How To Paint A Paintball Hopper? 3 Steps To Focus

If you are a paintball lover and you own a lovely designed gear, I was sure you never tried to show its others. 

You will get verities colors and designs hoppers in the store. Probably you already bought different brands and designed hopper. 

But, Do you ever used your own designed hopper? If you not, then don’t late to design yours. 

I’m doing this since I started. Often I put my own graphics on the outside surface. It’s really enjoyable when I saw my favorite character on the hopper. 

So, Today I will share my own way with you to design a custom paint on your hopper. If you never do it before, I hope you will learn to paint a paintball hopper after the day. 

The right way to paint a hopper

Recently, I painted a hopper and it looks great. Here I explained all bellow how to get a nice and smooth finish. 

Tools you need

  • Get your desired spray paint (rust oleum is good)
  • Plastic paint primer
  • Clear coat
  • Masking tape
  • Thin blue masking tape 
  • 600 grit sand paper
  • 24 hours of your time

Step 1: Make the hopper fit

To start apart all the parts of the hopper and take out all electronics. So that you can make paints inside. 

Clean all the debris from the hopper using the tap water. Let it dry for a few minutes.  

After 15 minutes use sand paper to sand your hopper. Sand paper will help to sticks the paint perfectly with the hopper. 

Step 2: Start the painting

At first, shake your primer well. Spraying the primer and coats of it from 12 inches distance. You should avoid spray thick otherwise it will flake off. Make the layer thin and coat after every 10 minutes. 

Then give it 2 hours to set properly. If you saw any bubbles, sand it again with the sand paper. Next, give a light coat again. 

After that take your desire paint and spray it as you do with the primer.  If you make graphics with white color, then spray it first. Don’t be too rush, just slowly spray the paint and make it thin and nice coats. 

Step 3: Give the finishing touch

When you finishing the paint wait 2 hours to set up. If you want custom graphics, then take your favourite masking graphics. Tape it with your masking tape.  

Ensure the tape is perfectly pressed into the hopper or paint will get spread and look bad. 

If you don’t like graphics, then skip this step. 

After finishing the steps wait 24 hours at least to let the paint dry properly. Then, you will be ready to remove the coat. This will make sure your paint will never flake off after hitting by the paintballs. 

Final Thoughts

Painting a hopper needs great patience. If you make it quick, you will not get a good and smooth finish.

Also, make sure all necessary tools are available in your house store. If anything missing buys it from your local shop or online. 

I’m more love to use my own custom paint hopper. Give a try, I hope it will bring more fun to you. Just follow the steps I’m showing to paint a paintball hopper. I can promise it will never make you disappointed. 

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