7 Best Paintball Harnesses Option for Paintballer – Review and Guide 2021

To win a competitive game, you need to prepare, which means you need all the essential accessories.

Keep this in your mind; get a paintball harness before the game. This will let you carry your selective gears without any hassle. You may think! Does it really worth for you?

Remember, carrying many gears with your bare hands make you slow. Besides, you feel uncomfortable and disrespectful, and sometimes you can’t charge your opponents before they shot you. But harnesses make this easy to go with your gears. You can put extra pods and tanks in it and set them in your waist to free your hands. For your sake, we meticulously research the markets and make a list of the best paintball harness.
But before buying any harness, you need to know a lot about it.

How to Wear Paintball Harness Correctly?

Are you wondering about the correct way to wear a harness? Most of the people don’t know the right way to wear before paintballing. The positioning of the pack and comfortable adjustment may be an issue. If you’re facing this issue, watch this video below to wear it accurately.

1. Maddog Entry Level Paintball Harness

Maddog Entry Level Paintball Harness Pod Pack Belt with HPA CO2 Tank Holder Pouch -...
337 Reviews
Maddog Entry Level Paintball Harness Pod Pack Belt with HPA CO2 Tank Holder Pouch -...
  • CHOOSE YOUR PAINTBALL HARNESS - Minimalist Pod Pack Can Carry OVER 250+ EXTRA ROUNDS! (2) Paintball...
  • RELOAD ON THE GO! Maddog Has You Covered! Comfortably Padded with an Adjustable Waist Belt Clip...
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE ONE SIZE FITS MOST YOUTH to XL - Whether You're Wearing it Or Someone Else On Your...

Like other gold standard gear, Maddog manufactured an entry-level black harness. They are used heavy duty 900D nylon fabric to make it sturdy.

You will get two pod holders, over 250+ extra rounds and a fully 90ci adjustable tank pouch. It is available for holding any standard size of pods and tanks. Moreover, these accessories holder cheap for beginner or entry (kids and adults) level players. Its adjustable waist belt is fitted with youth to XL. That means you will never slip your paints again on the run.

If any of your team members run out of paints, you can share some with them to bang together. You can also easily cut off extra weight by connecting the tank and marker with a remote coil airline.

It has secure elastic tank straps. These straps will fridge the tank moving and keep it in position. It’s also equipped with rubber pull tabs for easy dispensing.


  • 2+1 entry-level paintball harness
  • Standard tank pouch up to 90ci
  • Heavy-duty nylon fabric
  • Comfortable rubber pull tabs
  • Fully adjustable waist belt for youth to XL


  • The belt is a little much thin

2. Valken Paintball Fate Harness

Valken Paintball Fate Harness 4+3 - Black
235 Reviews
Valken Paintball Fate Harness 4+3 - Black
  • Heavy duty webbing pod flaps
  • Auto ejector straps
  • Belt system holds harness in place with little bounce

Valken is popular for its style and design. It functions with four tube packs in a row and an additional three pod loops.

All of those packs are suitable for any standard tubes. It’s built with heavy-duty nylon webbing pod flaps. The nylon components are capable absorb the products wet when you are in heat.

The auto ejector straps and belt system reduces bounce and holds the paintball tubes in position. As a result, your paintball pods will be secure on the battlefield.

The additional pod holders are also built with elastic ejector loops. It is comfortable, durable, and easy for quick reloading.
It’s design and making its back padding is another smart feature. Its elastics technology fits well in any body type and gives maximum comfort.


  • Built-in pod ejection system
  • Elastic nylon materials
  • Adjustable elastic loops
  • Heavy-duty webbing paintball pod flap
  • Adjustable belt
  • Lightweight harness


  • No Tank pouch
  • Upgrade Accessories not available

3. Tippmann Sport Series 4+1 Harness

Tippmann Sport Series 4+1 Harness, Camouflage
93 Reviews
Tippmann Sport Series 4+1 Harness, Camouflage
  • Polyurethane
  • Adjustable body wrap belt, fits 22-24" waist
  • Large pull tabs with built in pod ejection system

This is the most standard harness for experienced players. It has a traditional 4+1 that is quite similar to the Maddog. This comfortable harness is designed to fit with the 22-24 inches waist that provides incredible comfort.

It has four packs, each of them can hold 140 rounds. So you can carry an extra 560 paintballs, which is great for casual players.

Tippmann harness has a durable elastic tank pouch that securely holds your Co2 or HPA tanks. The Velcro closure flaps function with a dual adjustable elastic belt which will keep your air tank and pods in position. Also, they keep enough space for the remote coil.

You don’t need to change your play styles with these smart outer belts. The Velcro strap will make your pods secure and reduce harness bounce to feel your comfort.


  • Polyurethane nylon materials
  • Both Co2 & HPA standard tanks can fits
  • Elastic pod holders
  • Adjustable waistbands
  • Reliable pod access


  • Tanks and pods not included

4. HK Army Eject Harness

HK Army Eject Harness/Pack (Fire, 3+2)
54 Reviews
HK Army Eject Harness/Pack (Fire, 3+2)
  • Anti-slip back support
  • High-tension 4-way elastic "eject" strap system
  • Tough-grip velcro

The Hk Army harness comprises everything that every player wants from a vertical harness. This variety of packs allows you to carry 4 extra pods, with 160 rounds each.

Your pods will be secure inside this elastic pod holders, as it has 4-way elastic eject strap technology. To avoid an unwanted fall, manufacturers used elastic velcro straps.

The heavy duty Velcro construction for easy pull and better grip. It is also built with lightweight, heavy-duty nylon materials.

To ensure a secure fit in any waist size, dual elastic technology waistbands are included. With the back padding features, this harness also includes anti-slip lumbar support.

These smart features allow you free, open movement and give maximum comfort. The heavy-duty webbing has a two-way thumb tab in the adjustable belt to make it super tight on your waist.

All these straps, waistbands, and back padding are built with high-quality nylon components.

HK Army Eject Harness


  • High-quality components for long lasting use
  • 4-way elastic eject technology
  • Anti-slip two-way adjustable waistband
  • High strength velcro straps
  • Comfortable fit in one size fits all


  • No air tank pouch

5. Virtue Breakout Strapless Paintball Harness

Virtue Breakout Strapless Paintball Harness Pod Pack - 4+7 Highlander Camo
15 Reviews
Virtue Breakout Strapless Paintball Harness Pod Pack - 4+7 Highlander Camo
  • [Built to Win] - Bounce reducing system for improved competitive performance
  • [Comfort] - 300 degree grip print | Four way lockdown belt system for secure fit
  • [Versatile] - Triflex functionality | Extra stable double loop

If you’re looking for something simple but efficient, this patented Virtue Breakout Strapless Harness can meet your requirements.

With the 4+7 holding functionality, this harness can hold up to 11 standard pods. Without adding some extra accessories, this breakout model can carry all types of tubes.

For free movement during the game, it has revolutionary strapless technology. Its one-handed load and reload function is enough to give you the feel pro. The double loop elastic material of the pod holders reduces spring and harness bounces.

Virtue Breakout Strapless Paintball Harness

With the high strength, Velcro has a 4-way locking belt. This belt system gives you better grip & comfort. Regardless of your waist size (36-38 inches), it will fit perfectly. The 4-way lockdown belt minimizes the harness bounces and allows you to slide into the next bunker.

To give you royal comfort, the manufacturer used padded holsters in the back. Along with the outstanding pack and ergonomic design, it has low weight for easy movement.

So, for those who want a lighter load but a practical and efficient harness, this will benefit them.


  • Fits all 135-160 round pods without any adjustments
  • 4-way locking belt for a secure fit
  • Harness bounce reducing technology
  • Padded holsters for back comfort


  • The price is a little much high

6. Bunkerkings Fly Strapless Paintball Harness

Bunkerkings Fly Strapless Paintball Harness Pod Pack - 4+7 Blue Laces
38 Reviews
Bunkerkings Fly Strapless Paintball Harness Pod Pack - 4+7 Blue Laces
  • [Built to Win] - Bounce reducing system for improved competitive performance
  • [Comfort] - 300 degree grip print | Four way lockdown belt system for secure fit
  • [Versatile] - Triflex functionality | Reload faster and easier

The brand new Bunkerkings Fly is the fastest updated strapless harness from the original BK. Its maximum speeds allow you to load and unload your pods in one hand like a pro. You can load any size without adjustment for its patented pod holding technology. You can accommodate all-size paintball tubes as its built-in elastic band technology.

With the zero-g setup, your pod will stay in place when you run around the ground or slide into the next bunker. It is designed to hold on to your pods more securely.

Not only will you be able to reload quickly, but also you can tighten your profile with a single seamless pull. This harness has straps or rubber pull tabs free to reach up and pull.

The pack support belt & perforated foam padded mesh is comparable with Carbon SC.

The high-strength Velcro & 4-way belt system locking will prevent your harness bounces. With the elastic nylon materials designed, these belts fit comfortably.

Whatever your game style, Bunkerkings Fly is a perfect harness for paintball style and gesture.

Bunkerkings Fly Strapless Paintball Harness


  • Works for all tubes
  • No extra accessory needed for adjustment
  • Multi-way locking technology (4-way)
  • Harness bounce reducing belt system
  • Royal pillow padded mesh
  • Double made loops
  • Padded holsters without rubber pull tabs


  • No Tank pouch

7. Dye Precision Assault Pack – Best Paintball Harness for Big Guys

Dye Precision Assault Pack 3+4 Pod Paintball Harness
47 Reviews
Dye Precision Assault Pack 3+4 Pod Paintball Harness
  • Memory Elastic and Rubber Traction keep the Assault Harness in place during intense movement across...
  • 55 MPH rated Velcro ensures a tight fit that forms to your movements and allows you to play tight...
  • Adjustable harness belt fits up to 40" waist. Four way adjustable straps ensure a snug or loose fit...

This Dye Precision Assault Pack is another low profile design that is built with multi-functioning features. This Assault Pack is also designed with 3+4 heavy-duty webbing pod holders. You can swiftly load and reload your pods using the quick release buckle & rubber pull tabs.

With the memory elastic and rubber pull traction, this dual ventilated harness will fit any body type (Max 43-inch waist). The belt has 4-way lock system and 55 MPH Velcro straps to keep your gears in place during running and slides.

Dye Precision Assault Pack Paintball Harness

So, without compromising your aptitude, this adjustable flat strap belt provides comfort and a secure fit. It would be best if you hitched the central belt before overlapping the ventilated elastic straps.

The ejector pod loops can compare with the Carbon SC paintball harness. These adjustable loops are incredibly fast, efficient, practical, and reliable for access to paintball’s extra rounds. Depending on your skill level and personal preferences, you can invert it to the 4+5 capacity pod loops.


  • Memory elastic
  • High-quality nylon materials
  • Rubber pull traction
  • Fits for professional-grade pods
  • Fits for a 43-inch waist


  • No tank pouch

Considerations before buying the Best Paintball Harness

Now it’s time to consider some important parameters before buying your best paintball harness. As you know, a harness may have tons of features, but it won’t be worth for you, if you don’t buy them according to your personal preferences and needs.

Hence, we are highlighting the main factors in the next section.


All the available harnesses in the market aren’t like Cream of the Crop. Some of them are vertical, and some are horizontal and strapless holsters. Unfortunately, most of the manufacturers don’t work for innovation.

So, you have to consider the harness features for your desire or specific performance.

A few harnesses make you feel that you forgot to wear something when running around the battlefield. On the other hand, some resist easy access to your ammo and act as a bouncing pad.

The harness performance of detaching or attaching your gears should be easy, quick, and even as much as you like during the game.

The simplicity of using any harness makes hassle-free reloading, improves your performance and of course, costs you less.


Whether vertical or horizontal harness, strapless or strap holsters weight always plays an essential role in the field. It would help if you considered when it comes to choosing any harness.

Unless you don’t have mass experience in this game, investing in a lightweight harness is highly recommended. For beginners, you should choose a harness that is lightweight and at the same time, won’t tear up your hand in the process.

After getting a couple of years of experience, you can change the harness to the heavyweight or even choose the tactical vest.


It is essential to consider whether the harness has a straightforward and sleek design or not.

A complicated designed harness costs you more time and energy than a simple one. You will face more challenges to set up and use your harness with a glittering design.

Go for a simple & sleek designed harness that will be more efficient and less maneuverable during the game. Moreover, strapless holsters can be a game-changer for beginners.


This will be the best practice if there is a standard measurement of the harness belt’s overall length.

You shouldn’t choose a harness with a too short or even too long belt; after all, the length matters for secure fit and comfort.

Better to go for an adjustable one that is easy to operate and makes a secure fit. That kind of belt system is easily adjustable and fits all in one size, even for the wider waist.


Harness belts can leave marks on your body, depending on their quality. Some were built with an additional layer and vented for air passing. Some are combo packages of royal pillow pads and adjustable belts.

When you feel comfortable and secure, only then can you play or perform according to the game. So, take another look at your padded holsters, whether they are comfortable or not.


You may get some suggestions from your regular teammates or friends to get the best paintball harness. But the suggested one could be worthless for your style.

A strapless holster can be perfect for someone, but there is no guarantee that it will be good for you. That’s why you need to get one depending on your playing style. As a result, you can handle all the functions and even the weight of the harness.


You can buy your harness from online or physical shops. But make sure you buy it from a reputable brand. You should cross-check the store, especially when you order your harnesses from an online store.

People can deliver you a duplicate one that is fake.

Horizontal Vs. Vertical Paintball Harnesses

Typically a harness is held either horizontally or vertically. Both styles have advantages and disadvantages. Generally, a horizontal tube holds it in your back with velcro or similar straps. It is easy to load and reload when moving around. It is the most popular pack for longer players as they can place and open from the side of their body. But this kind of packs can be lying or rolling over on your side, making it uncomfortable. People found horizontal packs usually stick out from the side, making it hard for the paintball marker to hit and break out.

A vertical pack sticks the tubes centered on your body. Typically sleeves are pointing down to the opening, so you can pull the strap and reload the pod downwards. Because of the position, there is no chance to come out from the side. As a result, it makes an easy target to shoot from the front. Through it allows you intense & free movement, it can be a little bit tricky when putting the pod back. But it doesn’t matter just because the speedball players can drop the empty pods and pick them up after the game is finished.

What Is Paintball Harness?

A paintball harness is what you wear to carry extra paint holders, an air tank, and even a water pot. The harness is typically worn around the waist. It comes in different styles or designs, formats, functions, and colors. By owning a pack, you can carry 1 to 13 pods, depending on size. Some combo packs let you carry air tanks as well.

Like Carbon SC and Carbon CC harnesses, a few expensive ones are built with velcro and padded holsters. You can upgrade anytime from one pack to another according to your skill level.

What Is A Paintball Belt Pouch?

A paintball belt pouch is a simple and effective form of a harness. The belt pouch is made with one or two pod sleeves for horizontal tubes.

If you use a remote house, you can buy a belt pouch carrying an air tank and a couple of paint tubes.

If you are a beginner or on a tight budget, you can definitely go with a belt pouch.

How Does The Harness Fit?

Three methods used in a harness to fit comfortably in your waist. The nylon webbing or a multi-strap system belt is the most common and cheapest method. It has a flat strap design that functions with a quick-release buckle in the front. It is easy and simple to put on and take off. This method is popular for its low cost and easy fit. But they are not as comfortable as other designs like strapless holsters. They might start bouncing or flopping in your intense movements.

The second lower-cost method is two wide and non-stretch Velcro belts. Anyone can easily pull and place the Velcro for tight and secure fits. These Velcro rubber pull tab straps have the advantage of instant put and fittings. This belt system is used for the a tank. But it also bounces a little bit and can’t hold heavy-weight. So, you have to be extra careful with your essential accessories despite having the Velcro material tank straps of your tank pouch.

The last design is the elastic waist belt. They are using the double belt and stretching elastic materials like the lumbar support belt. To place the belt around your waist, the first belt is Velcroed and stretched. Then the second belt stretches to pull the harness in your back and secure it. For reducing the bounces and making it a comfortable fit, manufacturers use padded holsters for back padding. This elastic belt system makes the harness price range a little bit high. But its design and functionality make it popular to paintball players.

What Does It Mean When a Paintball Harness Is a +1, +2,+3+2, etc.?

Generally, a paintball harness is named according to its sleeves, such as a 3 or 4 harness system. The “+” sign indicates the additional pod loops outside the sleeves. When a harness is named “+1” it indicates that the harness has a tank pouch. Like a “3+1”, “4+1” or “5+1” respectively indicates that the harness has 3, 4, or 5 pod sleeves and a pouch for the air tank.

Numbers over “+1” indicates how many pod loops are available outside of the sleeves of this particular harness. A “3+2” means this harness has 3 pod sleeves and 2 additional loops in a total of 5 holding systems. Respectively “4+3” means a total of 7, etc.

If any harness has another additional loop on end then it is named by another “+” sign, like 4+3+4. So, there are 4 sleeves, 4 loops are in between and additional 4 loops are on end for a total of 11 tubes.

How Long Does a Paintball Harness Last?

The lifespan of your harness will depend on how you use it. The better you handle it, the longer it will last. You should know, even the best ones will be worn out if you will not take care of them.

You have to clean them frequently, especially after every use. But don’t clean harnesses with water. Clean them with a dry cloth or brush.

They could last for a long time by keeping these few important things in your mind.

What Kind of Paintball Harness Should I Get?

There are multiple options to choose belt pouch, horizontal packs, vertical packs & tactical vest. All of these are effective and at the same time have some limitations as well. The belt pouch is the simplest one, and it can be perfect for beginners. Horizontal packs are most common but need to use some extra accessories for adjustment. Vertical packs allow you to carry at least extra 560 paintballs and tactical vests can carry heavy weight.

So, it would be best if you chose depending on your needs, desires and, of course, your style of play.


We hope that we made your job easy to find the best paintball harness. As you can see, they are all reasonable.

But before making up your mind on anything on this list, make sure all the features they offer matter for you. Otherwise, the expensive ones can be worthless for you.

You have to evaluate all of these according to your desires, needs, and of course, your style of play. However, if you ask for our recommendation, then you can choose any of the top 5 harnesses on our list.

From the view of comfort, secure fit, smart functioning & well design, they are worth your money.

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