Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader Review, Matte Black

If you already purchase an expensive marker, it will not be a fair deal to get the same amount of hoppers in your basket. Keep in mind excellent performance doesn’t always cost more, especially when you consider the high-end loaders.

The Empire Halo Too is a generous hopper and best for the price. This sound-activated hopper is ideal for use in tournaments. It’s a fantastic hopper and well made to play at a competitive level. You will definitely need this best paintball hopper to get your job done in a tactical style. It doesn’t matter what level of player you are, and you can upgrade it when needed.

We are sure there are much higher and lower cost loaders. But this halo too is more reliable, faster and jam proof. However, this is the best loader whose budget is under $100. That’s why we do the Empire Halo Too Review only for you.

Top Features of Empire Halo Too Review

  1. The halo exterior shell is made with polycarbonate, which lets it stay strong at any hard impact.
  2. The hopper is capable of loading up to 180 balls.
  3. It’s low battery indicator alerts you before your shutdown.
  4. The hopper is lightweight to carry and has an extreme force feed rate (20+ balls per second).
Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader
Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader


Thinking of players’ minds, the empire halo too makes this stylish matte black hopper. The polycarbonate materials are used to build its interior and exterior shell. That’s why it can withstand any hard hits during hard drives and slides. And it’s also allowed to fit 180 balls easily inside of it. This plastic shell is very durable and sturdy, and it can take several rounds of ball shooting without having any wear and tear.

Lightweight loader

A heavy weight hopper can slow you down suddenly. But, for using polycarbonate, the empire halo too feels lightweight enough to carry. You won’t feel the extra weight on the match along with your marker.

Consistent Feed Rate

You may find different hoppers in the market, but a few of them are capable of keeping up with empire halo. Also, it’s challenging to find some hopper like halo too that has a feed rate over 20 BPS. That ensures you can feed 20+ balls per second.

Jam resistant

The loader has an anti-jam freeway which allows your marker to feed the paintballs continuously. The halo too never gets jammed, even if you do too much running, bumping and fire over 1000 paintballs through your marker.

Sound Activated

This loader comes with an excellent sound activation system. However, you will not find any issue with it, and we can admit it works fine without any skepticism. Most of the high price rotor hoppers use eyes to control the sounds, but this hopper works great with a sound sensitivity setting level at 3 to 6. It will avoid your hopper accidentally picking other markers firing and feeding sound.

Empire Paintball Halo Too
Empire Halo Too Black.


We already know the empire halo can feed up to 20 paintballs in a second. This is the highest speed any electronics hopper has and is used by enthusiasts. You can adjust the motor speed from lower to higher settings depending on your game plan. But keep in mind, too much pressure can break the balls inside of the loader. You can monitor the force level by turning on the feed stack. Also, it will help you save battery life for a long time.

Long Battery Life

The empire halo too loader can store the power as long as no sound is detected. This benefit is only available on a sound-activated hopper, other hoppers are consistently activated and spin until they get new balls in the breach.

The halo too is built with an 1 hour auto shut off feature. If you ever leave your hopper inactive, these features definitely save your battery.

Great for Stealth

Stealth is very important, whether you play woodball or speedball. If you are using a hopper with eyes, you already know it will be annoying when you run out of paint in the middle of the game. The loud motor sound quickly helps your enemy detect your position and hit you before you get the chance to load.

Fortunately, the empire halo too overcomes this problem. Moreover, it uses an ultra-quiet belt that ensures nobody hears the sound of your loader.

The Capacity

The halo too hopper can hold only 180 paintballs. Though it’s not enough in a game, a few of them can hold more than 200 balls. So, if you want to overcome this problem, you can hold 4 or 6 extra pods (140+ balls on each pod) in your waist using a harness.

Tricky Disassembly

After the game, you will find paintball residue and colors inside of the hopper, which means it’s necessary to wash the interior to avoid the jam issue. But the halo too body is very rigid, this makes it hard to disassemble the loader. Again, putting it back is a little bit frustrating, but you will be easy to use it a few times after doing it a few times. 

Interface Panel

The interface of empire halo too is very basic to handle. You will find the on/off button on the back to adjust the hopper settings. If you think it is hard to find, you can follow the instruction manual to guide yourself. But don’t forget to hold down the button for 1.5 seconds until the green LED light gets the power and flashing. 

An LCD display can be helpful for more programming and understanding. Though they don’t have one, it is still a great hopper to go.

Empire Paintball Halo Too Hopper
Halo Too Loader

Does it fit with your Marker?

There is no failing issue for empire halo too. It works great with most of the markers from the market. So, you don’t have to worry if it fits your marker or not. Make sure you are using a good battery brand to charge it.

Final Verdict

Finally, we finished the empire halo too review for your guidance. Despite a few drawbacks, halo too hoppers definitely fulfill your expectations. We can say you can use this hopper plenty of time until you go for any advance option.

If you are a beginner and looking for an awesome hopper, you don’t need to go for a $200 hopper. Otherwise, the empire halo too must be a good option for you. Keep in mind before buying, and you also need to consider the hopper is a perfect fit with your marker.

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