The Planet Eclipse GTek Review – Top Paintballer Picks

If you are looking for a genuine beginner-intermediate paintball marker, my Planet Eclipse GTek review is seriously going to help you. GTek is a new paintball marker in the Planet Eclipse’s product line. Besides, they have produced far more paintball guns than any other paintball company in recent years.

Though the 170R GTek Paintball Gun is not a new weapon, they are an equitably improved version for the better gaming experience. GTek Marker is a fantastic paintball weapon by Planet Eclipse included a lot of performance in an affordable package.

GTek is reliable, quiet, lightweight, and easy to shoot and fire. The trigger frame, feeding neck, back cover, on/off knob, and eye cover are all composite. However, GTek also comes with a macro line, which can be a bit subtle and problematic.

Beyond everything, GTek is a vigorous mid-range paintball marker that can be used every day. Let’s go over the entire review for discovering more amazements.

Planet Eclipse GTek - Paintball Marker

Technical Features in Brief:

Check out all the technical specifications that has made GTek a mighty marker.

  • Operating pressure : 135 PSI
  • Barrel length : 14.5 inch [2 pieces]
  • Bullet : .68 caliber paintball
  • Trigger : 4 point adjustable
  • Power source : 9V battery
  • Cylinder : High Pressure Air [HPA]
  • Material : air-craft grade aluminium
  • SL4 inline regulator
  • Gamma Core drive train
  • Quick-release bolt removal
  • Deftek offset feed
  • AT-Pipe air transfer system
  • Breech sensing tech

Planet Eclipse GTek Hallmarks:

Aluminum Made Parts 

The 170R feels much better and comes with a noticeable difference in the features and modes. Most parts of the gun are made of aircrafts grade aluminum that is more durable and sturdy offering a long life of the GTek 170R. Aluminum allows reliable tolerances for players on the battlefield. The metal allows the front grip and trigger frame grip to better structure, giving the weapon a much stronger feel.

I really like the unique air transport pipe of GTek Marker. I’m the paintball player with Geo-3.5 that usually supports the palm, and 170R paintball weapon feels phenomenal in the same. Some people want to change, but few like mines don’t, it is really a matter of taste.

Updated POPS On/Off 

The use of AT pipes and removal of the micro line with the addition of new on/off makes it more reliable. The updated air routing system in GTek Planet Eclipse is impressive. The knob feels right, with the flexible turn that works perfectly with GTek Marker. In fact, whispering is going on that an updated POPS on/off will also be available very soon for some additional bucks.

The Advanced GTek Trigger

The GTek Planet Eclipse trigger is now entirely changed, which makes it more purposeful while targeting in games. Though, there are currently four setting modes installed in GTek Markers such as Pre-Trip, Post-Trip, Spring Tension, and Micro-Switch Mode. The Planet Eclipse GTek comes with three options: Before Travel, After Travel, and Spring Tension specifically.

However, these setting options allow players to mark better and trigger sensation accordingly. The GTek 170R marker uses CS1 that gives players a flexible choice to target with accuracy. The trigger shoe design allows paintball players to change only the trigger face, not the entire trigger.

CS1 is the next-level targeting specification with great functionality in the Planet Eclipse 170R marker. Planet Eclipse GTek is also installed with a double ball bearing to the trigger pivot point. Although, the improved trigger is very similar to the trigger that comes with GTek old version.

After spending most of the time trying to get the trigger as I like, it still felt a little soft and slow. When it comes to budget, Planet Eclipse decides to use leaf springs similar to Gtek or Etek 5.

Installation of OLED Plate

The addition of the OLED plate is excellent in GTek Paintball Gun, makes it a useful choice among paintball pro players. Using an OLED board makes it much easier to change settings and check the battery level as well.


Apart from high performing functions, the advancement of features with low-key sounds makes it rightful paintball gear. As it a quite Planet Eclipse gaming gun that offers quietness while you target from a hidden area. This automatically makes the paintball gaming experience better and adventurous.

The positive and the negative:

Though the GTek is equipped enough to impress any paintballer, you should match your requirements before buyng it.


  • High performing paintball marker for any level game.
  • Extremely durable and reliable in a tough situation.
  • Needs very low maintenance.
  • Made of the highest quality manufacturing material.
  • Lightweight and solid for aggressive movement.
  • Effective and longer firing range.
  • Makes very low noise for adventurous gaming.
  • Energy efficient; burns very low compressed air.
  • Customizable and compatible with other Planet accessories.


  • The marker is bulky to carry and shot in paintball battlefields.
  • Freshers may face difficulties to operate the advanced features.
  • A little bit costly compared to other products.

Difference between 170R GTek Marker and GTek 170R Paintball Gun

The GTek 170R has already introduced many new additions to the fantastic gun under 300. The gamma core was the basis for why the original GTek was so successful. The 170R did not change this bolt system and kept the SL4 regulator inline.

The GTek 170R however improved with many new features and updates to the scoreboard. Is GTek 160R different from its predecessor GTek 170R? First, Planet Eclipse was no different from the iconic gamma core first launched by GTek.

Since the gamma core has become a prevalent bolt system, Planet Eclipse has abolished the IV core, which was the standard for the Geo weapons platform. Core IV is known to have problems with reliability at low temperatures, resulting in a first shot (FSDO). Not only is the gamma core reliable, but it is also probably more efficient.

Significantly Frequently Asked Questions

1: What comes with the weapon, as additional accessories?

Answer: Case, lubricant, battery charger, Allen key, O-ring.

2: What precisely the barrel the GTek Paintball Gun takes?

Answer: The GTek Marker barreled with .068 for stock.

3: Does Planet Eclipse GTek comes with OLED board or installed with upgradation?

Answer: Indeed yes, it comes with OLED board mode that makes it more reliable paintball gear.

4: What will happen to the outlet pressure for using this marker? Do you want to adjust 800-850 PSI Or low?

Answer: Anything below 850. In fact, 450 to 500 Psi is also significant to make it functional and more productive.

5: Is the marker compatible with the accessories of Etha 2?

Answer: In some cases, yes. You can exchange the bolt system and the barrel undoubtedly.

5: Apart from technical things, is GTek Marker is better or less in accuracy and shooting?

Answer: The GTek 170r uses the same bolts, regulators, and solenoids as those found on GTek, but is all aluminum. The all-aluminum construction makes gun firing a little better. Aluminum helps to reduce some of the vibrations that occur when the gun targets and shots. Aluminum also changes the sound of the gun a little. Is it worth it? For me, the answer is no. Shooting is very similar, but feels better, but comes with an OLED screen.

Final Thoughts

The 170R has a deeper sound, much like Geo 3.5, rather than GTek’s sharpest sound signature. Weapon sounds and firing methods are different, but these differences are negligible. To notice the difference, you have to fire weapons from one to the next, so the difference is slight. Aluminum construction improves shot’s feel and quality, but performance is the same. As I said before, the 170R uses the same bolts, regulators, and solenoids from GTek.

Therefore, expect the paint to have the same reliability, efficiency, and smoothness. The difference in shooting quality for me is not worth it. For an additional budget on GTek’s 170R, I would like to buy a new hopper or save money and play more paintball.

If you are the type of person who really needs or wants an OLED screen, the 170R is more attractive because it is only a bit pricy than a GTek with an OLED display. I hope this Planet Eclipse GTek 170R Review will help you best in knowing about its all related information before you buy it.

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