How do I choose a paintball gun? 5 Steps Depth Guides 2021

A marker is an unavoidable tool for a paintball game. You can’t attend a paintball competition without this tool. But, how do you pick the right one for a game among top markers? Go through the entire write up for getting the answers to all possible queries on how to choose a paintball gun?

Choosing A Marker Based On Mechanism

When you decide to buy a paintball marker, the crucial part is to understand the best-suited gun for you. In general, you will find three types of paintball markers that I explored underneath.

How do I choose a paintball gun

Pump Paintball Markers

Pump markers are old fashioned paintball guns with a very simple mechanism. Though they are basic paintball markers, the reliability of these guns is supreme. Pump paintball markers are fully manual that requires high energy for proper operation. If you still have questions about its functions, you can compare it with a shotgun for similarity.

A player has to push and pull each time for shooting and to place the next bullet in the barrel. This may sound very awkward, but people still prefer them for developing shooting skills. Some expert suggests pump guns for beginners to improve the aiming.

Mechanical Paintball Marker

Mechanical markers are the most used gun for paintball in the present. The reason for their popularity is the cheap price and easy maintenance. Mechanical guns are usually suitable for both woodball and speedball. They are often called semi-automatic markers. It means you will be able to shoot one bullet per trigger pull. Mechanical markers are actually the improved version of pump guns. For operating a mechanical marker, you will need an air tank full of CO2 or HPA.

Most of these guns come with blowback designs for providing quick self-loading ability. They are such kinds of markers that compatible with both beginners and professionals.

Electric Paintball Markers

These guns are the latest addition in the paintball game. Electric paintball markers are advanced equipped and operated by rechargeable batteries. They are expensive comparing the other two types of markers for complex mechanisms. An electric marker comes with multiple firing more such as ramping, full-auto, and burst. They are designed with an electric circuit board inside for controlling users’ command. Because of the micro-switch supported soft trigger and electric solenoid, they have the highest firing rate. Electric markers are super fast as well as energy-efficient.

In most cases, you will need HPA for firing. You can find different variations in electric markers, for instance, the Pneumatic poppet valve.

The Gaming Style You Prefer

You need to choose a paintball marker based on the game you would like to participate in. Woodball and speedball are the two most common variations of paintball events. Which gun is best for what? Let’s dive into the next sections.

Gaming Style You Prefer


Woodball is also known as bushball which is the original form of paintball game. This old fashioned format involves shooting your opponents in natural outdoor surroundings. Due to the wild territory of the game, participants need both strategical and tactical skills rather than firing power. Though, you will need different strategies for different fields in woodball. Even the number of team members depends on the field size.

Playing woodball is quite tricky, involving different types of equipment like camouflage and particular woodball guns. Woodball game has diverse kinds of variations, such as flag capturing, elimination, ironman, and zombies. That’s why the session of the game can be longer from minutes to hours.


Speedball is the modern version of the paintball game. It’s a team sport you can participate as a hobbyist or a professional player. Speedball is an indoor event, played on a flat surface where artificial difficulties and blocks are created. The popularity of speedball is growing due to more entertainment and firing freedom. Besides, it requires few team members and the game is more competitive but less injurious comparing the woodball version. As the game is full of amusement and showing off firing power, speedball players like to use high-end speedball markers like Empire Mini.

So, can you use a speedball gun for woodball? Yes, absolutely. Moreover, using a high end speedball marker in woodball would be advantageous.

Considering Customization Facility

Some markers are manufactured as mag-fed, but you can use hoppers with them as well. Aren’t they cool? I am talking about the customization. Upgradation can make a marker super effective in a game. Before you purchase a gun, research if the gun can be personalized. Invest in a gun that you can customize later with various accessories such as air tanks, barrels, hoppers, scopes, and bipods.

Considering Customization Facility

Thinking Over The Budget

Setting a budget for a paintball marker can be a difficult task because the price varies a lot. Even a single feature can cut some extra bucks. However, you  can find some quality markers from 100 to 200 USD that meet the requirements of both beginners and professionals.

Quick Buying Tips

  • Never buy any paintball marker by getting influenced.
  • Note your requirements and match them with a targeted marker.
  • Always focus on durability rather than looking.
  • Try to purchase lightweight markers for better moving in the field.
  • Check if the marker is highly customizable or not.
  • Don’t purchase a marker for the sake of high prices and extra features.
  • Talk to experienced paintball players for better suggestions.

To wrap up, you don’t need to hurry to purchase a paintball marker. Rather, some research will help you to determine the right one.

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