Does Paintballs Hurt: What Does It Feel Like To Be Hit?

Every time you thought to start playing paintball, this question may come to your mind “does paintballs hurt.” The answer is pretty simple. Yes, it does hurt, but the pain level depends on how you get shot. There are some ways you can follow to reduce the pain level.

However, in this article, you’re going to know how paintball can hurt you. And of course, the ways to reduce it. So, without any delay, read out all the details so you can get into this game.

How Can A Paintball Hurt You?

Every weekend hundreds & thousands of people play paintball in a different place. So, the situations are different from each other. Even everyone doesn’t have the same tolerance level. But some common factors must come to your consideration while you’re in action.

Quality of The Paintballs

Most people don’t think about it. It may be funny for someone. But how much you feel the sting depends much on the paintballs used to fire.Lower quality paintballs contain a more rigid shell, which makes a harder impact to break it. As a result, it’s hurt much more than you assume.

A higher-quality paintball is designed not to break in the gun but easy on the impact.

The Distance of the Shot

As long as paintball over the air, it loses power. You can feel the sting harder in short-range than a long distance. Generally, the safe distance is about 20 feet. But if you get shot around 10 to 15 feet, it might be considered a terrible hurt.

The Acceleration of The Shot

For measuring the hurt, speed is the primary thing to consider. The faster you get shot, the harder you feel the pain. If you get hit in a close range around 280 frames per second (fps), the hurt may be worse to you. Whatever your tolerance level, make sure you may not get a slug around 200 mph speed.

Point of Impact

It can get a worse shot on your back since there is less muscle and fat than arms, chest & limbs. But if you get hit on bare skin, whatever it’s your back or any other body parts, it definitely hurts.

How Many Times You Get Hit

You won’t get much pain for the first time. But if you get hit on the same spot quite a bit, then the pain would gradually increase. In that case, even a low impact paintball can cause bruises & welts.

How Much Does Paintball Hurt?

Everyone has a different tolerance level and reacting behavior. And the feelings of the sting of a paintball is different. Someone compares it with a bite of a bee & someone feels it like being hit by a rubber band. Some players said that it is just a transient sensation that they only feel on their skin’s surface. But if you get hurt on your bare skin, it is harrowing. I’m pretty sure every paintball player might agree with me. Since there’s no pain scale, it’s quite impossible to tell the exact measure of hurt. But whatever your pain threshold, paintball causes two injuries.Let’s read out the details for better understand-

Paintball Causes Bruises

Bruises are caused by breaking or damaging blood vessels—multiple impacts on the body’s same area. Medically, paintball bruises are not a major injury for your body. It’s very much common for every paintballer. You may feel a little bit of minor pain, and eventually, it will fade away within two weeks.

Paintball Causes Welts

The 2nd common injuries of the paintball game are the welt. Welts are similar to the bruises, but the exception is you will get some extra lump. It could be explained as the bruises are severe, which increases the lump area in your body.

Major Causes For Paintball Bruises & Welt

You may not face bruises and welts every time you play paintball. It’s not as severe as people think. If only a few factors meet, then paintball bruises or welt will occur.

  • You get hit in a close range.
  • Paintball hit in your bare skin.
  • Paintball guns are above safe speed and power.

How Long Does Paintball Bruise & Welt Last?

There is no definitive answer. Paintball bruises may take 2-3 weeks to cure. Primarily it depends on how fast you treat the bruises or welts.Anyway, some technical factors decide if bruises and welts last a short or more extended period.

  1. Location Of the Bruises: Bruises on the back, legs, and stomach last longer as there are more blood vessels. But bruises on the arms and face cure faster.
  2. Intensity Of welts or bruises: The welts or bruises last longer or cure quickly, depending on how much worse it is.
  3. Age of The Player: Young and aged players dramatically cure faster than the middle age one.
  4. Skin Color of the Player: It’s not a factor to cure, but persons with fair skin tend to show more distinct than a partial skinned one.
  5. Personal Factors: Personal health, eating habits, and the immunity system determine how faster bodies can heal the bruises.

Treatment For Paintball Bruises & Welt

There are some home treatments for minor bruises and welts. But if the bruises or welts are severe, then you should take medical attention without any delay. As healing depends on how fast you treat it.

However, you need to examine your full body after every paintball match. Only after that you can take the necessary step to heal the paintball bruises or welt.

Now let’s take a look at the home remedy you may apply to your bruises.

Cold Compressor

It is one of the most common and reliable remedies for bruises. You should implement a cold compressor as soon as possible. The compressor may be relatively easy to make. It could be an ice cube wrapped into a towel and applied to the bruises or welt. But don’t apply the ice straight to the affected areas.

Even if you shouldn’t apply it for too long, it could be damaged more. You have to use it for 10-15 minutes, once an hour for the first 24- 48 hours.

Warm Compressor

After the cold compressor, you should apply the warm compressor. Remember, don’t do this at the same time. The warm compressor must be applied after the first 24-48 hours of the cold compressor. It helps to improve blood circulation and prevent lumps in the bruises.

Take Plenty of Rest: Take a day off from school, college, or any work after every paintball game. Whatever the bruises are severe or not, your body needs proper rest to get rid of it.Vitamin K Creams: Vitamin K creams may help for blood fixation and thus may prevent bruises from turning into welts.Use Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera helps to smooth the blemished skin.Use Honey: Honey is a natural antibiotic drug. If your bruises are getting open and bleeding, you may use honey as a healing ointment.Exception Treat For Welt: Treatment for welts is nothing different from bruises. But you shouldn’t apply the cold compressor before 15-20 minutes. If you do so, the swelling of the welt will increase then. If you get welts on your arms or legs, then do some simple exercise that increases blood circulation so some pain will reduce.

Do Children Can Play Paintball?

The short answer is yes. But, one thing needs to know that a child also may hurt like mature. However, this pain isn’t as much that will occur any major injuries.

But a child should never play any match with adults. Before play, children need to do some paperwork too. Reaching the legal age is mandatory for playing. Even some paintball fields require an age limit of 14 or 16. If your child can get a little pain, it will be all about fun, nothing else.

How Do You Stop Paintballs From Hurting?

There are several things a player can do to prevent or reduce paintball pain. Since you can’t stop getting shot, you should think about how you can absorb the pain before getting into this game.

Let’s take a look at the checklist of how one can diminish the paintball pain.

  1. Wear Long sleeve shirts
  2. Wear Protective Clothing
    • Protective Gear Helps Tremendously
    • Padded Armor or Thick Cloth
    • Paintball Gloves
    • Paintball Facemask
    • Padded Pants
    • Paintball Neck Protector
  3. Use Safe Speeded Paintball Guns
  4. Use High-Quality Paintballs
  5. Standard Paintball Play Rules
  6. Avoid getting shot


If you’re worried about the hurt, then you’re missing out on all the fun of this game. Yes, paintball indeed causes bruise and welt. Taking some safety precautions, following the paintball game rules & maintaining them can reduce the chances of getting hurt. I think I tell you how you can effectively reduce pain risk. If you can deal with this amount of pain, the game is all about fun and enjoyment.

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