break down on the target.
  • Easily washable fill when blended on gears.
  • Suitable with the .68 caliber on the field.


  • Poor packaging stuff.

6. Tiberius Arms First Strike

Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintballs

If you’re looking for the best paintballs for accuracy, which have incredible range, and that will never disappoint you in buying, then Tiberius Arms First Strike will never let you down. Because it’s one of the paintballs which has quality built-in materials and provides quality performance on the fields.

The most reliable thing I found about these paintballs is that they have used fin stabilization technology with these aerodynamic shape pellets. For that reason, the paintballs have great firing speed with higher accuracy. That gives you enough stability to handle different tough situations in the game field.

It’s more expensive than other paintballs in my list. Though these paintballs are expensive, they can shoot 50% further with excellent accuracy. For its versatility, you can comfortably use it with any kind of markers. Its self-rifling ability gives me a kick up to winning the game.

These sniper paintballs have acrylic shells that can break 50% more from regular paintballs after hitting the target from an extended range. One last thing I like most about these paintballs is weather resistance. That means it can stay the same at any temperature. The main drawback is it is bigger than the .68 caliber.


  • Aerodynamic shape pellets.
  • Superior firing speed with higher accuracy.
  • Break 50% more on target than regular paintballs.
  • Remain the same at any weather conditions.
  • Perfect for handling tough situations.
  • Self-rifling ability.


  • Pellets are bigger than .68 caliber.

7. GXG Paintball Rubber –  Best Cheap Paintballs

GXG Paintball Rubber

Another set of paintballs that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy your game more than ever. These high qualities designed best paintballs for self defense are constructed in a sturdy manner that you will have no chance to be disappointed. I am happy that this best woodsball paintball has top-class construction with better on-field performance.

These .68 caliber paintballs have hard rubber shells. This type of paintball is specially used by the entry-level players who are looking for the target practice without the expense of paint. They come in an excellent condition with superb accuracy and no break at all.

They aren’t broken inside, so it’s safe to use with any kind of markers, barrels, and fastest paintball hoppers. As it’s rubber made and reusable, you don’t need to worry about losing many paints. It’s come with 100 rounds in every bag at a fair price.

I am pleased that I never faced any trouble using these paintballs. I hit the target in the right area like a heck. The most impressive thing is you can rinse these paintballs with tap water if they get dirty.

The major downside of the paintballs is a little bit small in size. You got this problem when you used any stock barrel with the gun.


  • Safe to use with guns, barrels, and hoppers.
  • Super accurate rubber paintballs.
  • Perfect for practice targets.
  • Reusable paintballs for users.
  • Easily rinse with water.


  • A little bit small in size.

8. JT GI Splatmaster .50 Cal

JT GI Splatmaster .50 Cal Non-Toxic Paintball Ammo

For maximum paintballs support, nothing can go wrong with the JT GI Splatmaster paintball. Professional performance with improved quality, this non-toxic paintball truly safe for your sensitive body parts and play on the field. It has a tremendous non-toxic nature, what manufacturers put their thoughts into ensuring no damage or harm happens if anyhow it gets into the mouth.

The first thing you will notice about the .50 caliber pellets is quite satisfying because it has low impact and is 100% biodegradable. This way, they are adjustable in any environment and remain safe.

The most exciting fact might be the consistent and rounded shape. Additionally, they all have delicate thick shells and bright fill that can stay still without any break.

Moreover, the paints from paintballs are easy to clean. If paint contacts with your clothes or paintball gears, make sure you wash them with regular water.

The packaging is well protected, which ensures the maximum durability of the paintballs. One more thing, you can happily store them in a box or keep in a room under temperature without worrying about any paint leakage or sticking together. The fact most of the paintball players complain about the price these paintballs have.


  • Non-toxic paintballs for humans.
  • Low impact and biodegradable.
  • These paintballs are consistent and rounded shapes.
  • Nice durable thick shell with bright fill.
  • Easy and washable paints.
  • Possible to store without any paint leakage.


  • Some players think the paintballs are pricey.
  • Don’t purchase for .68 paintball guns.

9. Wrek Elite Premium- Best for Speedball

Wrek Elite Premium Paintballs

If you are looking for comparatively pricy paintballs that will serve equally higher one, then I’m sure Wrek Elite Premium Paintballs will handle all of your needs in an affordable way. This high-quality paintball comes with a pack of 1000 best paintballs for speedball. I’m ensuring that these top-notch paintballs will never run off in the middle of your game.

Well, hitting with these paintballs is really easy. In fact, you can hit on the target with perfect accuracy where you intend to hit. A red and silver color shell makes the paintballs sturdy and prevents leakage of yellow paints from inside. In addition, they don’t smell rancid or unpleasant.

I’m glad that they are very easy to clean by anyone if they hit on your clothes or body parts. Likely, these paintballs can hold up and withstand in all kinds of weather without any unpleasant leaking or sticking.

However, they assure not to explore inside of the gears. And reduce the risk of mid-air explosion and chopped ball. Also, you can do a faster and accurate shoot with the barrel of your marker. The price they offer is a bit expensive, but they are really worth it in performance.


  • Top-notch on-field performance.
  • Easy to hit targets with accuracy.
  • Easy cleaning bright fill.
  • Withstand in any weather.
  • Minimize the risk of explosions.


  • It has an expensive price tag.

10. GI Sportz DXS Basic Training Paintballs

GI Sportz DXS Basic Training Paintballs

From every aspect, GI Sportz DXS is the best for speedball. The first thing that attracts me is its eco-friendly nature. That loudly announced that these non-toxic paintballs won’t be harmful to your sensitive body parts.

Like it looks, GI Sportz DXS basic training paintballs provide ethical values and ensure the best performance on the field. After purchasing, I got a full cage with 4 bags and 500 paintballs for each of them. If you love recreational games, then I will highly recommend this one. Basically, I have them for my practice seasons, where the tournament players never miss it.

No matter how harsh the weather is, these paintballs don’t break or damage. That means they can withstand any weather conditions. I can use them with my .68 calibers paintball markers. I can assure you that they have an excellent robust shell, and there is no risk it can break inside gears.

Moreover, these paintballs have perfect accuracy and only break after hitting the target. All the paintballs come with dimple or damage-free, but few users have complained about its packaging.


  • Eco-friendly Nature.
  • Safe for sensitive body parts.
  • Perfect practice ball for tournament players.
  • Really bright fill.
  • Solid and sturdy at any weather.


  • Expensive ammo.

Tournament Grade vs. Recreational

Recreational paintballs are mostly familiar as scenario games. They are particularly designed for general or practicing play and used in commercial fields. Manufacturers produce top qualities paintballs and make sure these paintballs are usable for recreational and tournament play.

This ammo has a thicker and bright frim shell that can be compatible with almost any kind of paintball gun until the calibers are the same.

You will affordably get different colors and non-toxic nature ammo in the market.

Tournament grade paintballs are recognized for their high quality, top accuracy, and obviously they are more expensive than recreational paintballs. Comparatively, they have a consistent size and shape with a thin shell and frim that easy to break on target hits.

These top-end designed paintballs made for high line paintball guns and use on professional woodsball or speedball tournaments. Their top qualities and superb accuracy make them more expensive than recreational paintballs.

Buyer’s Guide

Are you going to purchase the best paintballs for woodsball or speedball? Or for whatever game you want to play. Whether you are shopping paintballs for a tournament or recreational play, you need to follow a few major factors for making your game more compelling.


The price is a selected major factor for paintballs, it can manipulate your final decision before buying. Everyone wants the best cheap paintballs without having damage to its quality and overall field performance. In any case, make sure you are on qualities over price. Lower price doesn’t ensure the quality all time, so be concerned about your choice.

Examine the feature based on your price. Watch out the products to narrow down them based on features on your suitable budget. But don’t ever compromise with the skill and performance.

Go for budget-friendly paintballs is an excellent choice, be sure they deliver enormous performance, quality, and accuracy.


It is also mandatory to check paintballs caliber, to get the quality it plays a major role. Basically, A typical paintball contains .68 caliber. But other accessible calibers are available for you like the .40 and the .71.

Before buying, ensure the size of the paintball’s caliber matches your barrel’s bore. That way, you can prevent all outcomes for achieving the best performance in the field.


No matter what caliber you want, it is necessary for the outer shell of your paintballs will be highly durable and sturdy. The major reason most users turn back from buying either the paintball break inside of the gears or explode in mid-air after firing.

However, ensure the ball you are going to buy is thick, tough, and don’t break without hitting the target. In my experience, I found expensive price paintballs meet the expectation and lower the risk of breaking.

Moreover, With a reasonable price, the same quality paintballs are available as an expensive one. You need to learn and do a deep search if you are serious about this. Alongside, be strict to buy a round, dimple, or swellings free paintballs for ensuring the overall qualities.

Freshness of Paint

Another important factor that damages the paintballs is the trend of getting old so quickly. It occurs when the gelatin covering the outer shell of paintballs can get weaker due to environmental changes. This horribly causes paintballs to break before hitting the target. Also, there are other factors that swelling paintballs due to humidity and moisture.

Better to keep in your mind that the paintballs you’re got are fresh or not. You have that chance to test the freshness of paintballs prior to using them. Take some paintballs and try to drop them on concrete from 6 feet heights.

If they drop back to you, that ensures a good sign. Keep dropping them until they break. Note that, if you notice the paintball breaks within third drops, it signs a weak paintball which isn’t suitable for play. On the other hand, if they break after sixth or seven drops, then it ensures fresh paints inside and is suitable for the game.


The color of the paintballs is very crucial prior to buying. It is strongly indicated that whether the quality is good or bad. If you are playing woodsball inside lush green trees and thick foliage, I will suggest using bright neon colors.

Also, some of the colors like orange or a bold shade of red are usable. Bright neon color paints are effective against camo clothes if your opponents wore them.

Shooting Efficiency

Finding the top-performing and accurate paintball is possible by spending more time assessing the balls’ shooting efficiency. Note that all the best quality paintballs can be recognizable by their highly shooting capability on target. Low-quality cheap priced paintballs can be burst anytime on the shooting that creates a messy situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many paintballs come in the box?

The number of paintballs that comes with the box mostly depends on the size and models you are looking to purchase. In the majority case, A standard model has 4 bags of 500 paintballs each of them. That means you will get 2000 paintballs on every purchase.

2. Is it safe to use paintballs in a slingshot?

Yes, it is. But using a slingshot isn’t allowed in most of the real fields. A decent slingshot can shoot paintballs at a higher speed than paintball guns. Though the speed velocity will be low or high depends on the design of the slingshot.

If you use a lower speed like 300fps, then it will be useful to use. But ultimately, you will be a failure. So, to become a winner you can use paintballs with higher speed slingshot, make sure not to target people to shoot with a strong slingshot. Because it can cause significant pain and injuries. Overall, it’s not safe for out health and skin.

3. Are paintballs water or oil-based?

Both oil and water-based paintballs are available in the market. Oil-based is mainly a cheaper version and used in the field. For users, water-based is more acceptable than oil-based type.

In point of view, oil-based paints are more destructive, it can easily destroy the field properties and also make a mess on your usable gears and clothes even skins. However, it will be very difficult to clean your paintball guns in case the paintballs break inside the weapon.

In this case, users love to use the water-based paintballs. It is relatively good for the environment as well as the gears and equipment. Actually, they don’t make much mess and are very easy to clean with the water. Thus, they are a little bit costlier than the oil-based type and useful for the field game.

4. Are all paintballs biodegradable?

Yes, all types of paintballs are entirely biodegradable. This assures that you can wash them thoroughly from the surface using water. For their biodegradable nature, they will vanish after an intense rainstorm.

Paintballs shells are covered with gelatin capsules that are filled with oil or polyethylene glycol as well as a food-coloring dye mix. It is good that both shell and fill are naturally biodegradable and will not leave any consistent paint marks on the environment.

Note that a few brands of paintballs will stain on light-colored fabrics or cotton. This depends mostly on the dye used in the fill and fabric. In spite of that, a cheaper biodegradable paintball makes a mess staining on white cotton or fabrics.

5. What Materials do Paintballs Contain?

The paintballs contain three essential ingredients: water, capsules, and color. In fact, water is the main element where the capsules are made of gelatin, which covers the inside liquids from leakage. The modern paintball brands are using dye or food coloring to make water-soluble different color paintballs.

Another important liquid they used inside is polyethylene glycol for getting more robust paintballs. It isn’t harmful because of its even use in toothpaste and cough syrup.

6. Are Paintballs toxic?

Most of the paintballs are non-toxic, they are made of food color and water that are completely harmless for people. The ingredients paintballs used are strictly regulated by the governments, which is nature friendly and safe for both users and the environment.

7. How many paintballs do I need?

It is quite challenging to tell the exact number of paintballs a player can use while playing on the field. This can especially change on the player mode, like the enjoyments of the game. That’s why it’s very challenging to provide the estimated number of usages.

My experience said a player could roughly load 200 rounds of paintballs an hour of play. Still, the number can change between game situations and player current situations.

8. What caliber paintballs should I buy?

Over the years, many paintballs calibers are made on users’ demands. The industry standard .68 caliber is used by the most serious players. They are versatile and usable on various games and field styles. The .50 caliber is used mainly in the lower impact games.

Those two types can hurt you on impact. However, comparing the velocity and distance .68 caliber has much more impact than .50 caliber. The .68 caliber is adjustable with most of the barrels and paintball guns. But you can choose different calibers depending on your barrel bore and gun.

Final Thoughts

Buying the best paintballs isn’t a scary task. Even if you’re a first time user, you don’t need to confuse. Modern brands are releasing new models with a lot of upgraded features to give you a fantastic experience while playing paintball. This is possible so that you can minimize the difficulties in doing the proper market research. Fortunately, I’ve already done this for you on the above.

However, the Valken Infinity has been among the top picks and everyone’s favorite companion.

May Vary pellets are the cheapest one among all I mentioned earlier. If you are considering the quality over budget, then it’s the perfect choice for you. Some users love branded products. If you are one of them, GI Sportz XBALL will definitely read your minds.

If you struggle with the wrong paintballs, bring the one from the list. Make sure you know well about your gun because the top one from paintballs is waiting for you on the shelves.

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