The Significant Empire Mini GS Review 2021

Empire Mini GS is the legend for the next generation of paintball markers. The Empire team uses the proven Mini marker platform, designed and developed to be even better. In fact, the Empire Mini GS Paintball includes a rubber wrap handle for safe grip and protection against paint and elements. The Mini GS also adds an on/off ASA that eliminates threading issues and facilitates tank removal.

Precisely, the new design makes it easy to insert the Red line OLED board without changing the front handle. In addition to many reliable features, the battle-tested mini-engine makes it more useful for paintball gamers.

The fixed points of ASA and Fore grip have been enhanced to improve strength and performance. The inheritance of expected benefits on Empire Mini GS Marker is hose-free design, eyes, clamp neck, and high performance.

For the legend gaming style, the Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker is an extensive choice. I am highlighting some crucial features and modes through Mini GS Review:

Empire Mini Gs - Paintball Gun

Key Features of the Empire Mini GS

The Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun is the next generation of legendary designs ready to use. This Empire Mini GS Upgrades is ultra-thin design eliminates all hoses and spikes is ergonomic in look and appearance. Using a circuit board for the entire marker eliminates the need for almost all wiring and improves system life. The Empire Mini-GS uses an in-line seat valve to shoot smoothly at incredible consistency and speed while maintaining excellent durability.

With the new front rubber grip, the Mini GS is more comfortable and offers convenient handling than ever! The new Empire Mini GS Marker installed with ASA mode-(on/off) and bearing triggers that make it new level paintball gun. The Empire Mini GS makes the legendary paintball marker even better.

Design of the Mini GS Paintball Gun

I don’t want to waste time discussing all the flaws of the original Empire Mini GS. However, the Empire removed it from the park with a mini-GS design. Perhaps the first thing you notice about the Mini GS is sleek and compact design.

In this respect, it is precise as its name suggests it is a great marker at 300 with a stable structure. There is no bulkiness in volume or extra body accessory. Its slim profile is one of the smallest on the marker gun as compared with others in the market. The New Empire Mini GS Firing Modes is even extensive and excited feature of this paintball gun.

The design flaw- fixed was to change the supplied neck to a clamp accessory. The feeding neck is locked with a lever lock, making it very sturdy and not easily damaged. This does a great job of fixing the hopper for marker, removing the threaded that was once used, and causing the hopper to stop moving.


The problem with the original Mini was that it had a lot of design flaws, but when it was overcome and reached performance in the field, it worked really well. There is no doubt that the Empire has a history of markers that are reliable and function in the field, and Mini GS has made a mark on-field performance.

Durability of the Mini GS

The Empire Mini GS Marker and all its components are extremely durable in quality. You can’t think of a design flaw that breaks over time. The machined aluminum frame is lightweight, which made “mini,” but it is very sturdy and durable.

Similarly, rubber grips are actually in good condition and retain their shape and grip for a long time. The empire did a great job of selecting the rubber used for the grip.

Quick Invert Mini GS Review

The original mini paintball gun released by Empire had several excellent features that really happy many paintball players. Design defects include triggers, feeding necks, ASA, grips, and milling. Needless to say, the original design of the Mini was not optimal.

It is the part that makes it so impressive that the updated Empire Mini GS Marker is a very nice weapon. In many cases, companies hear customer complaints and try to resolve problems without the intention of primarily reviewing the entire product.

More Features of the Empire Mini GS

  • Integrated eye anti-break beam break.
  • Multiple adjustable shooting modes (including PSP and MILL).
  • Wrap handle improves protection from elements and grip.
  • Foregrip accepts integrated Redline ™ OLED board.
  • ASA ventilation regulator with on / off lever.
  • Use air movement through the handle without an external air hose.
  • Aluminum barrel with micro polish port.
  • All screws need only two hex keys.
  • Pressure control seat motor for outstanding performance.


  • Pressure controlled seat motor.
  • Excellent consistency.
  • Breaking anti-pitting eyebeam.
  • Fully adjustable trigger.
  • Clamp neck.
  • Multiple flexible shooting modes.
  • Wrap the rubber front grip.
  • Ventilate on/off ASA.
  • Air transfer grip: no air hose.
  • Empire Mini GS Barrel with micro-polished cocker port.
  • Only two Allen keys are required.
  • Air tank: HPA only.


  • Seals are known to fall off.
  • Small people may feel uncomfortable.
  • Slippery.

Significant Frequently Asked Questions

1. How popular are Mini GS?

As popularity increases, Empire Mini GS played in at least 70 countries outside the United States. In fact, there are numerous playgrounds (both indoor and outdoor) that are open all year round. For tournament players, there are several tournaments every weekend during the main game season (summer) and teams with trophies, and teams.

2. Who is a “typical” Empire Mini GS paint player?

People of all levels play paintball. Empire Mini GS Paintball means the appropriate role for each type of person, so ages range from young children to older adults. Children and adults, old and young, men and women can always be seen together in the field. Even people with disabilities can play easily with this particular Mini GS Marker.

3. Is Empire Mini GS paintball a safe sport?

Indeed yes, it is entirely safe to play. Enables high performance, comfortable handling, and security of the paintball player as prior.

4. Is this paintball suitable for children?

Parents need to know the nature of the activity and determine for themselves whether a particular child has sufficient resilience and maturity to participate in paintball. It is completely safe for kids.

Final Thoughts

Empire took the original Mini from one of the worst-designed entry-level electronic markers and made the Mini GS one of the best entry-level electronic markers. It’s awe-inspiring, and the Empire manufacturer has made significant achievements for creating such an excellent marker.

Hope this Invert Mini GS Review will helpful. This review will surely help to know more about Empire Mini GS. Basically, Mini GS Upgrades solved all the problems the paintball players had with the original mini earlier.

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