How Does A Paintball Hopper Work? – What You Need To Know

While playing paintball games, you need a few essential components – Marker, hoppers, tanks and paintballs are notable among them.

In general, hopper looks like a simple gear to use. That’s where most newbies failed to choose the best paintball hopper. Like other paintball gears, you should have to know about its uses and working ways. 

So first you should decide to know how does a paintball hopper works?

There are several reasons and things I explained here. I can assure you don’t need to go anywhere to learn about it. 

Hoppers types and the way of the working process

You can find different hopper styles, sizes and colors in the store. They all work differently. Besides, you can paint custom colors over them. 

A Quick Note

  • The gravity feed hoppers are used to cycle the paintballs inside the marker for firing. 
  • Electric hoppers are cycling the paintballs into the marker using automated feed trays or paddles.
  • In the sound-activated hopper, a microphone trigger the paintballs for listening to the sounds of firing.  
  • Eye-activated hopper has an electronic “eye”, which can define the paintballs numbers in the tube. There is an activated motor that sends paintballs one after another into the marker. 
  • The cyclone hopper used a special cyclone feed system to feed the marker. 

Gravity-fed hopper

The gravity-fed hopper is the most basic style in the hopper. It makes the paintballs drop into the marker by gravity.

It seems to be a good hopper for beginners. As a basic hopper, it has a slow firing rate which is ignored by the professional. It can send 8 paintballs through the gun per second. 

Don’t try to use it with an electric marker. Because gravity-fed hopper adjusts well only with the pump marker. 

Electronic hopper

You will find different brands to buy electronic hopper. With an electric hopper, you can shoot a minimum of 15 paintballs per second. Which is pretty good for players. 

For shooting those paintballs, it uses a battery to powerup the shooting rate. The more powerful electric hopper, the more paintballs it can shoot per second. If you’re a regular player or play 2 or 4 times in a month, then replace the battery after seven months. 

Avoid shooting more than 40 paintballs per second. It can cause damage to the hopper in the long run. 

Sound-activated hopper

This type of hopper uses a microphone to track the paintballs. It connects with the hopper when you shoot a paintball the noise sends a signal to shoot another one. Those hoppers are very impressive and available to shoot 20 balls in a second. 

Eye-activated hopper

The eye-activated hopper gives you a clear vision of paintballs inside it. That means when you’re on the ground of play, you will clearly see how many paintballs are remaining. 

Most interestingly, when the tube is full the motor will stop immediately. But when the paintballs in getting empty the motor will start automatically. 

You can shoot 20 pallets per second with this hopper. 

Cyclone-activated hopper

A cyclone-activated hopper basically uses gas to feed the marker. A piston used to transfer air from the valve. When players pull the trigger of the marker air activate the piston and forcefully feed the gun. This special kind of hopper uses gas instead of the battery.

With the help of this hopper, a gun can shoot 15 balls in a second. Likely, this hopper can reduce the chance of breaking paintballs. 

Final Thoughts

Hopper is a must needed accessories for paintball marker. After those years its technology is getting better and better. So, you should need a clear idea of how it properly work. 

Besides knowing them properly, you should also know the way of cleaning the hopper. It’s a top priority. My suggestion is to clean them properly after every game you play. 

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