What are paintballs made of

What are paintballs made of: Learn The Actual Truth

Paintball was invented in the early 80s. But in recent years, it’s become a popular game worldwide. After a long time, some rumors and questions arise in the players’ minds. Among all these questions, one is top of the list asked by almost everyone “Are paintballs toxic?” However, this can’t stop the reputation of the game. … Read more

How To Play Paintball

How To Play Paintball Like Pro: 16 Tips (Beginners Guide)

Do you have any idea how exciting paintball is? It’s all about fun, excitement and explores the game fields. I’m pretty sure that you’re eagerly waiting for the day when you can enter the paintball game for the very first time. The first day on the paintball battlefield will be hectic, feared and doubt full for … Read more

What Makes Paintballs More Accurate

What Makes Paintballs More Accurate? (11 Improve Tips)

When we talk about shooting sports none other than accuracy is important. Accuracy is the key point in every gunplay, paintball is not beyond that rule. If you are in a competitive paintball game, you have to shoot accurately. Only then you can make the difference between you and your target.  What makes paintball more accurate might … Read more

Does Paintballs Hurt

Does Paintballs Hurt: What Does It Feel Like To Be Hit?

Every time you thought to start playing paintball, this question may come to your mind “does paintballs hurt.” The answer is pretty simple. Yes, it does hurt, but the pain level depends on how you get shot. There are some ways you can follow to reduce the pain level. However, in this article, you’re going to … Read more

History of Paintball

History of Paintball: A Complete Guide of Invention

As soon as you start to research about paintball, the excitement of this game starts to tickle you. You will learn about some amazing features and history that wonder you. With so many options, you may not find what you are looking for. So, we research from the depth of paintball to make your job easier. This … Read more

Gravity vs Electronic Hoppers

Gravity vs Electronic Hoppers: A Difference Between Two Hoppers

It’s pretty common that people fall for the misconception of gravity hoppers and electronic hoppers. These two types of paintball hopper feed are not definable most of the time. The beginners are making this mess mostly.  What will happen if you stuck with a wrong hopper along with your enemies? I think you will mock yourself.   Buying … Read more

How does a paintball hopper work

How Does A Paintball Hopper Work? – What You Need To Know

While playing paintball games, you need a few essential components – Marker, hoppers, tanks and paintballs are notable among them. In general, hopper looks like a simple gear to use. That’s where most newbies failed to choose the best paintball hopper. Like other paintball gears, you should have to know about its uses and working ways.  So … Read more

How to paint a paintball hopper

How To Paint A Paintball Hopper? 3 Steps To Focus

If you are a paintball lover and you own a lovely designed gear, I was sure you never tried to show its others.  You will get verities colors and designs hoppers in the store. Probably you already bought different brands and designed hopper.  But, Do you ever used your own designed hopper? If you not, then don’t … Read more

Health Benefits of Paintball

11 Amazing Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Paintball

Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport. It can be played both indoors or outdoor varying size fields.  This active game has both health and mental benefits, but health benefits are more eye-catching. Players have to do lots of activities, which keeps their body shaking. Without noticing anything, they achieve a healthier life.  You can call it to … Read more

How To Fill Paintball Tanks

How To Fill Paintball Tanks (Air Compressed Tanks)

In paintball worlds, CO2 or HPA tanks are used to create extra pressure on shooting. When you are buying them online, they will come with ready. Those tanks are reusable, make sure you refill the tank before the game, and it cost a little.  Filling the paintball tanks is a little bit harder and tricky. Also, … Read more