5 Best Paintball Ball Haulers (Paintball Caddy) – 1000 Rounds Pod Loader

Dropping your expensive paints can create the most annoying and worst situation ever. Out of everything, you need to hold your paints safely and let others play when they are getting into trouble.

However, owning the best paintball hauler will be your time-saver and reduce spilling balls everywhere. The enthusiast also called it paintball caddy. Those carriers let you carry extra 1000 or more paints along with pods and hoppers.

If you think you are smart enough to keep your balls inside the bag, Then listen up you will make a big mess. When you open the bag, you will see all damage and rip paintballs inside. But having a paintball hauler gives you an instant guarantee, those never happen even when you are in the run.

5 Best Paintball Haulers (Caddy) For Easy Paintball Ball Loading 

Haulers keep you safe from out of ammo in a critical moment. To win a game, you need to equip yourself with as many paintballs as you can. But you have to know which one will be your best paintball hauler. Here, we listed the most popular haulers based on buyers’ guides.

1. GenX Global Paintball Hauler

Gen X Global Paintball Hauler (Clear) G-162
  • Package length: 16.256 cm
  • Package width: 16.764 cm
  • Package height: 29.464 cm

GenX global paintball hauler is an excellent single accessory to store your precise paintballs. You can use this container to fill up your pods. But this doesn’t come up with the balls.

Though it’s super cheap, made with sturdy plastics and designed ergonomically. It won’t break after dropping so many times on a hard surface.

This cheap paintball caddy box can easily hold 1000 rounds. The top lid has easy access to fill and empty the hauler within seconds. Most importantly, the surface is easy to clean and smooth enough to put strikers on your demands. Careful about the caps, it doesn’t come tethered. If you don’t feel confident, get the Valken paintball hauler, it comes tethered.

This is highly recommended for the newbies and the person who played once a month.

2. HK Army Reload Paintball Ball Hauler

HK Army Reload Ball Hauler (Blue)
  • Holds up to 1000 Paintballs
  • Easy Access Loading Spout w/ Lock Lid
  • Large Pouring Spout w/ Lock Lid

This time we will talk about the hauler from the HK Army brands. HK Army already produces different gears, but they are introducing us with their reload pod hauler for the first time.

You will find this loaded accessory valuable for any level of players. This will save your time, money and improve your loading performance. The exterior is made with durable plastic that is what it values. It creates a safe environment for insides paints. You can easily pour the markers vertically from one side.

HK Army Reload Paintball Ball Hauler

The two attached lock lids save the paints from being spoiled and wasted. The HK Army filler can hold more than 1000 balls a time. You can easily load them through its large pouring spout. Additionally, a ball sizer is included so that you can match your paint depending on bore size.

3. Valken Paintball Ball Hauler 

Valken Paintball Ball Hauler/Loader - Smoke
  • Reload your hopper and pods with ease
  • Molded handle makes it easy to hold and pour
  • Spill less paint and save money
Valken Paintball Ball Loader

I bet Valken is the best paintball hauler in the market. It’s tough to find some durable and sturdy paintball hauler like Valken. This hauler is fantastic and easier to pour a pod and hopper. It holds up to 1000 balls that are remarkable for any level of players.

Two heavy-duty lids are attached to the main compartment and spout. They are friction less and make it easy to reload hoppers and pods. You just need to snap off the spout cap, reload your gears and go again. Both lids are tether built and its plastic exterior safe the paints from inside. If you are in a hurry, paints will not spoil or damage.

The handle is molded and easy to grip in any rough situation. Its long handle length secures the grip to load and feed paint. It comes with different color variations, and you can choose yours from the list.

Though this paintball hauler is highly recommended for tournament use, you can use it for any game type.

4. GXG Paintball Hauler Caddy Holder

This is a nice, affordable and safer caddy holder for paintballers. This is exactly the gear you mostly need on the competitive battlefield. It will save your paintballs and give you an expected result.

The GXG paintball hauler is lightweight, easy to clean and has a low profile. If you want to hold your paintballs safely and let others play when they get empty, this hauler will be a great choice.

The top and side lids are easy to pour and lock. You can fill your pods and hopper within a few minutes and go again before your enemy notices. This is a great hauler with 1000 rounds capacity.

If you or your team wear a red jersey, then definitely this hauler color matches your style.

5. Valken Tactical Ball Hauler

Valken Paintball Tactical Ball Hauler - Clear
  • Reload your hopper and pods quickly with ease
  • Molded handle makes it easy to hold and pour
  • Spill less paint and save money

Valken tactical ball hauler is another excellent filler from the Valken brand. This paintball caddy is designed in a square shape with heavy exterior materials, which ensures your paints’ safety. For its square shape, it’s easy to store in your paintball bag or the corner of your garage.

This hauler looks different than others. But the cylindrical hauler lids are tethered, and you won’t lose them in extreme runs and slides. Generally, the dark color looks cooler and better in it.

Like others, it has low gravity that prevents paint spoils and damages. It also gives you speedy reloading with a comfortable hold and you don’t spoil or drop any paint. It’s a great made that paintballers must love.

Valken Paintball tactical Ball Hauler


Before owning a pod filler, you can’t measure how much you need one. We researched and listed all the best paintball haulers from the market. This will allow you to carry extra tons of paints and speed up your loading process to fill pods and hoppers.

So why not? You will get one to take advantage over your enemy. They are cheap, reduce the damages and add extra value to your game.

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