What are paintballs made of: Learn The Actual Truth

Paintball was invented in the early 80s. But in recent years, it’s become a popular game worldwide. After a long time, some rumors and questions arise in the players’ minds. Among all these questions, one is top of the list asked by almost everyone “Are paintballs toxic?”

However, this can’t stop the reputation of the game. But how wonderful would it be if the elements you use in your game are harmless?

In that sense, you need to know what paintballs are made of.

My friends, here I’m to give you the answer you are looking for. To break out the myths and enjoy this thrilling game, let’s dive into the details.

The Colorful Truth About Paintballs

In the present day, most people believe that paintball comprises paint. It makes sense, after all, the name “paintball.” But you would be happy to know that it’s wrong.

In the beginning, the original product was made with paint. Since everyone should maintain environmental standards, so it changed now.

Paintballs are made with two distinct parts, ‘shell’ and ‘fill’. Some gelatin materials are used on the exterior and the fill is made from water-based mineral oil. You can click here to learn more and get some wonderful paintballs.

You can compare it with an egg. It’s genuinely harmless for the human and the environment.

Elements Used For Paintball Made

The real paint is hard to wash away from the fields and trees. It can cause environmental issues. But paintball stains clothes can be easily washed away using water or washing machines. If the ammo splits into your mouth or gets into the eyes, it will be harmful to you. Even cleaning them will make a lot of effort.

The specialists are now making paintballs explicable and biodegradable. Possible ingredients include for making paintballs are:

Although many paintball players are overwhelmed by the excitement of the game. But you should know everything about the game for being harmless and making it more enjoyable.

Paintball Shell Just Another Capsule

You would be surprised to hear that the original paintball shell was glass. Once, it was used for marking the animals and trees.

However, it was changed by pharmaceutical companies. They use gelatin instead of thin glass. Gelatin is mainly used in liquid pills, vitamin E capsules, and many more. When paintball became a sport, inventors used the same materials for making paintballs.

A gelatin-based shell is more reliable and it minimizes the hurt during the game. It’s lighter and floats faster.

The gelatin shell is strong enough not to break in the barrel and soft enough to spill after the impact. A paintball shell needs to achieve both characteristics together to get the perfect paintball tag.

So, producers choose gelatin as the material that can balance between fragility and rigorousness.

Only one shortcoming is, gelatin-based paintballs absorb water very fast. That sometimes causes jam issues in your paintball marker.

You can overcome this by using high-quality paintballs like Wearable4u II generation and Valken Infinity paintballs.

Paintball Fill Is A Delightful Surprise

I already tell you that the paintball fill is not actual paint. But a matter of sorrow is most of the manufacturers don’t share the process as for their trade secret.

It doesn’t mean the process is more complicated like in the paintball field and shooting our competitors.

Earlier days, the fill was oil-based paint. Now, it’s just water-soluble and filling a paintball is done in a few steps.

A machine builds two gelatin halves. In the second step, the halves are filled with the melted mixture ingredients.

On the third step, those halves are sealing together to give it a full shape.

The liquid inside the shell is quite hot. So, it is put into a machine known as a tumbling drum. It makes the paintball cool down and helps to get the perfect round shape for firing.

Before getting the packaging, they dry up the paintball properly. Though the brands never disclosed the blueprint, it is still ready for the firing.

The Paintball Myths

I think you already got the answer. Paintball doesn’t contain toxic to humans and the environment. I mentioned, it contains harmless and eco-friendly ingredients. The water-soluble is better than the oil-based paint.

Paintball color is washable and won’t leave any taint. Even if it spilled in your mouth or got into the eyes, you don’t need any medical support and bother your wallet.

Another myth is paintball can fridging. Many of the players think that they can freeze their paintball, which is wrong. For their kind information, paintballs can freeze at least 15 degrees Celsius. A regular fridge doesn’t contain that much, so it is not possible.

If you do so, your paintball will lose shape. And that would raise the inaccuracy issue. Some people think they don’t need to wear clothes since now paintballs are water-soluble.

But they shouldn’t forget the basic concept of paintball. Whatever the paintball materials, it can hurt you if you got shot in bare skin.

Important Basics Need To Keep Your Mind

I think it has been more fun after knowing these myths. But, you always need to keep your eyes on some crucial things.

Keep Your Paintballs Dry

Never let your paintball wet. Since paintballs are made of gelatin, it absorbs water very soon. As a result, it loses the shape and often breaks into the barrel during the fire.

If somehow your paintball gets wet, bring the wet paintballs into the sun as soon as possible. The sun let it regain its shape and ready for the shoot.

Keep Away Your Pets

If you have any pets, especially the dog, you should take an extra eye on your paintballs. It’s dangerous if your pets eat paintballs. Paintballs can cause electrolyte imbalances in the body of your pet.

Paintball Can Be Dangerous For Small Baby

Please take an extra safety guard if you have babies in your home. Though it’s less critical than pets still, it can be dangerous if they eat paintballs.


I think you have better knowledge about paintball after reading this article. When you come to know your paintballs are safe and harmless for nature, you can admire the game. I believe you would be happy and find the game more exciting now.

So, don’t be late, go and explore the battlefields.

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