Empire E-Flex Mask Review- A Premium Mask

The paintball lovers can understand the necessity of face mask when on the battlefield. The face mask is an essential belonging while playing paintball sport. But relying on any mask is not going to serve the main purpose of comfort and protection. Paintball is a fun sport, and an uncomfortable mask will create major bothering, affecting the game in a tough situation.

Empire E Flex Paintball Mask is a perfect face mask that protects and takes care of internal body parts with breathing issues. The mask is comfortable, and the best part is the changeable lens of it. The lens is highly useful with different colors of the mask, which makes it more useful among paintball players. This gives an option to user to choose the color of mask and place the same lens in it.

The market is loaded with several types of mask by various brands but which is the best still confusing for most paintball gamers. However, this top rated Best Lens Mask offers the most excellent comfort and convenience with usability of the lens makes this product stand out.

Along with this, the material used for manufacturing of the mask makes it sturdy, and reliable. The Pro-Flex face foam gives complete comfort and accessible communication with the fellow players and mates in the battleground.

Empire E Flex - Paintball Mask

Significant Features of Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask Review

Fog Resistance Ability

Fogging is a considerable problem faced during paintball sport. E Flex Mask; made with high tech and super material that ensures absolutely no fog in the mask. The mask does not get foggy in the humid weather.

Durable and Reliability

The product; made with supreme quality of material that ensures the durability of the mask. However, the usual hit or crash will also not affect the mask in any way.

The A+1 quality of material assures the persistence and efficiency of the product. Along with this high-quality material of E Flex Mask product is quite flexible and have maximum stopping power to safeguard your eyes and faces.

Design of the Mask

The E-Flex Paintball Mask is designed taking all safety consideration prior and possible with comfort and protection. The constructed design of E Flex Mask is capable of absorbing the force of paintball. It offers reliable security without affecting the players on the battlefield.

Comfort and Convenience

The E Flex Mask; designed with ensuring maximum comfort and convenience of the paintball players significantly. The comfort level of the mask crucially never compromised at any point. However, wearing the E Flex Paintball Mask is a simple task and not major work.

Field View

The mask that compromises with the field view is not desirable. Field view is an essential aspect of every paintball mask that keeps players safe and protected. This E Flex Mask is constructed to ensure complete field view along with the level of comfort.

Even the player never prefer any face mask that stretch the face or neck so needs to be soft yet reliable in quality. It will be a great help in paintball games that also enhances the level of concentration and focus on opponents.

Warranty Of E Flex Paintball Mask

It is crucial to have enough of the warranty period that ensures if the mask is incapable of serving the purpose. Indeed if yes, the return or exchange policy is also essential. The company offers a one-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. If any issue trigger within a year of guarantee, then an application to the company will help in repairing or replacing.

Interchangeable Lens

The lens inside the mask is not stable and fixed, so it is useful with a different mask. It takes approx. 30 sec to 1 min. The additional lens helps in giving high performance. The Empire E Flex Lens is even purposeful in many ways.

Audible Efficiency

The E Flex Paintball Mask, is uniquely designed that makes it audible even in the loud battlefield. It has an excellent voice projection and mind-blowing audio capacity that enables clear and sharp sound to ears. This is precisely a rare combination found in a paintball mask.

Flexible Skirt

This helps in giving extra bounces to the player without compromising with the support. It ensures long stay in the game without getting hit. Though, the bottom skirt of the E Flex Mask is quite soft. The flexible skirt is easily detachable and removable whenever needed.

Other Advanced Features And Quick Reviewing About E Flex Paintball Mask

  1. The E Flex Mask is available in 9 color combinations.
  2. The product offers a high level of comfort and flexibility with excellent protection.
  3. The mask offers 270 degrees of field view which is wonderful and impressive
  4. The peripheral vision of the mask is high and significant,
  5. The lens of the mask; made of anti-fog that ensures absolutely no fog.
  6. The dual-pane Thermal Anti-Fogging lens protects the lens from the fog.
  7. The lens of the mask is not UV RAYS protected but upgraded via purchasing for the same.
  8. A thick foam is surrounded near ears to ensure complete protection and maximum comfort along with excellent hearing.
  9. The eyeglasses are detachable that helps in using the different mask, with multi-functionality.
  10. The width of the strap is 2 inch.
  11. There is no airsoft compatibility.
  12. It takes around 30 sec to 1 min in changing the lens.
  13. The mask is light in weight, compact in size so easily portable.


  • Dual-pane lenses do considerable work against fog.
  • The lens of the mask is zero optical distortion lens.
  • Flexible face skirts allow high paintball bounces.
  • The foam of the mask is hypoallergenic foam to ensure no allergy while wearing it.
  • Lens changing takes about approx a minute or lessLight-weighted.
  • Breathable.
  • Amazing customer services.
  • Fantastic audio reception and transmission.


  • The padding or foaming around the nose is in excessive

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can the lens of E Vent and E Flex Paintball Mask used for each other?

Yes! For both E Vent mask and E Flex Mask, the same lens is a useful and rightful choice.

Question 2: Is foam around the eyes replaceable and when it should be replaced?

The continuous use of the mask for a long time may hamper the quality of foam around the eyes. It can also tear off after wearing it for a really long time which usually happens. The service center can easily replace the foam or other defects. However, suggestions to change foam after an interval of time to ensure that the foam remains intact and free from germs.

Question 2: Is foam around the eyes replaceable and when it should be replaced?

The packet of the mask includes some of the essential commodities that are required to maintain and use the product. This consists of the following:

  • Empire E Flex Mask
  • A bag to carry and to keep the mask
  • A chin strap
  • Empire E Flex Lens

Note: The use of the chin strap is entirely optional. The mask works high even without it.

Question 4: Do the lens of Empire E Flex Mask comes tinted?

No, the Empire E Flex Paintball Mask comes without tinted. They are clear and simple. If the player is willing to get the tinted glass, then they required to buy the same. The colored/tinted lens is sold separately or comes with the package in a special offer or limited edition.

Question 5: Can this mask be used for Airsoft?

Off course Yes, the E Flex Mask can easily and comfortably use for airsoft paintball guns. It works similarly with airsoft markers offering excellent protection and convenience.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a paintball mask is a quite tricky task because it plays a significant role in protecting a sensitive part of the body. E Flex Mask by Empire; a specially designed mask that inherits all of the attributes required in perfect mask ever. It is comfortable and convenient to use and safeguards eyes, nose from all of the battlefield dangers. Though it contains necessary attributes its Pro Flex Face foam makes it stand out from the other paintball masks.

The E-Flex Paintball Mask gives complete comfort to the face and allows the player to play without any distraction or trouble. If you are in search of the premium mask, which is durable, and convenient, then Empire E Flex Mask is perfect for you. The excellent safeguard mode and performance with protection in prior with great vision makes it popularly picked by paintball players.

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