Tippmann TMC Review 2021: Most Top Rated Paintball Gun

You can never ignore Tippmann while talking about paintball markers. Tippmann produces fabulously reliable and comfortable paintball markers for years that are the signature of the brand. In this Tippmann TMC review, I will uncover the great functionality of this realistic milsim gun.

Tippmann TMC is a low budget high quality entry level marker that cost $300, you can use for any tactical paintball game. TMC is one of the unique mag-fed military style paintball markers that is compatible with industry standard accessories. Without a doubt, this gun is going to be your best mate in any paintball event. If you are curious, let’s explore more.

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

Technical Summary of Tippmann TMC

Well-built Design And Structure


  • User efficient gaming gear by Tippmann.
  • Simple to use with versatile feeder modes and settings during paintball gaming tasks.
  • Durable in quality, because of its metal components and structure.
  • Pocket-friendly, for both beginners and pro paintball gamers.
  • Advanced in features yet simple to understand.
  • Highly customizable with industry standard accessories.
  • One of the best guns for tactical gaming.


  • Bit noisy while targeting and shooting.
  • Often CO2 tank leakage is a significant drawback to make it less picked paintball marker.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Tippmann TMC paintball gun produce pain and bruises?

You must respect a minimum safety distance of 8 meters and below that figure if the balls hurt if they reach any area of the body without protection. If the rules followed, they do not have to pain the balls painfully, nor will you suffer any damage like bruises.

2. What are the balls of Tippmann TMC made of?

It made with water and a dye. The outside is a jelly and not paint so if it splashes your mouth, it is not dangerous because it is not toxic.

3. Is the paint on the Tippmann TMC balls polluting?

Not because they are 100% biodegradable materials.

4. Is the paint of Tippmann TMC washed?

Yes, and efficiently since it is not like a real painting.

5. Can I put a hopper on it instead of the magazine?

Yes, the gun comes with dual feeding options. You can use almost any standard 200 round paintball hopper that fits the marker.

Final Thoughts

Precisely the list is never-ending with top-notch paintball markers, but Tippmann TMC is one of the best choices. It is ideal for both new to pro paintball players to explore more adventure. I hope my Tippmann TMC review about this gaming gear will help you greatly to get such reliable equipment.

As it is a one-time gaming investment, research within excellent features and functions will add more convenience. The durability with sturdiness in structure makes it worth an excellent paintball gun in superior quality. This gun can be useful in pro tournaments or as enjoyable games.

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