What Makes Paintballs More Accurate? (11 Improve Tips)

When we talk about shooting sports none other than accuracy is important. Accuracy is the key point in every gunplay, paintball is not beyond that rule.

If you are in a competitive paintball game, you have to shoot accurately. Only then you can make the difference between you and your target.

What makes paintball more accurate might be the first question in your mind. For increasing the accuracy level there are certain issues you have to consider.

A slightest error of your paintball marker, ammo, barrel and even a barrel swab can increase the inaccuracy rates.

To improve your accuracy rates you have to understand all these issues in general.

Now let’s read the list of how you can increase your accuracy level.

Upgrade Your Paintball Markers

You will find two distinct paintball markers in the market. Every single one has its accuracy grade.

Let’s dive into the deep so you may choose which one would be suitable for you.

Shot-Range Paintball Markers

If you asked for the most accurate paintball guns, this category marker will come first.

Since paintball is a competitive game, it is very much handy. Therefore a short-range marker is the first choice for most of the players.

Generally, a competitive paintball match plays in an under-construction building or a short open yard. If you frequently play this type of paintball field, then a short-range marker is for you.

Long-Range Paintball Marker

These types of paintball guns are specially designed for long-distance shooting. A long-range marker is also known as paintball snipers. Very few players use this type of paintball marker as it’s expensive.

But I must say if you play in a big yard, the long-range marker will help you to shoot accurately. As well as you can increase the accuracy choosing the right marker according to your yard range.

Anyway, according to the experts we are listed the most accurate paintball gun below. You can choose one of them-

  • Tippmann X7 Phenom
  • Empire Paintball BT Defender Marker
  • Empire Invert Axe
  • Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker
  • Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series

Velocity & Range Affects The Accuracy Most

How accurately a paintball hit on the targeted area depends on its velocity and range. A player needs to coordinate between the speed and range.

For an 80-100 feet game yard, the velocity needs at least 270 to 280 FPS, or you may say 200 MPH. But some markers can hit the target accurately within 150 feet with this velocity.

A high speed can hurt your opponent severely. On the other hand, low speed but long-range occurs the accuracy issues.

So, You need to set the velocity according to your game field range.

Enhance Your Pressure Tank 

Velocity slightly depends on your air supply. Some research found that A CO2 pressure system absorbs the power of the barrel. As a result, the speed suddenly falls when shooting swiftly.

If the temperature decreases from 20 to 30 degrees, the velocity is affected by 40 to 55 FPS. in that case, you should upgrade your air pressure system.

Though CO2 is used for a while but a high-Pressure Air (HPA) is effortless and more reliable source. An HPA very much consists of the pressure, which helps to improve accuracy.

However, most of the markers are designed for both CO2 & HPA. But before switching, you should verify that your marker has functioned for HPA.

Use Right Length Barrel

Getting the right velocity and length to shoot the targeted area requires a perfect length barrel. There is no doubt that a long barrel gives the perfect accuracy than a shorter one.

In general, 6.5” is counted as a short barrel with a consistent average accuracy. Being a shorter length barrel, it is at most 8% more velocity efficient than a longer barrel. But in some research, a longer barrel 12” to 16” gives a more accurate shot in a standard length field.

Even the longer barrel gives you some other advantages for long-distance shooting like aiming, upsizing, rifle ammo, etc. Most paintball experts recommend using a longer barrel when playing in a competitive game field.

But remember one thing only the barrel length is not good enough for a perfect shoot. The overall design of the barrel also matters for accuracy.

If the barrel doesn’t design and construct for a smooth release of the ammo, then whatever the length, it doesn’t matter.

Coordinate The Caliber To The Barrel

It is a common mistake that almost every player makes. If your caliber is too small to the barrel bore, it could leap into the barrel. As a result, a smooth exit hampers and falls down the speed.

A bigger caliber for the bore generates so much pull that it doesn’t get the perfect velocity. In that case, ammo broken into the barrel is a common thing.

So, you need to optimize the ammo and the bore size adequately to get the perfect velocity.

Examine Your Paint Ammo

How much time do you take to examine your paint before using it? You may not realize that low-quality paint decreases the accuracy rates.

Ammo with a dent is one of the main obstacles for getting the right velocity and length. The worst part is, imperfect ammo often breaks before firing.

You need to know that best paintballs do not have the same stability even in the same package and type. So, you should inspect your ammo before using it every time.

Clean Your Markers

A filthy marker is one of the most common issues for inaccuracy. Many players left their guns dirty after the match. If you don’t have the habit of cleaning your paintball guns, it will be quite impossible to play it frequently.

Since your markers are messy, it can’t be functioning correctly, so the inaccuracy will increase.

Remember, cleaning your markers doesn’t mean wipe your barrel. Let me help you to make the checklist of what you should clean-

  • Inside the markers motor
  • Markers detents
  • Markers bolts and hammer
  • Barrel
  • Markers body

You may need some tools to clean some particular parts like oil, squeegees for barrel and hoppers. For proper cleaning, don’t be shy about using these kinds of tools. After all, you may not agree to compromise your fun, right?

Use Lubricant For Cleaning Your Paintball Gun Parts

Greasing is essential to maintain your marker tactical parts for high performance. After examining your marker, you should be oiling your marker. But, make sure that you use only paintball oil.

If the oil isn’t for paintball markers lubrication, it raises the risk of damaging your guns.

You may use O-rings marker oil, which is recommended by most of the paintball marker manufacturers.

However, oiling up your paintball gear is vital but over lube may damage your gun. If the extra oil ends up in the barrel it will occur inaccuracy.

So, be care full to Lubricate your gun; inadequate lubrication may demolish your day.

Check Your Markers Regulator

Suppose your barrel is perfect, and the pressure tank also pretty good. But still, your inaccuracy rate doesn’t fall.

What could be a silly mistake behind it?

The straight answer is, pressure control regulator. Though most of the regulator design and quality is outstanding. But it doesn’t mean the regulator can’t be without a scar.

For an inappropriate & faulty regulator, your maker fails to have the corresponding velocity or air pressure.

You should examine your regulator before every match. If it isn’t functioning correctly, repair or replace it to increase your accuracy.

Examine And Clean Your Hopper 

We already read out a list to clean your paintball markers. But still, one more part you should clean and examine before getting into the action. Your Paintball Hopper! It is as essential as cleaning the barrel.

Dust, paint, broken ammo, extra lube in your hopper leading to the wild shot. After all, your action starts with the hopper and ends up in the barrel.

Enhance Your Shooting Practice 

“Practice makes perfect” it means for all the sports, including paintball. After doing all the tactical things to improve your accuracy, shooting practice is the last thing.

Since this game is very much agitated, you need to get the perfect shot on your target. And practice makes it come true.

Some shooting ranges are designed for practice, and you shouldn’t hesitate to go. It will help you to become a better shooter over time, even in the game fields.


It is not easy to be accurate in your gameplay. Even sometimes, it could be frustrating. To overcome this major problem you have to find all the probable technical errors.

But don’t forget, your inaccuracy depends on your attention to every detail connected to your game rather than the tactical problems.

That’s why you should follow up on every possible issue that may cause inaccuracy in your game.

So, you need to examine your marker and other gaming equipment to find out if there are any faults, and take the necessary steps to solve it.

After all these things are done, your accuracy would be shown in the game fields.

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