How To Play Paintball Like Pro: 16 Tips (Beginners Guide)

Do you have any idea how exciting paintball is?

It’s all about fun, excitement and explores the game fields. I’m pretty sure that you’re eagerly waiting for the day when you can enter the paintball game for the very first time. The first day on the paintball battlefield will be hectic, feared and doubt full for you since the game is full of intensity and rush.

Though some rules and safety manner supervised paintball, the beginning would be such a day you won’t ever forget.

For your dilate from a rookie to Rambo in the game zone, we make a definitive guide. We make sure this will help you participate in the game and be you a decorated paintball commando.

Now, let’s move on to the details about how you can enter this game and play effectively.

Aware of your Paintball Gear

Be a part of the intense game and eliminate your competitors you need to prepare. Playing this game requires some gaming gear with perfection. Let’s make out a list of paintball gear you need before going to the field.

Get A Paintball Gun

A paintball marker minimum velocity should be 280 to 300 FPS. Or, you will not participate in all types of paintball games.

If you are a beginner, you need to consider at least $100-$200 for a marker. But at a moderate level, an upgraded paintball marker will cost at least $500.

Usually, I suggest the Tippmann A5 for beginners. But it would be best if you researched about the paintball gun before making your purchase.

Get Some Paint

Paintball ammo is nothing but a gelatine-based full round shape shell filled with water-soluble. These paints are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Whether you are in an individual game or a group, unique colors will set for both teams. It would be easier to identify the winning group or individual. You can purchase paint from your game fields or visit this page. But it’s up to you if you want to buy it from the stores.

Get A Safety Mask

Since paintball can hurt a little, you need to buy a mask and a couple of goggles for safety reasons.

Though the paint is safe and non-toxic, it would be annoying if paint broke in your mouth and eyes. Even hitting directly in your eyes could be severe eye damage.

You may buy one or either rent if your wallet is running low. But make sure your mask does not tend to “fog up” for a clear view and breath.

Get Other Safety Gear

Hitting through paintballs causes bruises & welts on your skin. In that case, you need some extra gear to protect yourself. You can wear gloves to protect your hands. As hit on the open skin always hurts much, so wear a thick and full-sleeved t-shirt. You can also use thick pants and a vest pad to add an extra layer of protection.

Practice With Your Gun Before You Go Out To Play

A newbie in this game can improve the game field experience by practicing the shooting range. The more you practice with your gun, the more you understand how quickly and fast it shoots. However, accuracy is the main factor in winning a paintball game. For frequent accurate shooting, practice is the only way.

How To Start Playing Paintball

After accruing the prerequisite, you can start the game. There are some tips to play effectively and make an impact on others as a newbie.So, check these out for what you should follow in the game field.

Find An Appropriate Place To Play

You can play paintball both indoors and outdoors fields. It depends on where you live or want to play. Some like to play in men-made game fields, which can be an under-construction or constructed building. Some plays in the woods or an open yard.

Wherever the others are playing, you should choose a game field where you feel comfortable to play.

Understand The Basic Rules of Paintball

When you come to the game yard, you will have an option to choose the type of game. The game rules depend on the type you choose. But some primary paintball rules are the same for all kinds of games and fields.

Readout all the safety manners and rules carefully before you get into the action. No excuse will be taken into consideration after starting the game. Even you can be terminated for a silly mistake.

Aim Properly

Shooting in the right and targeted area, you need to calculate marker velocity, speed, and range because the paintball marker and ammo are different from actual guns & bullets.

Find a proper place to hide and target your competitor to shoot. If players move from one place to another, shoot a little bit ahead to eliminate them. Shooting in the chest and backs are the best option. But never aim at the head or face if they don’t have any mask, it could be dangerous.

Keep Moving

Whether you play indoors or outdoors, frequently moving is the best way not to hit often. To avoid shooting when moving, choose a place, keep your eyes on your opponent and run as quickly as possible.

Communicate With Your Teammates

Communication is the only way to win a match when you are in a group or team. In a competitive group match, players need coordination between movements and attacks.

Before starting the match, talk to your team members about the strategies and set some hand signals to communicate.

Pay Attention

I already mentioned that paintball is an intense game. Everything here is happening in a rush.

It would help if you also made some quick decisions during the gameplay. If you lose your concentration on the game fields, you find yourself wiped out. Stay calm, pay attention to what is happening around you and take action.

Be Stealthy

Don’t be shy to bend your knees and head when running. You should turn yourself as small as possible for quick running and avoid getting shot. Pop up your head when shooting and down immediately after that. Play as a pumping ball and be smart.

Conserve Your Ammo

Run out of ammo is a common issue in the paintball fields. To overcome this problem, you can use a big hopper. Some paintball pots also may be used to conserve paints.

It would help if you did not shoot randomly. Keep your ammo for a close range and a clear shot.

Leave The Field

You should raise your hands immediately after getting a shot to leave the field since it’s a game rule. If you don’t raise your hands, you may get multiple shots.

To admire the game and make it fun, everyone should obey the game rules.


Now you find the dos and don’ts of the game’s, field variations, and paintball basic gear knowledge. As much as you play, your experience will get higher. This will make you a better paintballer.

Remember one thing, always check the game field website or visit a while to understand better and set strategies before the match.Now it’s time to get into the battlefields and experience the game.

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