Empire Axe Pro Review in 2021 – Complete Guide

The Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun is a paintball weapon. Outwardly, they are made similar to modern prototypes of real rifles and machine guns, but the principle of operation is different. Technically this is a pneumatic gun, which, due to the pressure of compressed air, pushes the paintball along the barrel.

It is possible to choose among models that are excellent in quality and price. It is logical for clubs oriented to rent equipment to buy Axe Pro Paintball Gun cheaper and lower in class. Expensive sports models are suitable for individual use; the owners perceive them as a personal weapon.

Empire Axe Pro - Paintball Gun

Key Features of the Empire Axe Vs. Axe Pro:

Before you buy an Empire Axe Pro Manual, decide on your requirements. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to such aspects as:

  • Specifics of use
  • Player skill level
  • Design features and specifications
  • Upgrade options (if necessary)
  • Price of equipment

Having highlighted the main criteria, it is easy to choose the most suitable marker. The price of a weapon varies widely and depends on many factors.

To select the optimal type of paintball marker, you need based on your level of training. For example, it will be difficult for beginners to deal with weapons for tournaments. It requires a beautiful and long setup.

At the same time, simple semiautomatic machines are ideal for amateur paintball. Some manufacturers specialize only in tournament equipment; others present various paintball markers. Our store offers equipment for any level of skill: both amateur and professional.

Features for markers from the perspective of an Empire Axe Pro


The best way to learn how to shoot paintball is to use only one weapon on an ongoing basis. The Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun is robust and reliable so that it can last as long as possible.


The original large mass of Empire Axe Pro weapons is pleasant only in the first training. For quiet business, quick movement, as well as long lying in an ambush, it is better to choose a marker easier.

The Sound Of A Shot

Although there should ideally be no sound at all, it should be as quiet as possible. This is achieved here by installing a unique barrel with ventilation slots that dampen the sound (all on stream). But this is not the main thing.

Care Is Must

The sound of the shot does not differ from the sound of the firing of teammates gamers. You don’t need a paintball gun that is too big, because it abandons your position in the field. Sound is always a first-line concern, for good playful acts in paintball games. With the professional Empire Axe Paintball Gun, you can assure that you don’t have to worry about sound. It is quiet, and this gives you the advantage of moving around the battlefield without being detected.


The Axe Pro PaintballGun should easily give in to a basic upgrade – from the mount of pouches to the installation of sights.


Usually the correct camouflage is done with your own hands, but in the basic version you still need to take dark weapons. An Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun with chrome or red marker on the battlefield will look at least comical.


As already mentioned, this is a very abstract thing for Empire Axe Pro Manual marker. But still, the cheapest options do not have one in general. Also, do not forget about setting an essential attribute of a paintball gun – a sight.


With this, again, everything is about the same. The range of the ball and the initial velocity of the shot affect the flight range and Empire Axe Firing Modes. The ball is more massive, with speed; raised to the maximum permissible rules.

And again, the cheapest markers will lose here too; the initial speed may simply not be enough. From technical sophistication, elongated trunks are used, as well as bent trunks.

Perfect for People of All Levels of Experience 

With this weapon, you can assure that you will be the last man and will definitely get a good score. Empire Axe Pro Upgrades Empire Axe Tuning is outstanding. The most significant advantage of Empire Paintball Axe Paintball is that it is perfect for people of all levels of experience.

You don’t have to be an expert to use it, but the best of the best is the best. It is essential to have a good paintball gun out of the box, especially if you want to save money with additional changes.

Even if you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry too much. Learning curves using paintball can be difficult, but why is it complicated? Choose this elegant, discreet, and light model and go out with your friends! Choose your favourite color; you will get a great start.

Why Do We Like It?

This paintball gun has everything you need compared to most other products on the market. The price is not unreasonable, and it gets even better with small features added around. Covered with this gun, from a smooth grip handle to a long aluminum barrel

Removing the screws is as easy as pressing a button and removing it. Cleaning and repairing guns without the ease of access provided by Axe Pro Paintball marker is really cumbersome. Empire Pro Paintball Guns runs its best system here, and you can modify your paintball gun in seconds!

Get out of the box for only 6 pounds, and you will be ready and ready to use even the most agile players. The barrel is just over a foot long and is ideal for all regulations. It is also useful for aiming with much greater precision.


  • Redline OLED board with full functionality and joystick navigation.
  • Now all Axe Pro screws need only two hex keys.
  • Improved ergonomics for grip frames and fore grips.
  • The redesigned grip frame has a low angle comfortable design.
  • Improved waterproofing, including a waterproof gasket around the battery door.
  • More robust front mount design.
  • Inline bolt removal system with a simple push-button.
  • New small and compact ASA relay.
  • Improved ASA accessory, no need for fixing screws.
  • 2-piece polished barrel with a standard inner diameter of 0.688 enhances accuracy and efficiency.
  • 5 “control hole and spiral port for excellent ball-to-ball accuracy compatible with pipe barrel back.
  • Empire Axe Vs. Axe Pro has a new trigger design with the modular trigger guard.
  • Remove trigger bolts instead of screws to facilitate trigger maintenance.
  • External service eyes that do not require disassembly of the markers for eye maintenance.
  • Easy to clean double eye system.
  • Extruded rubber seal.
  • Clamp the feed collar without tools.
  • Built-in internal air channel.


Some people complained that the screws are not durable enough to be removed after being constantly removed and replaced. There is no other same problem, but a simple solution is to buy steel screws of the same size.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I practice paintball? Can I play on my own?

To play paintball, I will have to do it in a particular field or in one where I have legal authorization to do so (if this is public).

2. How can I set up a company or a paintball field?

You will have to have all the high and insurance RC and accidents, as an active tourism company of the corresponding community. You must have a particular land to mount the field or request to be given public space. Once we have the area, we must adapt it with the safety regulations that allow us to develop the game with all the guarantees.

3. At what speed do the paintballs come out?

The markers graduate at a certain speed, depending on whether it is for competition or commercial fields. For fields, the set speed is between 260 to 290 feet per second. Below can be tedious, and the game becomes very impoverished. Above the balls can hurt and can become dangerous, in addition to the marker can break the balls.

4. How do you measure the speed of the balls?

There are radars to measure the speed of the balls. We shoot over them, and they give us the exact speed. That way, and with the marker regulator, we can adjust the speed of the balls.

Final Thoughts

Design and specifications are most important for a successful game. Pay attention to the firing range, barrel type, the presence of sight, and other devices. Markers run on carbon dioxide or compressed air. CO2 refueling is enough for more shots. However, if you want to play at sub-zero temperatures, it’s worth stopping at air models.

The ability to upgrade equipment matters to enthusiastic players. If you are one of them, see what devices you can add to the “machine.” The final choice will help make the design. Buy a paintball marker that meets both technical and aesthetic requirements. With this equipment, everyone can enjoy the game.

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