Tippmann Stormer Reviews 2021

Is Tippmann stormer a mist or a great opportunity?

We have been seeing it for the last couple of months. So many thoughts are revolving in the players’ minds and they are getting confused, particularly the weekend players.

So, what actually makes me come up with this Tippmann stormer review ideas? You know it’s quite tough to get the real information after releasing a new version. Besides, you are not informed about the performance.

As serious players, we never go backward in checking new models. That’s the reason we find all Stormer models and checking them according to their features. With my investigation, today I’m bringing all the comparison in front of you.

Top 3 Tippmann Stormer Review:

1. Tippmann Stormer Elite Review


The Tippmann stormer elite is one of the most versatile and affordable markers that exist today. The model is very reliable and cooler than any other mag-fed model. In fact, I found it all-around survival and self-defense protective gun.

Stormer elite dual fed configuration design offers different unique looks. It is easy to switch between mag-fed to hopper fed when necessary.

It is consistent with the cyclone feeder. You don’t need extra effort to know the barrel because its barrel threading is the same as that of the Tippmann classic model.

The gun is made of durable composite materials that are amazing in value. But it has weighs nearly 10 pounds. So you need to be strong enough to hold it. I’ve used one for a couple of months and found it rugged. However, I love its great accuracy in all sorts of play, even in distance shot with no problem.

This new model is provided with multiple Picatinny rails, bottom-mounted ASA, and Offset Feedport. Its internal gas line reduces the gas leakage risk and perfects the paintball shots.

It seems to be an excellent gun for those who are looking to start the game. Kids are love to bang with it.

What I Like:

  • Dual fed switching is available.
  • Durable composite materials.
  • Great shooting accuracy in all shorts of play.
  • Multiple side shooting without difficulties.
  • Minimize the risk of paintballs breaking.
  • Excellent gun to start paintball play.
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2. Tippmann Stormer Tactical Review


If you are looking for a real updated tactical gun, give Tippmann stormer tactical a try. It is designed to be comparable to the Cronus tactical in terms of performance and sizes. For the most part, it has real battle-winning features.

You can see a tactical front shroud meant for protecting the barrel. It can easily absorb the impact without any damage.

As a tactical version, it adds a front and rear Flip-Up sight. It makes it possible for players to target and shoot without jiggle.

However, the marker itself is optimized and adjustable for 280 fps. The gun comes with everything they promised. But you have to arrange the paintballs, an HPA/CO2 air tank, and a strong gravity-fed hopper.

Finally, to give it military looks, manufacturers included 6 collapsible stocks. It’s a great option for someone who wants to taste the military battle styles even in beginner positions. If you make a quick purchase, you can’t go wrong.

What I Like:

  • A complete military looks.
  • Adjustable 280 fps gun.
  • Upgradable tactical design marker.
  • Front shroud for protecting the barrel.
  • Perfect built-in materials to absorb the impact.

3. Tippmann Stormer Basic review


Tippmann stormer basic is undoubtedly the top budget-friendly mag-fed out there. It’s almost shocking that the marker is capable of all levels of play. To be honest, this will be good enough for a long time.

It is available with full quality customization. The cost-effective reliable in-line bolt it serves is unique and satisfactory. Plus, the high-performance polymer composite body saves it from strong shocks.

There is an additional internal gas line coming with the gun. And no matter how hard or rough you use the gun, no gas leakage is found inside the chamber. Oh! The gun is provided with a high-quality barrel which easily minimizes the sound and lets you hunt your enemy silently.

The vertical grip ensures you have full control over the marker. Without any obstacles, you can achieve the perfect sight alignment using front and rear fixed sights which are either on your topside or shoulder side.

The stormer basic is a promising one from Tippmann and will never let you down. I would love to see upgraded versions with more tactical designs.

What I Like:

  • Affordable beginner magfed for all level play.
  • High performing composite built-in material.
  • Prevent internal gas leakage.
  • Easy to shoots from any angle.

Tippmann Stormer Accessories

Stormer Barrel:

Stormer Barrel Black

If you already made the purchase, you may need this special stormer barrel. This is typically the standard one manufacturer release for stormer paintball guns. It has rich tactical black matte polish and probably with the best upgradation aimed at targeting and weekend battle practice.

Paintball shooters have an appetite for sharp shots. They are always searching for a lightweight and jam-free barrel. This aluminum made barrel can be their lifesaver. Also, it features micro polish honing that gives you accurate performance. This gun-drilled barrel provides straight rifling to improve ball rotation among inaccuracy targets.

Moreover, this stormer barrel provides excellent performance with regular paintballs rounds as well as first strike.

Are the items durable?

Every model of this stormer comes with a strong modular. It uses polymer composite material, which prevents the risk of breakage. It has a built-in reliable in-line bolt system that provides phenomenal durability.

Overall, stormer release lightweight design with extreme durability.

Are these items easy to use?

The stormer is provided with a vertical grip to shoot quickly from any angle. That ensures the design they made is straightforward and easy to use. Also, you can do easy modification with different features. This is an excellent opportunity for beginners using this high performing gun with easy maintenance.

Which one is better tmc or stormer?

The Tippmann stormer is getting trendy day after day. Players are having a great time with it and are still confused between tmc and stormer. Today, I’m bringing everything in front of you and comparing them with what you need.

Alright guys! Those two are suitable for tactical woodsball play. Similarly, they are semi-automatic with all upgrades. Now, get to the price point. Stormer is cheaper than TMC. This is because TMC has an aluminum-made body and stormer has composite. But they have almost similar features and upgrades.

The big difference you will see is stormer has the dual fed option that enables you to use it mag-fed or hopper-fed. This is super cost-effective for any player.

If this is not enough for you, check a full difference between the TMC and the Stormer.

Final thoughts

I think those are wonderful Tippmann stormer markers. They are more likely to suit beginners and casual players. If you want to access a new hobby, you can start with one of those markers. That’s why I can’t hold myself to write Tippmann stormer review.

Players who love different types of paintball play will definitely enjoy those excellent project markers. If you plan to get one, get the barrel we reviewed earlier and find a good foregrip. Besides that, you can customize it with other mag-fed accessories.

With that being said, will you get one? How are you going to set it up? Let me know in the comment box below. Stay focused on our blog to get all new and greatest gun reviews.

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