Gravity vs Electronic Hoppers: A Difference Between Two Hoppers

It’s pretty common that people fall for the misconception of gravity hoppers and electronic hoppers. These two types of paintball hopper feed are not definable most of the time. The beginners are making this mess mostly. 

What will happen if you stuck with a wrong hopper along with your enemies? I think you will mock yourself.  

Buying and using the right lightest paintball hopper is essential on the day of the paintball game.  

Right hopper doesn’t mean to buy the top or lowest one. It tells you to choose one, which is fits with your marker. If you have one, you will get the highest performance on the field. 

So, let me clarify the misconception of the hoppers.

The Basics of Hoppers

It’s simply a container also known as loaders or feeders. This allows us to hold paintballs for shooting. It fits precisely on the topside of the marker feednack.

What type of hoppers you will use, all serve you the same. But they operate differently. In the market, you will find different sizes, designs and performed hoppers. Few of them are simple and have classical designs. Others are highly technical and add with incredible parts. 

Though there are two categories exist (gravity feed hoppers and electronic hoppers). You will always find different styles, colors, sizes and lots of features. 

The Primary Rules to Know 

Before we drive into the deep, you need to follow few rules buying hoppers. This will clarify your knowledge, which one you need and how they work

You need a bottleneck. Why? If you don’t have a bottleneck in the feedneek, your marker will fire faster than load hopper.

Slower loading than firing rate will chop your paintballs inside the hopper. Remember before buying your desire loader make sure its load faster than the firing. 

Let’s find out, electric or gravity feed, which one compatible with your gun.  

Gravity Hoppers vs Electronic Hoppers

Gravity Hoppers

This hopper comes with basic design and styles. It simply attached with the feedneck of the gun and allow them to shoot as basic. The entire processing is held inside the chamber. That means you don’t need any extras such as mechanical parts, motors or agitators. 

  1. Those hoppers are out of any moving parts. They have a hole inside in the middle, which is simply connected with the feedneck. 
  2. You may find a few complicated designs. Where the paintballs don’t stuck inside the hopper. Overall, you will not find any difference to operate gravity hopper. 
  3. They have different sizes to play. Where most common sizes gravity feed hoppers can hold 50 to 200 paintballs. 
  4. Thus, they are simple in design. But comes at affordable price along with durable design – you don’t have to worry about any breakdown. 
  5. They work well if the feed is fast (Ten to twelve pallets per second). Sometimes they are getting jammed inside the hopper. In that situation, gravity feed is a looser. 
  6. Gravity feed is faster, which is a common choice for beginners. But you will notice that most paintballs were chopped inside the hopper or in the middle of the air. Which is not a good sign. 
  7. Most of the time I have been seen the gravity hopper are used in pump paintball markers. Why? Because you have to pump a round manually before starting the fire. 

I’m not saying gravity hopper is bad – when you are using them with the right marker. If you are on your way buying an electronic marker or already you have an existing one, then I highly recommended avoiding gravity hopper. The solution is to upgrade yourself with an electric hopper. 

Electronic Hoppers

If you love to play with an electronic paintball hopper, you simply need an electric hopper. Because gravity hoppers are not capable of the electronic marker. 

  1. You may find different operated and features loader. But all of them use battery-powered motors to power paddles, fins or feed trays. That helps to load paintballs into the feedneck of the gun. 
  2. There is no limitation on the firing rate. How fast you will fire? They forcefully down the pellets inside the feedneck. 
  3. The biggest advantage is its quicker load time. They can load the paintballs faster and reduce the risk of chopping.

There are different range of electronic feeders. Not everyone needs a premium feeder (50 shots per second). Newbie to professional everyone gets the chance to choose desire one on their budget. 


Entry-level electronic hoppers are looks similar to the gravity feed. But they use agitator, which helps them to move the balls inside the loader. Whatever you are doing the agitator keeps doing its job. 

A little bit faster than gravity. It can load 10 to 15 balls per second. The main drawback is it stops working when the battery loses its power. 


Mid-level hoppers are rich with different varieties and technology. It was popular inside the gamers. Those level loaders use special sensors (Sound sensor or an electronic eye) to detect when you need to load a new round. 

Those electronic loaders are capable of loading 15 to 25 per second. Which is pretty faster than entry-level. And they are very affordable to purchase. 


High-end paintball loader users can load 50 balls per second. This is a massive loading for a loader. 

They are very impressed with the fast loading between 25 to 50 balls per second. Most of the time tournament players use those high-end feeders for getting maximum performance. 

Basically, those premium quality loaders are pricy and if they accidentally break you may spend many dollars on repairing them. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing gravity hoppers vs electronic hoppers depends on what purpose you will use them. When you’re shopping, It’s necessary to follow the rules and spend times on researching. A slow paint loader will make you slow. So before buying make sure it loaded faster than your marker. 

If you’re a pump or mechanical paintball gun user, don’t delay to get a gravity hopper. It will be pretty easy to adjust with the gun. Don’t go for the electronic hoppers, it will be a time-waster. Only use it when you’re an electric gun user. 

Take time and doing the research to get the perfect one for your gun. 

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