Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review – A Reliable Marker

When someone asks me why I am always busy with searching for good paintball guns, I say a real paintball enthusiast should do so. A good paintball gun is your best companion in the gaming ground and paintball players understand how essential it is to invest in a reliable paintball marker. If you are a paintball enthusiast like mine, who is wishing to have an accurate and reliable paintball marker gun, then end your search with Planet Eclipse Etha 2 review because it is a perfect gun for you.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is the second generation marker of outstanding Etha series. It overcomes all the shortcomings of previous Etha Paintball Marker, making it a masterpiece for beginners. The price of Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun is comparatively low and is more comfortable to use and also maintain. The function of this advanced featuring marker is smooth, and only one screw is used to hood in the grip of the gun.

This Etha Paintball Gun has an electronic trigger with replaceable batteries that is easily removable from the front grip. Besides, there are multiple firing options in the gun that helps to maintain pressure in the field. Let’s dive in the deep review of this high quality paintball gun.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 - A Reliable Marker

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 at a glance

Before going through the entire review, let’s check all the features of this marker.

Technical specification

  • The second generation of Eclipse Etha
  • Gamma core spool valve
  • PAL Enabled
  • Bullet : .68 caliber paintball
  • Barrel size : 14 inch
  • GRN composite body
  • Less air transfer hose
  • Lock and load system : 9V battery
  • Ambidextrous LED indicator
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum interior.
  • Composite nylon outside.
  • Sufficient gripping space that gives safe and sufficient operation.
  • Excellent ASA for switching on and off while detaching the tank.
  • Max parts are upgraded and enhanced for better and best performance.
  • Deltek offset feed and barrel.
  • Uses a lock and load battery.

Physical Dimension of Etha 2

  • Weight- 997 gm
  • Length- 555 m
  • Height- 261 mm
  • Width- 39 mm
  • Bolt Mechanism- spool cure STI
  • Operating Principle- Spool VALUE
  • Drive Mechanism- Gamma Core
  • Solenoid Type- Bespoke in house three way

Manufacturing Materials

  • Frame- GRN
  • Barrel- 6061 T6 Aluminium
  • Trigger- 6061- T6 Aluminium
  • Battery Mount- Glass Reinforced Nylon

Hardware Included

  • Trigger method- Microswitch.
  • Trigger mechanism- leaf spring return.
  • Barrel- 2 pieces 14.5″ Micro honed.

Trigger Pivot- Plated pin.

Design And Durability

The marker is made using a spring return that brings the bolt to its position after firing every shot. The Planet Etha 2 Paintball has a hoseless air transfer system which helps in accessing and assures enough fill up to make the shooter feel comfortable while playing the sport.

The marker is protected from both inside and outside to ensure that the Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun is both efficient and smooth in functioning. The nylon material in the eye cover, feed neck, and grip frame makes the gun highly durable. The design is simple to provide accuracy to the players, whether beginner or professional in the paintball sport. All of these ergonomic aspects help in making the paintball games more fun and enjoyable.

Convenient Trigger

Planet Eclipse Marker offers sufficient grip spacing that assists in holding the gun more efficiently. This also helps in shooting the paintballs as quickly as fire with accuracy. Some of the best guns have hard and long trigger pulls for more efficient shooting that makes them more practical.

On average, the Eclipse Paintball Gun is capable of shooting approx. 5- 6 shots each second. The space between the trigger and frame makes the shooter comfortable while holding the gun.

The microswitch in Etha 2 Paintball is the next level help for beginners and hobbyists. It makes the player feel safe and convenient because of a stretched-out grip.

Gamma Core Valve

Gamma Core is the beating heart of the gun, making it highly efficient. Because, the installation of the Gama Core Valve makes the paintball marker highly reliable overall. The multi-purpose functionality of, Planet Etha Paintball Gun is of great use for painting with most fragile paint.

The 3 stage bolt acceleration makes the painting process as simple as possible. The dual-density rubber grip helps in protecting the entire circuit board. It is useful in all of the weather conditions even in harsh weather conditions. The gun is very stable and steady in use with a firm mechanism.

Advance Bolt System

The spring return Bolt system makes the firing system more effective and efficient. The GRN frame and foregrip ensure the impressive grip of the gun. The dual-stage acceleration helps to pick the paintball even at a lower speed. Besides, the cushioning cover gives a good feel while holding or using the gun.

The adjustable PCB controls the firing mode that semi-automatic and debounce. In fact, a single screw system helps in easy access to the gun’s internal part. Less air transfer avoids leakage from the gun. This efficiency level of gun is relatively higher than other guns available. But if you’re looking for bellow 100 dollar gun in same quality, you will get it available in the market.

Reliability and Efficiency

The solid inner construction, creativity, and innovative engineering make the gun robust and reliable. The aircraft-grade aluminum interior makes the east and fantastic sporting experience. Eclipse Etha 2 inherits high-quality regulator that offers the worth of safety to players and users. It is one of the well-balanced Planet Eclipse Markers that are light in weight with enough strength.

The shooting, handling, and overall performance are already proven and tested which makes it worth mind-blowing. I am well sure that this Planet Eclipse Etha 2 will definitely improve your performance on the battlefield.

Performance and Execution

The performance of this product is out of the box. The upgraded Eclipse Paintball Gun allows the players to hold the marker more efficiently, making it easy to shoot. The firing performance is also improved. Overall it has a fantastic performance for paintball gamers on the battlefield.

The Good and The Bad:

Etha 2 is such as outstanding paintball marker that no one would deny it. However, my perception of the gun is superb apart from a very little issue.


  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Extremely easy to use and therefore suitable for the beginner.
  • Also, have advanced features for advanced level players.
  • Lightweight which helps in easy to control.
  • Reduced recoil.
  • Modern features.
  • High level of accuracy.
  • Can perform in hostile weather condition.
  • Very durable and stable.
  • Amazing anti clipping system.


  • The gun is quite loud as compared to other firearms which even can irritate the players.
  • The air consumption is high, which reduces efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is the gun fully automatic?

Technically, the gun is not fully automatic. But, it comes with several firing modes like Ramping, which enable you to shoot 12 to 15 balls per second.

Question 2: For which level of players is this gun perfect?

This gun is a perfect partner for both a beginner and an advanced player. The features of this Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun are genuinely amazing.

Question 3: Is hopper compatible with Etha 2 pal enabled marker?

Yes, definitely. This is an ace product that is compatible with Hopper as well. Though the benefits or PAL system can’t be derived, an electric loader is not required to begin with this.

Question 4: Does using reloaded or loaded marker safe?

No. Not just this paintball maker but also any other markers available in the market is not capable of using a Reloaded or loaded marker. Neither it is safe nor suggested. Therefore the player must be aware of this fact.

Question 5: Which age of people can play with this marker?

For this question, it depends on the permitted age for playing this sport which is 15 years and above. Therefore a person below this age cannot play with this particular Planet Eclipse Etha 2 gun.

Question 6: Will this gun used in snowy weather conditions?

Yes, off course, the best part of this gun is that it can be used in any weather condition and even in harsh conditions. It is easy to use and very convenient. It has a stylish look which usually expensive markers have.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, there are a lot of Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Reviews available on various websites but you must do a little research before buying it offline or online. The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is a reliable and fantastic marker that is light weighted and easy to use. The most picked Etha Paintball Gun for both beginners and advanced players makes it popular.

The best part of this Etha Paintball Marker is the level of accuracy while targeting in the battlefield. The innovative and creative ideas make this gun an ace gun for selection in this price range.

It is an expensive marker that usually offers advanced features. Besides, the rapid firing Eclipse Etha 2 is consonant to all extreme weather and conditions as well. For wrapping up, it said that this is a brilliantly designed gun to maximum fun and joy.

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