Spyder MR100 Review: A Guide About MR100 Marker

Paintball markers designed and manufactured by Kingman are trendy in the paintball community. The specialty of Kingman is combining style and modern technologies. In this Spyder MR100 review, I am going to point out all the features and facilities of this military style paintball gun by Kingman.

Spyder  MR100 is an impressive paintball gun from all aspects and one of the efficient low budget tournament gun for professional players. The gun is durable, reliable, accurate and lightweight concurrently that any paintball player will be attracted. One of the crucial traits the gun comes with is the ECO valve technology for making the gun more air efficient. You can shoot up to 1600 rounds using a 20 ounce of CO2 tank which saves a lot of bucks.

Spyder MR 100 PRO Semi Auto-Paintball Marker

If you are a beginner who wants a tactical semi-automatic marker with Picatinny rail and safety features, you need to look no further. Read my explanatory review to learn more.

Features Of The Spyder MR100 Review

Though the marker is not much expensive, it is equipped with a lot of remarkable features. See the mentioned technical specifications at a glance.

  • Semi-automatic marker
  • EKO valve (20 ounce CO2 bottle up to 1600 shots).
  • Picatinny Combined Tactical Side rail.
  • Composite clamp feed collar.
  • Designed with perfect front grip.
  • Foldable, removable compound car stock.
  • Accessible screws without tools.
  • 10 “micro port barrel.
  • Double trigger.
  • Compatible with HPA and CO2.
  • Military style design

Judging the features, I must say MR100 is a perfect paintball weapon for both beginners and experienced paintball players. Besides, the marker is pretty easy to use and maintain. Here I describe more features to clear up your confusion.

Firing Performance

When you pick the gun in your hand, you will feel like an army on the battlefield. But, shooting a paintball by MR100 will make you surprised. My experiment and opinion of other users show that the effective firing accuracy of Spyder MR100 is up to 300 feet with 6 to 8 balls shooting capacity per second. The gun energy efficient as well as cost effective due to the EKO Valve system. The mechanism will let you shoot up to 1600 rounds of paintball per CO2 tank.


What can be the worst nightmare for a paintball player? The sudden breakage! A marker under 150 should cope with the extreme circumstance of the field. Spyder MR100 comes with a superb durable aluminum made body that makes it a lightweight as well. Lightweight will help you carrying the gun for a long time without muscle ache. Besides, Kingman has provided enduring steel twisted hose for avoiding any unexpected leakage during a game.


Cleaning and maintenance are crucial for enhancing your marker’s durability. But, it can be annoying for beginners to remove every part of a gun. Spyder MR100 provides flexibility for proper maintenance. You can clean the entire marker within a few minutes just by removing a single part. You don’t have to take out every single screw anymore. Moreover, I suggest using a bit of oil to the piston for keeping the gun smooth.

Pros and Cons of Spyder MR100

Before picking any paintball marker, read the pros and cons carefully to understand if the gun is a perfect choice for you.


  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Compatible for beginners and even advanced players.
  • Energy efficient, burn less air.
  • Shoot efficiently and accurately.
  • Long shooting capability.
  • Very reliable and safe.
  • The best option for beginners as the first weapon.
  • Lightweight and fast.
  • Ideal for outdoor, indoor, wooden balls, speedballs, and captures flags.
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • No stuck and paintball chopping issues


  • Low quality accessories.
  • Heavier than other extensive models in the same range.
  • Noisy while firing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I use a different barrel removing the original one?

Yes, you can. Spyder MR100 is a customizable gun and you can use any barrel that goes with it. However, Spyder series barrels should provide the best result.

Question 2: What is Paintball and how to play?

Paintball is an outdoor sport, played by a group of at least eight people. These are ideal where teams practice different games using guns or markers that shoot paintballs. All participants wear masks to protect themselves, and the best fields also provide bibs, overalls, belts, and camouflage gloves.

Paintball is useful for playing several games for two to five minutes each, in which there are different objectives every time. In fact, such gaming modes come with sections as getting a flag, killing the captain of the opposing team, or reaching a particular place. When we receive a pitch, we are eliminated, and we must leave the field until the next game.

Question 3: How many paintballs spent in one game per person?

That varies with how often it shoots. For example, beginners: with 200 paintballs, or they shoot too much. Even they run out in the middle of the game, or they don’t shoot. A good council is to shoot only if the target is within reach. As it always respecting a minimum distance of 5 meters. Shoot aiming, or at least looking at where it shoots.

Question 4: What are the dangers of paintball?

The main danger of paintball is to be reached by a shot in the face. Since this is the most fragile body area of the body that can damage easily. It is for this reason that you can not practice this sport if you have a mask. Another risk is the stumbling blocks and falls, being aware that you are not shot.

And running through the field can let you in the risk of injury from falls. Especially if where you play, the floor is irregular. The bruises resulting from the impact of the shots are something innate in this sport.

However, it is something that can reduce the use of thick clothing. Even the use of body protectors such as those brought by professional paintball suits is also a profitable idea to safeguard the body from getting injured and hurt.

Final words

Military style guns are visually appealing in general, but looking is not going to help you in a game. My Spyder MR100 review should help you realize that this gun is not a joke at all. No matter either you are a newbie or an expert, Spyder MR100 suits all levels. This is a masterpiece that doesn’t perform like a beast in the battle ground only, but also make your paintball hobby hassle free. In closing, MR100 is a multipurpose gun you should definitely try.

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