How To Fill Paintball Tanks (Air Compressed Tanks)

In paintball worlds, CO2 or HPA tanks are used to create extra pressure on shooting. When you are buying them online, they will come with ready. Those tanks are reusable, make sure you refill the tank before the game, and it cost a little. 

Filling the paintball tanks is a little bit harder and tricky. Also, you will need heavy-duty compressors and other equipment to refill the tanks. The local stores and playground stuff are available to refill your paintball tanks.

Moreover, I’m covering every detail and step on this guide. So, from newbie to professional, everyone gets enough knowledge on how to fill paintball tanks. For further information, let’s drive inside.

Why Paintball Tanks?

If you are here, that means you already have enough knowledge of a paintball gun. Basically, paintballs guns are used to shoot gelatin capsules known as paintballs, which are used to mark opponents on the game. 

But the pressure a paintball gun produces isn’t enough to mark paint on opponents. That’s why to make the force of shooting up to the mark a paintball tank contributes a great responsibility. A paintball tank is a portable structure used in the paintball games with the intent of military simulation.

Where can I fill up my paintball tank?

The first option you have to look for filling the tank is at your local paintball stores or competition fields. Most of the shops and fields have enough safety equipment to fill the tank. You need to spend a little to refill the tank. Sometimes you will get it free from the field authority. 

If you don’t find any local store, try to ask your familiar paintball enthusiasts. As well you can discuss on social media or paintball forum to get the answer. For more options, you can check the local scuba stores to help you fill the paintball tank. In this case, you have to spend extra more cash.  

CO2 Tanks vs. HPA Tanks

Players love HPA tanks over the CO2 tank. Because HPA tanks are already filled with gas, but CO2 tanks have liquified inside. But it can be changed into gas once you pull the trigger of the paintball marker and start the firing. 

The surprising thing is that CO2 tanks change its pressure level depends on the ambient temperature. If the CO2 tanks Get touched in high temperatures, it increases the pressure level inside the tank and delivers high performance. So, it’s very important to keep the tank in good circumstance else the tank shrink and lost its usability at low temperatures. 

How To Fill Paintball Tanks at Home

It’s a good practice to fill your paintball tanks at your home, In this way you don’t need to go every time on the store and you can save your time and extra money. As a pro, you probably refill a lot I hope you love to do this own. A newbie should follow these details and spend time to learn properly to fill paintball tanks. 

If you have a 3000 psi scuba tank on your home, that means you’re already done the half. Now you can fill the tank from you near scuba store and purchase a fill station to refill the paintball tanks. However, If you don’t find any paintball tanks filling store, it will be a wise decision to buy a scuba tank, it can cost a few hundred bucks to buy and fill with gas. 

Don’t ever buy a tire pump or a standard air compressor. They only contain 180 psi, where paintball tanks need a minimum of 3000 psi to fill. 

Tips for Filling CO2 Tanks

For refilling your CO2 tank, you need to follow a few steps. Those steps are very adorable so that no danger will be happening during the refill. 

  1. Before filling the CO2 tanks, refrigerate it to avoid impatiens pressure in temperature discrimination. 
  2. Attach the fill station tightly with the CO2 or Scuba tank. 
  3. Attach the other side of the fill station with the paintball tank.
  4. Rotated and open the tanks valve.
  5. Open the fill station valve and let the gas in until the tank fills.  

Tips for Filling HPA Tanks

Filling HPA tanks is a little bit different than filling CO2 tanks. Check out what you can do and what you don’t. 

  1. HPA tanks have a “hydro date,” so you need to come in scuba or paintball store every year for a checkup. 
  2. Don’t ever try to put oil on the tanks fill. Because when you fill the tank, it creates hit and pressure, which can cause a fire.
  3. Try to place the tank on cold areas, avoid direct sunlight and car hot area. Because it can occur burst for CO2 tank. It unlike for HPA tanks, but over pressure and heat can damage the tank.
  4. Cover your tank with a tank cover, or you can use something like a fabric. 
  5. Fill the tank slowly otherwise, you can lose the gas and end up with 2500 psi besides 3000 psi. 

Final Thoughts

Refill the tank need a bit of experience, and this will come when you have done this a few times. It will be better if you refill your paintball tank at home. You can do it in your comfort time when you will learn it. For helping the beginners, I try to explain everything on how to fill paintball tanks.

I hope you will find this better for good going. Happy paintballing!

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