Tippmann Cronus Reviews [2021] – A Reliable Budget Worth Marker

Is your marker facing jamming or related issues? Does your marker need a lot of maintenance? These are some of the common issues that most of the players face.

But if you want a trustworthy and sturdy paintball gun, Tippmann Cronus Gun is a flawless paintball marker for you. The Cronus Marker is useful for both beginner, or an intermediate player so it is highly popular.

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package - Olive

Tippmann 98 is a well-known name in the world of paintball, and Cronus is a newer and updated version. The beginners who prefer to invest in this gun will surely have a safe investment. Undoubtedly, its accessories are very durable and offers complete value for money.

The company Tippmann is well known for its innovative ideas and creativity. Therefore, this gun is super accurate along with simplistic usage. The internal gas line of the marker plays a crucial role. The interior components of the gun but assist in better functioning. For better understanding, read the entire Tippmann Cronus Review.

What Makes The Tippmann Cronus So Special?

Cronus is being an ideal paintball guns to the beginner and intermediate players. The first notable things are durability and reliability. Which the most novices are looking for. The gun is a real hero to beat the battle for a long time.

This great featured Tippmann Cronus is made by the thinking of user experience. This gun shoots quickly with accuracy. That’s why beginner and intermediate players can acclimatize this gun quickly.

Quick Cronus Specifications

  • Weight- 3.7 pound
  • Caliber- .68/ .50
  • Have a mechanical trigger
  • Gravity feed unit
  • 9-inch stock barrel
  • CO2 & HPA air feeder
  • Internal gas line.
  • Open Bolt Blowback
  • GenX Stealth Anti Fog Mask
  • 6+1 Paintball Harness

Features Overview of Tippmann Cronus

High Performance

Specifically designed paintball gun for the beginners.

The Tippmann Cronus Gun is really an amazing product with great features and high performance with low maintenance. It is among the popular markers opted by beginners for the sport.

This gun earned the highest levels because of its durability and reliability. The gun is easy to use and offers good accuracy.

Easy To Handle

The Tippmann Cronus comes with a molded rubber grip which is very comfortable and allows it to carry easily on the ground even in wet situations. The two-piece handle design which makes this marker super easy to handle.

This great gripping gun ensures that the gun doesn’t slip in any weather conditions. The little recoil in the gun is also very helpful.

Efficiently Effective

For the beginners, the gun is highly effective and recommended. The mechanical trigger lets the user shoot to the point of 15 BPS, which is appreciable. The accuracy level at a moderate range is terrific. This gun is very effective as a Woodsball gun machine.

Design And Structure

The marker is specifically designed for beginners, and therefore, it ensures secure handling and usability. The sophisticated features make the gun easy to operate and use. It is simply designed, which is the desire of every beginner in the field of paintball. While most beginners love to have a marker under 100, this Cronus offers something else which is very unique.

The gun is lighter than as accepted, not like the other cheap lightweight markers. Perfect handle to grip on the field without getting any troubles in accurate target.

In fact, simplicity improves the level of accuracy and also enhances the gameplay. This makes it better and eases for players making paintball games enjoyable and adventurous.

Shoot And Fire Accuracy

The comfortable molded rubber grip offers the ability to shoot from a distance with the right level of accuracy. The gun has little recoil, which improves the level of efficiency while targeting 75 feet away.

Note that, being a super lightweight doesn’t mean it gives less accuracy. Hence, it can perfectly target from long distances with the right accuracy.

Durability Of Cronus Tactical

This Tippmann Cronus is highly durable because of the material used in the manufacturing process. Basically, the gun is made of plastics and contains more of it than previous models.

The materials seem to have a decent quantity in this gun, offer less price and give you a premium feel in the ground. This sturdy gun is capable of taking a few hits without getting broken.

This gun lasts for a more extended period and gives your investment a safe side.

Tactical Editions

Cronus Tactical by Tippmann is a recently updated version of paintball maker with advanced features. It is a semi-automatic gun that shoots very smoothly. Also, it comes with an additional grip on the front, which is detachable.

The gun is also featured with a collapsible stock so that it can quickly be modified with different gameplay. There is also a pre-installed Picatinny rail, where you can install your important gun equipment.

Along with this, the A 5 barrel with a front shroud, lubricant or oil, Allen keys, and extra o rings are belongings of the gun.

Customizable Cronus Marker

Most of the paintball guns don’t have many more options to customize. But Tippmann always comes with this valuable option.

Tippmann Cronus comes with an option of the upgrade by rails. You can upgrade the Cronus marker depending on your experience level. You can easily add new features without buying a new marker. It will save your extra bucks instead of buying a new one.

It will be eased for you to update this gun in the future with stock, handle and scope. The laser sight is pretty amazing, you can even target it in low light conditions. For getting more accuracy upgrade the gun with a red dot sight.

Warranty And Replacement

Tippmann Cronus offers a two years warranty that makes it the preferred choice. Under warranty, it covers all of the manufacturing defects, which is appreciable.

The player can effort upgrade and tailor the gun as per his needs and requirements. Investing in this gun is really advantageous because of this customization option. With the level of accuracy, the player can easily upgrade the gun without spending on a new one.


  • Highly reliable and durable.
  • It comes with a customization offer.
  • Comfortable and easy gripping.
  • Accurate shooting, unique and stylish design. .
  • Medium to the high accuracy level.
  • Low recoil level.


  • Quite long in size.
  • The fire rate of the gun is quite slow then other guns.
  • The foregrip may need adjusting.

Significant Frequently Asked Questions

Is this gun only for beginners?

For beginners, this gun is a great option. Otherwise, it can be used by the intermediary as well. The detachable upgrade options are an amazing thing for this gun. The player can use this easy to remove mode to have a better experience. It is a wonderful one-time investment marker.

What is the shooting range of this gun?

The shooting range primarily depends on the range of shooting. On an approximate basis, this gun has 50 yards of shooting range depending upon the angle preferred.

What customization options are offered by this gun?

The gun offers various customization offers like multiple rails, stock barrel, handle and scope for better performance. Even you can add a red dot sight for perfect accuracy. This paintball gun is easily updated and modified as per the needs and demands.

Is it assembled or needs assembling?

The gun comes with the marker and all the additional components are packed in one single cardboard box. The product reaches the customer in an unassembled manner, but the assembly process is really easy and straightforward. It requires less energy and hassle-free tasks to assemble by the manual that comes handy with the product.

How is the internal body of Tippmann Cronus?

The internal body of the gun is ammo friendly. The use of innovative ideas and great design makes it more ergonomic in overall performance. The gun enables an excellent job by keeping the ammo intact inside the gun. That automatically reduces the internal damage frequency at a high level.

Final Thoughts

Therefore I tried to do the Tippmann Cronus Review in the best possible way. It is an excellent marker with all the customization offers that give great value to money.

However, Tippmann Cronus is easy to understand and operate. It is a great gun that helps in achieving a high level of accuracy. It is a well-priced marker with all crucial features that makes it the next level paintball gun.

The Cronus Tactical Marker provides an excellent experience to its users. It is a highly durable gun in a reliable design and structure. It has a high impact body with a soft rubber grip making it easy to use and carry.

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