History of Paintball: A Complete Guide of Invention

As soon as you start to research about paintball, the excitement of this game starts to tickle you.

You will learn about some amazing features and history that wonder you. With so many options, you may not find what you are looking for.

So, we research from the depth of paintball to make your job easier. This article will help you learn about paintball from the very beginning to the modern days.Let’s dive into the rich and interesting history of paintball.

The Birth of Paintball

A gun had been invented for marking trees and cattle by distance shooting. The firearm was oversized. The loggers and cattlemen used it. They were using oil-based paint that can’t wash away easily. So, it’s become popular for the cattlemen, loggers, and other outdoor folks to mark their things.

It’s a story of the early 60s when a paint company named “Nelson Paint” invented the paintball. In 1960 Evan & Charles Nelson, owner of the nelson paint company, developed the paint gun.

They ever think that a paint marker becomes a popular game one day.

Why A Paintball Call Marker?

The first paintball marker name was “Nel-Spot Paint Pistol,” designed to mark the woods’ cattle and trees.

Because the U.S. forest authority asked them to make a way to mark the trees from a distance, another purpose of this gun was to mark the livestock.

In that sense, they named it “marker.” And that time, the paint was filled in a gelatin-based horse pill before a shoot to mark.

The First Paintball Marker

The nelson company went to the Crosman company and asked them to come up with a marker gun. That could fire the paint covered by the gelatine shell.And the Crosman company made a Crosman 707 paint marker.

After it seemed like a loss project for Crosman, they handed over the design to Daisy air gun producer.

Daisy developed a new paint marker named Splotchmarker in 1972, which became the famous Nel-spot 007 and produced in a big range.

The First Paintball Game

You would wonder if I told you that the first paintball had played four years after the discussion.

Two drunk friends Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines, started thinking that is it possible to survive against a hunter for a businessman or general people?And How enjoyable would it be if such a game could be organized?

One friend came to know Nel-spot 007 from a marketing banner and Bob Guernsey first wrote the game rules based on their thinking.

After a long period in May 1981, they decided to play their first game.With the initial three players, they managed nine other players to join them. In terms of organizing a fabulous event, they donated some money, around $2000.On 27th June 1981, the day came to make history. A forest near Charles Gaines’s house in New Henniker was selected to play the game.

The goal of the game was to capture the flag and set four-stations. Each station contained twelve same color flags. Four whistle keepers also arranged to navigate them.

After hard work on the battlefield, a boy named “Ritchie White” won the match as he captured all his required flags first.

He was the forester of the “New Henniker” forest, which helped him navigate the flag station.

However, history wrote his name as the winner of the first-ever paintball game.

Start of Modern Paintball

After the first match, an article was published in October 1981 in a magazine, and it begins well known among the other people of the state.The initial players started to sell Nel-spot pistol, mask, paint, a game manual and named it “National Survival Game” (NSG).

Bob Gurnsey was the person who first opened a paintball field commercially in 1982. After the journey started, the first nationally organized NSG competition was held in 1983 with a Canadian team.

After that, Australia & England were the only countries that started to play NSG but from 1985 to 1988, and this game began to spread worldwide.

In the meantime, the game rules and equipment were continuously developing. And some other gaming gear came into the market. The CO2 air pump, barrel, hoppers were added later in the game.

Some companies like Tippmann changed the face of the game in the early 90s. In that period, they made significant changes in marker and paint.

Finally, the first world cup was held in 1995, broadcasted by ESPN. After the first world cup, in 1998 to the early 2000s, more developed guns came out. Among them, Angel was the preferable paintball gun in competitive gameplay.

Later, Tippmann introduced the world-famous Tippmann 98 and 98 custom models in the market.

In 2002 the 2nd world cup was organized where Tippmann 98 models were used massively.

But after the “sniper incident” in the 2002 world cup, a few years passed to develop the game further.

This incident was the worst thing that happened in a competitive game.A player was refused to play just before the match and hide behind a tree and shoot the opposite players.

From 2005 the game began to modernize again and various markers were invented then.

And the paint ammo also turned into water-soluble from oil-based paint. Changes were made in every piece of equipment, even in the game rules.


Development and changes are being made until today as it’s a highly competitive game. Now it’s a million-dollar business sector with paintball markers and equipment.

Evan and Charles are no longer; Daisy never comes back to select the name of “Paintball gun” or “Paintball marker.”

Who knows, including Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines, that an unconditional discussion between two drunken friends has become a worldwide competitive game among the fun-loving people.

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